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The interactive map (right) gives the outline location of all the campsites used by us in Finland, Lapland and Arctic Norway during our summer 2012 and 2015 trips; to find the campsite's exact location, copy/paste the GPS co-ordinates shown in the chart below into Google Maps.

Each site links to the chart below which gives details of:

  • campsite name
  • address and GPS co-ordinates
  • date of our stay in 2012/15
  • cost per night for camper pitch, 2 adults, electricity and showers
  • campsite features together with our comments
  • assessment-rating

Campsites have been rated on a scale  +5 (excellent) through to -5 (dreadful); we have tried to be as objective and consistent as possible, basing our assessment on standards specifically applicable to Scandinavia, over an amalgamation of the following criteria:

  • attitudes shown, the welcome we received, and standards of hospitality and helpfulness
  • location and setting
  • standard of facilities
  • price and value for money

Awarded  Trip's
Best Campsites
rated at +5


Highly commended,
awarded +4 rating

poor hospitality, poor value, or poor facilities

Comments given relate purely to the dates of our stay, often the peak holiday season. Prices paid in 2012 or 2015 are quoted in Euros for Finland or Norwegian Kroner (current exchange rate around 10 NOKs to the pound sterling).


Click on campsite locations for details in chart below 

2012 and
+5 excellent

-5 dreadful


Alebo Camping, Käringsundby, Eckerö 22270 Käringsundby, Eckerö

60.235278 19.543611
10 May 2012 €22

Campsite attached to nearby holiday centre
Welcome: reception 500m to north at holiday centre; helpful welcome but not really ready for campers in early May
Setting: rather bleak camping area with some statics, close to, but out of sight of shore-line
Facilities: modern and clean, with excellent fully equipped kitchen/wash-up and small common room
Price: €22 low-season price inc showers



Söderhagen Camping,  Eckerö
22270 Torp,
South Eckerö

60.171667 19.590833
11~12 May 2012

13~15 May 2015

€25 Campsite newly created from former woodland in South Eckerö
Welcome: wonderfully hospitable welcome from owner, Sven Eklund
Setting: magnificent location on flat brow of headland  overlooking Torpfjärden backed by pine and birch forest
Facilities: modern and immaculate, rowing boat available on fjord, free wi-fi internet available in reception but weak signal, washing machine
Price: all-inclusive at €25/night

Campsite web site

Prästö Camping, Prästö, Sund
Sundsvägen Prästö, 1758 Sund

60.206944 20.263056
13~15 and
17 May 2012

19~22 May 2015


Welcome: pleasantly hospitable welcome from English-speaking owners at café/reception
Setting: large forest clearing on coast of
Prästö Island, surrounded by pine and birch forests; flat but rather wet camping area surrounded by huts
Facilities: old-fashioned but fully functional, heated WC/showers and fully-equipped kitchen/wash-up; local walk around Prästö Island with remains of 19th century Russian military cemeteries and nearby Bomarsund Fortress
Price: very good value at all inclusive €15

Sandösunds Camping, Vårdö Island
22550 Vårdö

60.269024 20.393193

16~18 May 2015



€16 Unassuming but welcoming site on remote island of Vårdö on NW Ålands archipelago
Welcome: friendly, helpful and hospitable welcome from Olof, the much travelled and interesting owner
Setting: scattered camping areas among shore-side pine woods, some wet and water-logged after heavy rain
Facilities:  basic WCs in camping area; 300m walk up to main facilities by reception; WC/showers in heated hut and reasonably equipped kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi internet in café-hut
Price: very reasonable at €16 (low season price)

Campsite web site

Puttes Camping, Bomarsund, Sund Next to Bomarsund Fortress, Sund

60.212155 20.235325
16 May 2012


Welcome: reception at Bomarsund café, perfunctory welcome
Setting: pleasantly open and flat grassy camping area with plenty of power supplies, surrounded by rural woodland
Facilities: bleakly impoverished and old-fashioned facilities, poorly equipped kitchen wash-up with coin-operated machine for hot water
Price: €15 inc €1 coin-operated showers; poor value compared with equally priced, better equipped and more welcoming nearby Prästö Camping



