PYRENEES - May~July 2005

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Our first trip of 2005 marked a return to the Pyrenees, last visited by us in 1973. Most of the time was spent in French and Spanish Catalonia at the eastern end of the range, with a concluding period at Gavarnie in the Central Pyrenees. Full advantage was taken of the return journey to visit briefly in passing the Mdoc, the Marais Poitevin and Brittany.

As with last year's trips, we hope this set of webs provides a worthwhile record in words and pictures of our venture. For us, it was a splendid trip, rich in varied experiences. We hope you will enjoy sharing it with us. To view each week's pages, click on the respective navigation-link below:


  Prologue to Pyrenees trip

  Week 5 - Spanish Catalonia
  Week 1 - Journey south   Week 6 - Andorra & Ariege
   Week 2 - The Fenouilledes   Week 7~8 - Couserans & Gavarnie
  Week 3~4- Tet & Tech Valleys   Week 9~10 - Journey north

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