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Finland, a fellow-member of the EU, is a country little visited by travellers from UK and even less known. We hope our web site will serve to redress this, since Finland is one of the most civilised societies we have ever had the privilege of exploring, with a wealth of fascinating history, culture and natural beauty with an unprecedented array of flora and fauna.

We are pleased to present this this series of travelogues, from our 20 week trip to Finland, Lapland and Arctic Norway in 2012, as an encouragement to others to consider this relatively unknown but exceptionally beautiful region as a travel destination. To view each edition's pages, click on the respective link below or area of the interactive map right:


  Prologue to Finland and Lapland 2012   Finland and Lapland Campsites Review
  Weeks 1~2: Åland Islands and SW Finland   Weeks 10~11: Norway border and Kirkenes
  Capital city of Finland, Helsinki   Weeks 12~13: Finmark and Norkapp
  Weeks 4~5: South Karelia and Vyborg   Weeks 14~15: Norwegian Fjords & Troms
  Weeks 6~7: North Karelia and Kainuu   Weeks 16~17: Northern Finland & Oulu 

  Weeks 8~9: Finnish Lapland

  Weeks 18~20: Tampere &  Bothnian Coast


  Wild flora of the Åland Islands   Wild Brown Bears of Eastern Finland
  Reindeer of Finnish Lapland   Wild flora of Finnish Lapland
  Wild flora of Arctic Norway   Wild berries of Finland and Lapland
  A Sämi Wedding in Kautokeino

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