Photo Gallery 2011 - South Australia

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1 - Road-trains of lorries on Stuart
    Highway north from Adelaide
2 - Port Germein Jetty, longest
   in Southern Hemisphere
3 - Estuary mud along shore-line
   shallows of Spencer Gulf
4 - Australian Arid Lands Botanic
 Gardens with semi-wild scrub-land

5 - Desert setting of Arid Lands Botanic
 Gardens in afternoon sunshine
6 - Gecko scuttling around in desert
 sand at Arid Lands Botanic Gardens
7 - Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona
) in its natural setting
8 - Cactus Pea bush (Bossiaea walkeri)
growing at Arid Lands Botanic Gardens

9 - Grass Tree (Yakka) (Xanthorrhoea
) growing at Arid Botanic Gardens
10 - Narrawa Burr (Solanum cinereum)
 with vicious spines along leaf mid-vein
11 - Harlequin Mistletoe
      (Lysiana exocarpi)
12 - Eucalyptus flowers and fruit,
growing at Arid Lands Gardens

13 - Road to Quorn following railway
 over bush-land hills of Pichi Richi Pass
14 - Austral pub in outback
 town of Quorn
15 - Photography from train
 window on Pichi Richi Railway
16 - Approaching summit of
       Pichi Richi Pass

17 - Pichi Richi Railway passing
    through Flinders hills
18 - View down length of train
      amid the outback hills
19 - Working hard up steep grade
of Pichi Richi Pass on return journey
20 - Grass Trees (Yakka) (Xanthorrhoea) growing across hill-side

21 - 4-8-2 locomotive W933, built 1951
  by Beyer-Peacock of Manchester
22 - Prominent bluff of Dutchman's
  Stern, named by Matthew Flinders
23 - Grove of gnarled old Gum Trees
 at Warren Gorge
24 - Proby's Grave amid broad, barren
   grazing lands of Willochra Plain

25 - Grave of Hugh Proby, Scottish
settler on barren lands of Willochra Plain
26 - Site of the failed settlement of
       Simmonston on Willochra Plain
27 - Aboriginal waterhole of Kanyaka
     and Proby's failed settlement
28 - Wonoka sheep station against
     backdrop of Flinders hills

29 - Salmon pink sunset after-glow
      silhouetting trees along horizon
30 - Breakfast on a sunny morning at
 Wonoka against Flinders Hills backdrop
31 - Whaleback ridge of Elder Range
 viewed from Rawnsley Bluff look-out
32 - Outer face of southern Wilpena
   Pound from Arkaba Hill look-out

33 - Footpath up Sliding Rock Gorge
   alongside Wilpena Creek
34 - Walking the bush-trail up Sliding
    Rock Gorge alongside Wilpena Creek
35 - Dappled shade by Wilpena
       Creek in Sliding Rock Gorge
36 - Gnarled old Gum trees
      alongside Wilpena Creek

37 - Residual pools of semi-stagnant
    water in gorge bed of Wilpena Creek
38 - Eucalyptus groves growing
 alongside Wilpena Creek bush-path
39 - Spyridium phlebophyllum, typical
      plant of Flinders rocky ridges
40 - Path from Hills' Homestead up
   to Wangara Lookout

41 - Emerging above tree-line on path
   to Wangara Lookout
42 - Scrub covered inner basin of
Wilpena Pound from Wangara Lookout
43 - Wangara Lookout with perfect
      panorama of Wilpena Pound
44 - Wilpena Pound with its natural
covering of bush, woodland and scrub

45 - Panorama over Wilpena Pound
      from Upper Wangara Lookout
46 - Starting descent of Wilpena Pound
      rim from Wangara Lookout
47 - Flock of Emus grazing on
      Flinders hill-side scrub
48 - Distant Elder Range across
      intervening bush-land

49 - Dried up creek bed amid bush
     grazing land by Wonoka dirt road
50 - Flaringly pink dawn sky over
Flinders hills at Wonoka sheep station
51 - Flock of pink and grey Galah
    cockatoos soaring over Wonoka
52 - Wonoka's owner Peter McInnis showing us sheep-shearing shed

53 - Conserved ruins of Proby's
        homestead at Kanyaka
54 - Grove of Eucalyptus lining
  dried creek bed at Kanyaka ruins
55 - Extensive size of Kanyaka
 farmstead ruins
56 - Burial ground at Kanyaka ruins
    with graves of settlers

57 - Descending into the red
sandstone depths of Alligator Gorge
58 - Yakka grass-trees (Xanthorrhoea)
  in Mount Remarkable National Park
59 - Stratified sandstone gorge walls
in Alligator Gorge
60 - Track along flat slabs in
  sandstone bed of wooded gorge

61 - Course of stream in eroded bed of
   gorge under high sandstone cliffs
62 - Stratified sandstone gorge walls
 eroded by stream in times of spate
63 - Sandstone side-cliffs towering
   100 feet high in Alligator Gorge
64 - Tree debris blocking narrows
     in bed of Alligator Gorge

65 - Eroded sandstone side walls
in Alligator Gorge narrows
66 - Grey Kangaroo in woodland
    on slopes of Mount Remarkable
67 - White Cockatoos roosting in
Gum Trees near to Mount Remarkable
68 - Conserved colonial era buildings
  in Burra

69 - Restored remains of Engine House
     at Burra mining museum site
70 - Morphetts Engine House at Burra
      copper mine, restored in 1986
71 - Flooded pit from 1870s open-cast
      workings at Burra copper mines
72 - Mine adit shaft below Morphetts
    Pumping Engine House

73 - Turquoise-blue flooded workings
      from 1870s open-cast mining
74 - Tiered sides of chalky debris around
 1870s Burra open-cast mine workings
75 - Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia),
  introduced to Australia from America
76 - Shingleback or Two-headed
    Lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)

77 - Burra station on now closed
   railway line, awaiting restoration
78 - Pikes' Wines in Clare Valley 79 - Paullets Wines in Clare Valley 80 - Vines among the western hills
  of Clare Valley

81 - Tasting at Jeannerets
      Clare Valley Wines
82 - Lookout among ancient Gum Trees
      at Spring Gully Conservation Park
83 - Looking out from Spring Gully
  Conservation Park to western plain
84 - Galah Cockatoos roosting in Gum
Trees at Spring Gully Conservation Park

85 - Evening western sun at
      Eldridge Clare Valley Wines
86 - Overview of 19th century former
 copper mining workings at Kapunda
87 - Remains of pumping engine-house
   stonework at Kapunda copper mine
88 - Former pumping engine chimney
      at Kapunda copper mine

89 - Traces of green-blue copper-
     bearing minerals in surface rock
90 - Flooded workings and spoil heaps
   showing traces of copper minerals
91 - Open-cast copper workings and
      spoil heaps at Kapunda mine trail
92 - Classic Australian Kangaroo
     warning road sign
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