** SARDINIA and CORSICA 2009 **

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Sardinia and Corsica are both mountainous Mediterranean islands with varied terrain,  but also with very different histories and cultures. The two islands, both with a wealth of natural and historical interest, are renowned for their beautiful coastlines and mountainous interiors; but there is much else of interest to learn and explore, not the least of which is the controversial issue of separatism for both islands, and the seemingly intractable nationalistic violence which has plagued Corsica and perplexed French governments over recent decades.

We are pleased to present the series of webs, originally published live during our Spring 2009 12-week trip to Sardinia and Corsica; we hope these will be both of interest and usefulness to others considering these islands as a travel destination. To view each web edition's pages, click on the respective navigation-link below or the appropriate area of the map:

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