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One of the aims of our web site is to share with like-minded travellers the experiences gained from our European explorations by VW Camper. We have therefore published Evaluated Campsite-listings and Travel Tips based on our experience of living for extended periods in a particular country. Campsites have been reviewed according to local standards in each respective country on the following criteria:

  • attitudes and levels of hospitality, welcome and helpfulness shown

  • location and setting

  • standard of facilities

  • price and value for money

The Travel Tips pages aim to encourage travellers to visit the countries armed with some familiarity of what might be expected in various aspects of daily living (eg driving standards, food-shopping, cash-machines and credit card usage) and travel requirements (eg entry formalities, maps, guide books and internet access). To view each country's pages, click on the respective navigation-link below or the appropriate area of the map opposite:


  Slovenia 2004   Hungary 2005   Greece 2004~6
   Sicily 2007    Denmark 2007 & 2019   Croatia 2008
   Slovakia 2008

   Sardinia~Corsica 2009

  Czech Republic 2009
   Poland 2010    Baltic States 2011/2018

   Finland 2012 & 2015

   Sweden 2013 & 2016    Norway 2014

  Iceland & Faroes 2017

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