Photos from Week 5

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Tokaj vineyard:  the 2005 grapes were already sweetening and beginning to show signs of aszú berries forming as the grapes shrivel with the beneficial botrytizing rot. Click on the link below the photo for a close-up showing the aszú berries, which are essential to Tokaj's unique wine production

River Tisza:  Hungary's 2nd major river after the Duna (Danube), the Tisza rises in the Ukraine. Here by our camp, the river looks peaceful; but in recent years severe flood disasters have wreaked havoc with the region's fragile economy, in spite of flood control measures and levees 
Calvinist bell-tower at Gemzse:   in the 16th century, Reformist chapels were obliged by Catholic regulation to build free-standing bell-towers of wood; many of the Erdőhát villages, such as Tákos and Csaroda, have beautiful examples of these structures Wooden boat-shaped grave markers at Szatmárcseke:  a unique feature in this village cemetery are the kopjafa, wooden grave markers shaped like upturned boats, thought to be derived from ancient Finno-Ugric mythology, to transport souls to the other world
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