Solliden Camping, Pargas near Turku
Norrby 21600, Pargas

60.316944 22.301667
18~19 May
18 Sept 2012

23 May 2015


outrageously over-priced

Nearest campsite to Turku open early/late in season, 18kms south of Turku
Welcome: new owners, not nearly as welcoming as previous hospitable owners
Setting: pine-covered hill-top overlooking inlet of sea on Turku archipelago which catches morning and evening sun; flat areas among trees with plenty of power supplies
Facilities: new facilities building totally ill-designed with twice the size it need be and less than half the space used purposefully; 1km into small town of Pargas with supermarkets and filling stations (automat)
Price: new owners have increased price from €23.50 to €30 to pay for new facilities building
Over-pricing means Solliden should now be boycotted

Saariston Lomakeskus, Mossala Island, Turku Archipelago
Mossala Island


60.287791 21.439020

24~26 May


13 Sept 2015


€22 Welcoming, well-appointed and good value site in beautiful setting on north coast of Mossala, the outermost island of Turku Archipelago
Welcome: helpful and hospitable welcome from owners; reception closed early and late season, but phone, leave money in envelope at reception and settle in, or owner will call round
Settng: magnificently landscaped and wonderfully peaceful setting, created over last 5 years from previous forest land; multi aspect 'holiday centre' with campsite and small marina set amid parkland, all at ferry dock on Mossala northern coast; part of multi-ferry (free of charge) linked sequence of islands of Turku Archipelago; southern approach from Pargas via Nagu, Korpo, Houtskär open all year, but on-going northern ferries only open June~August
Facilities: immaculately clean and modern WC/showers, small wash-up, free washing/drying machine and saunas; limited water supply so no fill-up hose; nearest shop 4 ferries away on Nagu so come well-stocked with provisions
Price: excellent value at all-inclusive €22
An excellent campsite for a relaxing break, BUT only in May or Sept; June~August would be overcrowded with holiday-makers
Campsite web site



Silversand Camping, Hanko

Just outside Hanko 10960

59.850658 23.002130
20~21 May 2012


inc SCC discount

A welcoming and good-value campsite, delight to stay at and thoroughly recommended. NB: site horrendously overcrowded with holiday-makers in summer, but peaceful mid-week out of season
Welcome: positively helpful, truly hospitable welcome from family owners, who are themselves  campers and determined to operate the sort of campsite they would want to stay at
Setting: delightful camping area set amid beach-side pines looking out across Baltic Sea with westward view giving magnificent sunsets
Facilities: clean and functional but owners plan improvements; site-wide free wi-fi with strong signal, washing/drying machine included in price, water-filling hose; supermarket 4kms in Hanko
Price: 3 differentially-priced camping zones according to beach proximity; middle zone exceptional value at all-inclusive €20 inc €5 SCC discount   Campsite web site

Ormnäs Camping, Ekenäs
10600 Ekenäs

22~23 May 2012


NO SCC discount

Pleasant shore-side campsite, overcrowded with statics and spoilt by surly and officious owner
Welcome: owner's manner was totally unwelcoming with objectionably officious manner
Setting: pleasantly lawned and tree-lined camping area with plenty of power supplies, but overwhelmed by statics which would be noisy in summer with holiday-makers
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers, kitchen/wash-up with good hot water, but no washing machine or wi-fi
Price: poor value, and SCC discount refused ('take it or leave' attitude)

Rastila Camping, Helsinki
Karavaanikatu 4,
00980 Helsinki

24~26 May 2012

28~30 May 2015

inc SCC discount


Pleasant but busy city campsite, convenient for metro into Helsinki
Welcome: helpful and efficient welcome from reception staff; all requirements readily available - city map and guide, metro and ticket details printed out
Setting: huge and rather stark camping area with tarmac bays, inevitably busy and noisy; surrounded by city apartments
Facilities: clean and modern WC/showers, but poorly equipped kitchen/wash-up; facilities cleaned at times to suit staff ie peak times for campsite users; free site-wide wi-fi; Metro station for city within 5 minutes walk
Price: inevitably expensive for busy capital-city campsite at €27 inc CC discount

Hamina Camping, Hamina
Vilniementie 375,
49400 Hamina

60.525556 27.253889
27~29 May 2012

31 May~1 June 2015


€24.50 Small lakeside campsite among pine tree with number of statics
Welcome: pleasantly friendly welcome from owners at new restaurant
Setting: delightful shore-side setting among sandy pine woods looking out south over beautiful small beach across Gulf of Finland, but limited camping space among statics; midges rampant during evenings even in late May; beautiful woodland path at rear corner of camping area with lovely wild flora; approach to site along 600m of dirt road 5kms SW of Hamina fortress town
Facilities: WC/showers heated, homely and clean, thoughtfully fitted out with all you could ask for; fully-equipped dinky little kitchen/wash-up and common room; washing machine (€3) but no dryer
Price: €24.50

