Australian Photo Gallery 2011 - Perth

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1 - Qantas 737 aircraft waiting at Adelaide
 Airport for onward flight to Perth
2 - Stromatolites found at Shark Bay
 WA and exhibited at Perth Museum
3 - Echidna curled up among forest
floor tree debris at Harvey's Return, KI
4 - Swan River  panorama
     from King's Park look-out

5 - Skyline of Perth Central Business
   District office blocks from King's Park
6 - Perth city skyline with Expressway
 crossing Swan River
7 - Expressway spanning Narrows
  Bridge over Swan River
8 - King's Park palm trees framing
   Perth city and Swan River skyline

9 - Western Australia War Memorial
     at King's Park overlooking city
10 - 750 year old Gija Jumulu Boab tree
 transported from NE Western Australia
11 - Australian Ringneck, species
   of Parrot native to Australia
12 - Southern Plains Banksia
 (Banksia media)

13 - Ashby's Banksia (Banksia ashbyi)
   growing at Perth Botanic Gardens
14 - Firewood Banksia
       (Banksia menziesii)
15 - Possum or Woolly Banksia
   (Banksia baueri)
16 - Granite Bottlebrush/Granite Honey-myrtle (Melaleuca ellipica)

17 - Flowers of Silver Princess Eucalyptus
 (Eucalyptus caesia)
18 - Flowers of Kingsmill Mallee
 Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus kingsmillii)
19 - Perth city tower-blocks
   from river-side parkland
20 - Shady palm trees lining
    riverside parkland

21 - Ferry piers for Swan River cruises
     against Perth city backdrop
22 - Back-lit shot of Perth
      city-scape from Swan River
23 - Photo on Swan River cruise 24 - Perth city sky-line
        from Swan River

25 - Narrows Bridge and Perth city
      backdrop from Swan River
26 - Perth city skyline silhouette
     from Swan River
27 - Container ship being loaded
     at Fremantle container terminal
28 - Fremantle docks in
      estuary of Swan River

29 - Dockland crane and former cargo
    sheds at Fremantle docks
30 - South Mole enclosing Fremantle
     Harbour and outflow of Swan River
31 - Cranes and gantries lining
       dockside of container port
32 - Seagulls on water-side rocks
and backdrop of harbour installations

33 - Ornamental blossom of Red Flowering
 Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) on South Mole
34 - Looking out from South Mole across
   mouth of Swan River and Indian Ocean
35 - Classical fašade of former Fremantle
 tram garage conserved as apartments
36 - Fremantle Bathers' Beach,
site of 19th century whaling station

37 - Cutting through limestone created
to transport whaling products from beach
38 - Working boats moored in
         Fremantle fishing harbour
39 - Gulls perched on mooring posts
       at Fremantle fishing harbour
40 - Cicerello's Fish and Chips floating
  terrace alongside moored fishing boat

41 - Little Creatures Brewery
     at Fremantle fishing harbour
42 - VW dray truck at
Little Creatures Micro-brewery
43 - Cicerello's shady outdoor floating
 terrace for our fish and chip lunch
44 - Flounder and chips celebratory
     lunch at Fremantle fishing harbour

45 - Fašade of Fremantle's Late-Victorian
 Market Hall with WA Black Swan crest
46 - Browsing the fruit and vegetable
      stalls at Fremantle Market Hall
47 - Persimmons among fruits displayed
       on stall at Fremantle Market Hall
48 - 1970~80s RAN submarine
 HMAS Ovens at Maritime Museum
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