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Many European countries visited by us during our travels have chequered histories; the Czech Republic outdoes most with its tragic struggles over the last 500 years both to win and to maintain its independence as a Slavic nation state. Even after its 1989 re-emergence from 40 years of brutal Communist repression and mismanagement, preservation of the Czech Republic's sovereignty is again at issue with President Václav Klaus compelled to ratify the EU Treaty of Lisbon. The Czechs are a civilised and hospitable people and their country offers so much of significance in European civilisation; we have learnt a great deal from the time we were privileged to spend there and commend it to others.

We therefore present this series of travelogues, originally published live during our late-summer 2009 10-week trip to the Czech Republic, in the hope they will be of interest and usefulness to others considering that country as a travel destination. To view each web edition's pages, click on the respective navigation-link below or the appropriate area of the map:

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