Hanseatic Baltic Photo Gallery

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1 - Holstentor medieval city gate
 at Lübeck's Old Town
2 - Lübeck's Holstentor city gate &
Trave River from Petrikirche spire
3 - Lübeck's Marienkirche towering
over market place and Rathaus
4 - Lübeck's medieval Rathaus
(town hall) and market place

5 - Museum boats moored along
embankment of Trave River at Lübeck
6 - 14th century Gothic church of St Nikolai at Wismar 7 - Wismar fishing harbour with
Marienkirche towering over town
8 - Stralsund Alter Markt
 with ornate medieval Rathaus

9 - Outline of Stralsund's churches
across sound from Altefähr ferry port
10 - White Wood Anemones
  (Anemone nemorosa)
11 - Königstuhl chalk cliffs
 on Rügen's north coast
12 - Hanseatic period merchants'
  house in Greifswald Market Place

13 - Greifswald's Gothic red-brick
Dom St Nikolai
14 - Dutch-style lifting bridge
 (Klappbrücken) at Wieck
15 - V1 flying bomb on launch ramp
   at Peenemünde
16 - V2 rocket at Peenemünde

17 - Trams trundle past St Jakob's
 Cathedral in Szczecin
18 - Castle of Pomeranian Dukes
viewed from Odra River embankment
19 - Gothic red-brick structure of
 Szczecin's St Jakob's Cathedral
20 - Szczecin rooftops with
    Castle of Pomeranian Dukes

21 - Sunset over Szczecin marina
and silhouetted dockyard cranes
22 - Lawned parkland setting of
welcoming Lesny Camping at Łeba
23 - Moored boats in morning
sunshine at Łeba fishing harbour
24 - Tram ride from Stogi to Brama
Wyżynna for today's visit to Gdańsk

25 - Gdańsk Old Town's ulica Długa,
with its Gothic-gabled town houses
26 - Gdańsk Town Hall tower with
panoramic views over city skyline
27 - Gdańsk skyline of roof tops with
characteristic gable-topped façades
28 - Neptune's Fountain and Arthur's
 Court mansion in Długi Targ

29 - Motława river-scape looking
 downstream towards Żuraw (Crane)
30 - Ulica Mariacka with
 high gabled-fronted houses
31 - Gdańsk Shipyard Gate and
Plac Solidarnośći Memorial
32 - Gdańsk shipyards cranes
   towering over the city-scape

33 - Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella)
   flowering in Piaski forests
34 - Border fence with Kaliningrad-
 Russia on Wiślana Sandspit beach
35 - Piaski Camping alongside
  reed-covered lagoon marshes
36 - Fishing equipment at little
harbour of Piaski on Wiślana lagoon

37 - Frombork Cathedral silhouetted
  across the Wiślana lagoon
38 - Deserted Baltic shore-line
  at Piaski beach
39 - Gate of Death leading into
    Stutthof Concentration Camp
40 - Gas chamber and crematorium
 at Stutthof Concentration Camp

41 - Red-brick Gothic Cathedral
 at Frombork viewed from bell-tower
42 - 1566 edition of Copernicus'
  astronomical treatise
43 - Site of von Stauffenberg's plot
 to assassinate Hitler at Wolf's Lair
44 - Breakfast on the lawns
 at Jurand Inn at Gołdap

45 - Stork nesting on chimney tops
 in Poland's NE borderlands
46 - Former Prussian railway
 viaducts at Stańczyki
47 - Sealed Polish border with
 Kaliningrad at Żytkiejmy village
48 - Three Borders Monument at meeting point of Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad-Russia
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