Australian Photo Gallery 2011 - Sydney

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1 - Our first view of
  Sydney Harbour Bridge
2 - Aboriginal buskers performing
   at Circular Quay, Sydney
3 - Former Overseas Passenger
 Terminal Building at Circular Quay
4 - Classic view of Sydney's
   iconic Harbour Bridge

5 - Passing Manly ferry against
 backdrop of Sydney Opera House
6 - Sydney Harbour Bridge from
 under the palms of Dawes Point Park
7 - Sydney Opera House viewed
over Harbour from Dawes Point Park
8 - Northern shore of Harbour from
 under the Bridge at Dawes Point

9 - Sunny western side of
     Sydney Harbour Bridge
10 - Victorian post box outside
Harbour View pub up at the Rocks
11 - Hero of Waterloo, one of
     Sydney's oldest pubs
12 - Sydney Harbour and Bridge
     viewed from Observatory Park

13 - View of Sydney Harbour Bridge
     through trees of Observatory Park
14 - Bridge and Harbour with
  foreground of  Garrison Church
15 - Sydney Harbour Bridge and
approach road from Observatory Park
16 - Sunlight on tree branches and
  distant views of Bridge and Harbour

17 - Vista over Sydney Harbour, Bridge
 and North Shore from Observatory Park
18 - Bridge framed by Moreton Bay
  Fig Trees in Observatory Park
19 - Tower blocks of Sydney's CBD
  backing Circular Quay
20 - Sydney Opera House and passing Harbour ferries, viewed from Bridge

21 - Stone-block lined Cut with evening
 sun shining through Bridge tunnel
22 - After-dark illuminations of Bridge
 and North Shore reflected in Harbour
23 - Australian White Ibis strutting
    around Botanic Gardens
24 - Tropical trees against Sydney
CBD skyline at Royal Botanic Gardens

25 - Grey-Headed Flying-Fox bats
  roosting in trees of Botanic Gardens
26 - Sydney Harbour western vista
against backdrop of CBD tower-blocks
27 - Bridge and Opera House viewed
       from across waters of Harbour
28 - Westward view of Bridge and
  Opera House from under trees

29 - Harbour water-scape panorama of
Bridge and Opera House
30 - Shared photo against backdrop
     of Bridge and Opera House
31 - Pair of Rainbow Lorikeets
       perching in fig tree
32 - CBD office workers lunching on
   grass by Opera House and Harbour

33 - Wedge-shaped segmented design
   of Sydney Opera House
34 - Stepped podium leading up to
entrance foyer of Sydney Opera House
35 - Diamond-patterned white tiles
   covering Opera House shells
36 - Central Business District viewed
    from Opera House podium

37 - Crowded pathways and cafés
   around Opera House
38 - Palm trees and coffee stalls
  around Circular Quay
39 - Sydney Harbour Bridge
     from Circular Quay
40 - View from Bridge SE Pillar Lookout
     over Harbour and Opera House

41 - View from SE Bridge Pillar Lookout
over Circular Quay and CBD Tower-blocks
42 - View from Pillar Lookout over City
and commuter traffic on Bridge highway
43 - View over Observatory Park,
   Miller's Point and inland up river
44 - View over upper steelwork of
       Bridge's coat-hanger arch

45 - Bridge climbers on walkways of
      steel girder coat-hanger arches
46 - Photographs from vantage point
    of Bridge SE Pillar Lookout
47 - Three Sisters pinnacles at Echo
 Point just emerging from mist
48 - Waiting at Katoomba station
    for train to Zig-Zag Railway

49 - Lower incline viaducts over-
 towered by rock wall of upper incline
50 - Viaduct on upper incline, with
   lower incline way down into valley
51 - Zig-Zag Railway railcar at
  Clarence upper terminus station
52 - Gum tree covered bush on
 plateau-top beyond Clarence

53 - View into Lithgow valley from
      upper incline of Zig-Zag Railway
54 - Upper and lower inclines, and
 main line to Lithgow in valley bottom
55 - Train crossing upper viaduct,
    above down-sloping lower incline
56 - Zig-Zag railcar paused at
     Top Points station

57 - Upper incline viaduct, lower incline
 tunnel-mouth, and main line in valley
58 - Beyer-Garratt articulated
    locomotive at Zig-Zag Railway
59 - View from driver's cab, travelling
 down lower incline of Zig-Zag Railway
60 - Requesting main line train
      to stop at Zig-Zag platform

61 - Footbridge over to Three Sisters
   pinnacles, on descent of Giant Steps
62 - Descent of almost vertical
    steel step-ways
63 - Vista across forest-covered
 Jamison Valley from cliff-face
64 - Descent of Giant Steps on
    northern escarpment rock face

65 - Tree Ferns growing in rainforests
  of Jamison Valley
66 - Mountain Devil (Lambertia formosa) growing in rainforest 67 - Three Sisters profile, and Katoomba cliff-line towering overhead 68 - Three Sisters pinnacles,
viewed from Furber Steps ascent

69 - Katoomba Falls dropping over escarpment rim alongside Furber Steps 70 - Eroded cliff overhang on
    side path from Furber Steps
71 - Number 14 Hostel,
     our base at Katoomba
72 - Cultivated specimen of Wollemi
  Pine in Sydney Botanic Gardens

73 - Grey-Headed Flying-Fox soaring
    around Royal Sydney Botanic Gardens
74 - Mosaic of Abel Tasman's 1644
 first mapping of Australian continent
75 - Legislative Assembly, Lower
   House of NSW State Parliament
76 - Legislative Council, Upper
  House of NSW State Parliament

77 - Sydney Hospital Courtyard, with
   nursing staff memorial fountain
78 - Magnificently restored interior of
   Queen Victoria Building shopping mall
79 - Tiled floor and galleries of
tastefully restored QVB shopping mall
80 - Sydney Opera House against
CBD backdrop, from Manly ferry

81 - Bridge and Opera House viewed
along length of Harbour from Manley ferry
82 - Arriving by ferry
   at busy Manly terminal
83 - Site of Uncle Jack's home
     in Wentworth Street, Manly
84 - Manly beach with surf rolling in from  Pacific on a sunny afternoon

85 - Fish and chips picnic lunch
   at Manly beach
86 - View from North Head along
 length of Sydney Harbour
87 - Unidentified decorative shrub
  growing on cliff-tops of North Head
88 - Ritual paddle in surf of Pacific
   Ocean at Manly beach

89 - Sunset over Sydney Harbour Bridge
    from returning Manly ferry
90 - Illuminated Opera House
 and Circular Quay
91 - Bondi Beach, surprisingly quiet
   and remarkably little surf
92 - Tamarara Cove and beach
       viewed from coastal path

93 - Bronte Beach with Pacific surf
  rolling into cove
94 - Coastal path around headland from
  Bronte, towards Waverley Cemetery
95 - Pounding Surf and threatening
    sky over Pacific from coastal path
96 - Afternoon tea at
   Queen Victoria Building

97 - Pouring rain in Sydney, with traffic
   headlights reflected off wet streets
98 - Sydney Monorail passing high
  above city traffic in Market Street
99 - QVB hanging clock with
 animated display of British monarchs
100 - Henry VIII and his 6 wives
   portrayed on QVB hanging clock
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