AROUND THE BALTIC ... in a VW Camper

Contents: i
Table of Maps: ii~iv
Acknowledge-ments: v
Preface: 1~2
Chapter 1: Background to Baltic Circumnavigaion 3~16
Chapter 2: Baltic Coast of Germany and Northern Poland 17~58
Chapter 3: Western and Southern Lithuania, Capital City Vilnius 59~112
Chapter 4: North-East and North-West Lithuania 113~150
Chapter 5: Western Latvia and Capita City Rīga 151~96
Chapter 6: Southern, Eastern and Northern Latvia 97~198
Chapter 7: Southern and Eastern Estonia 199~240
Chapter 8: Northern and Western Estonia, Islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, Capital City Tallinn 241~296
Chapter 9: Capital City Helsinki, Baltic Coast of Southern Finland, Islands of Turku Archipelago 297~346
Chapter 10: The Ċland Islands 347~414
Chapter 11: Baltic Coast of Southern Sweden, Baltic Island of Öland, re-crossing the Baltic to Lübeck, Northern Germany 415~452
Envoi The people we met 453~464
Appendix A: Campsites around the Baltic 465~486
Index: 487~504

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