*** DENMARK  2019 ***

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During our brief 6 week trip around Denmark in late summer 2019, we travelled around the Jutland peninsula and the principal Danish islands of Funen, Sjślland (Zealand), Falster and Lolland, and explored almost every rural corner of this small but much fragmented country, indented with so many seas, fjords and islands. For a country which, before we set off seemed rather anti-climactic compared with some of our longer trips, we in fact were thrilled to have enjoyed a mammoth feast of experiences and learning, particularly about Denmark's Viking past. We travelled a total of almost 3,000 miles, crossing through European countries to Denmark, without let or hindrance, and with all the freedom of movement that the privileged freedom of Schengen and our British/EU driving licences still allow.

We are now pleased to present this series of travelogues and pictorial record of our 2019 Danish travels, as an encouragement to others to consider this civilised country as a travel destination. To view each edition's pages, click on the links below or the appropriate area of the interactive map right:

***  DENMARK  2019  ***

Weeks 1~3: Jutland

Weeks 4~6: Funen, Sjślland, Falster & Lolland

Danish Campsites Review 2019

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