ICELAND and FAROES ... in a VW Camper



Myles on 24 April, 2023

Having enjoyed travelling the world for many years using Rough Guide, I stumbled across this publication quite by accident and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in visiting the region. The authors' passion for their subject is quite evident in what is a thoroughly enjoyable read. What's more, the quality of the photography is outstanding and enables you to immerse yourself in the text and get a real feeling of actually being there. Having never considered travelling to northern Europe before, this book has inspired me to start making plans.

The travellers' guide to Iceland and the Faroes

Carolyn on 27 March, 2023

As motor-caravanners, we have read about Paul and Sheila's journeys for many years and gained much from the details on their web site. They have, however, excelled themselves in this excellent account of a five month journey in their camper through the Faroes and Iceland.
This isn't a small guide book to tuck into your luggage, but a large volume of over 500 A4 pages packed with photos and maps. It is invaluable as something to read carefully before a trip, especially if you wish really to appreciate your destination.
The book splendidly conveys the enthusiasm and determination of the authors in travelling to explore and understand a region. It tells the story of their journey, sharing the many discoveries along the way, and illustrating the places, their spectacular scenery, wild flowers and birds with copious photos, plus maps and diagrams.
The authors have managed to convey a real sense of the splendour of these places, where travel can demand much effort and occasionally discomfort, and we are left with a much greater sense of what distinguishes the 'traveller' from the 'tourist'.

Essential reading for travellers and wild-life enthusiasts

Peter Simpson on 8 March, 2023

This book is a fantastic read for those who are planning a trip to Iceland or simply curious about the country. It's packed with well-researched details, whatever your interests: bird watching, wild-life, history, geology, volcanoes. You'll learn plenty from reading these accounts of the travel experiences based on the authors' personal experiences. It's well-written and brings out all the details of this fascinating place. All the accompanying photos make you feel you have been to Iceland just by reading the book. I particularly like the maps which really do help you understand the complex geography of Iceland. It's not a cheap book, but certainly worth every penny; you'll get more than value for money with all the information this book gives.

Solid reading!

Dave on 8 February 2023

Wow what an enjoying read!!!
Thoroughly researched and packed with advice and facts along the way. Really recommend reading for anyone planning more than a flash visit!!
Stunning photos also!
When are you going will be the question at the end!

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