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Our summer 2018 Baltic Circumnavigation journey took us through 8 European countries, beginning and ending in Hanseatic Lübeck. Over the 6 months of our travels, we spent up to 6 weeks each in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with the privilege of visiting the Parliament in each of the Baltic Republics' capital cities. Crossing the Baltic from Tallinn to Helsinki, we returned through Southern Finland from the Russian border at Vaalimaa, island hopping down the Turku Archipelago and the Åland Islands, and finally through SE Sweden to re-cross the Baltic to our start point. We travelled a total of almost 9,000 miles through all these European countries, without let or hindrance, and with all the freedom of movement that the privileged freedom of Schengen and our British/EU driving licences still allow.

We are now pleased to present this this series of travelogues and pictorial record of our 2018 Baltic travels, as an encouragement to others to consider this relatively unknown but exceptional region as a travel destination. To view each edition's pages, click on the links below or the appropriate area of the interactive map right:



  Prologue to Baltic States 2018   Weeks 11~12 Eastern & Central Latvia
  Weeks 1~3: North Germany and Poland   Weeks 13~15: Southern Estonia
  Weeks 4~6: West Lithuania and Vilnius   Week 16~18 Western Islands & Tallinn
  Weeks 6~8: Eastern & Central Lithuania   Weeks 19~21 Finland, Ålands, Sweden
  Weeks 9~10: Western Latvia and Riga   Baltic Campsites Review 2018

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