Vaalimaa Camping, Virolahti
Hämeenkyläntie 153, 49900 Virolahti/Vaalimaa

60.581111 27.769444
30 May 2012

2~4 June 2015


€21 Small shore-side site just 2kms from Vaalimaa border-crossing with Russia
Welcome: new owners, surly and taciturn welcome
Setting: flat, grassy camping area with power-supplies on shore-side looking out over Gulf of Finland; magnificent sun-set across water
Facilities: straightforward and care-worn WC/showers; well-equipped kitchen/wash-up with small washing machine; site-wide free wi-fi but non-functional
Price: price increased by new owner from €15 in 2012 to €21

Camping Huhtiniemi, Lappeenranta Kuusimäenkatu 18,53810 Lappeenranta

61.054167 28.152500
31 May~
2 June 2012

5~6 June 2015


inc SCC discount

Long-standing campsite run by neighbouring hotel, 2kms from Lappeenranta centre
Welcome: friendly welcome from young staff at hotel reception
Setting: several camping areas among tall pine trees overlooking Lake Saimaa, with plenty of power supplies; few usable pitches because of steeply sloping ground
Facilities: WCs and showers modern and clean with plenty of hot water; small kitchen/wash-up in common room; water filling hose
Price: rather expensive at €25 inc SCC discount

Vuoksi Fishing Park/ Camping, Imatra Kotipolku 4, Varpassaari, 55120 Imatra

61.186897 28.781056

7 June 2015



inc SCC discount

Small and welcoming fishing campsite alongside wide Vuoksi River at Imatra
Welcome: hospitable welcome from owner
Setting: set on narrow peninsula in wide Vuoksi River, the main outlet of Lake Saimaa which flows on into Lake Lagoda in former Finnish South Karelia now Russian territory; lovely riverside pitches looking out across river; some traffic noise
Facilities: straightforward WC/showers/sauna and kitchen/wash-up; good inclusive wi-fi in campsite restaurant which serves locally caught fish and salmon soup (expensive); fishing permits. Imatra Rapids with light show and dam sluice opening every evening from late June until early Sept; impressive and worth seeing
Price: €24 inc SCC discount



Löydön Kartano Camping, near Ristiina Kartanontie 151, 52300 Ristiina

61.559935 27.265062
3 June 2012 €20 Small guest-house in 200 year old manor house with basic campsite
Welcome: friendly welcome from English-speaking lady-owner who had earlier responded promptly to our enquiry email
Setting: beautiful lake-side camping area overlooking still waters of lake with mirror-image evening reflections of surrounding pines
Facilities: basic earth-privy WC, hot showers in sauna, and wash-up; covered BBQ area

Juva Camping, Juva Hotellitie 68
51900 Juva

61.894722 27.821667
4 June 2012


inc SCC discount

Large holiday-making campsite in wooded lake-side location
Welcome: friendly English-speaking staff at reception, spoilt by owner's mercenary attitude
Setting: large camping area among pine woods on lake shore with sunset across lake; deserted apart from rampant midges in early June, but would be holiday-making bedlam in mid-summer
Facilities: functional but nothing special; limited wi-fi reception around site; washing machine at €5, supermarket in nearby Juva
Price: unannounced 10% increase on €21.50 price published on web site; we paid the lower price!

Rantakatti Farm-Camping, Punkaharju Koskelonniementie 127,
58450 Punkaharju

61.778333 29.283056
5~7 June 2012

8~10 June 2015
€20 Multi-activity riding, holiday and youth centre based on former farm, sounded good from web site but disappointingly basic with large school groups
Welcome: helpful and friendly welcome from Jaani
Setting: set amid pine woods on far side of Vaahersalo Island; basic lake-side camping by Piruvesi Lake, with power supplies; uncontrolled noise from school parties at hostel
Facilities: very basic but functional; free site-wide wi-fi; washing machine at €3; water-filling hose; convenient for Punkaharju esker-ridge and Lusto Forestry Museum
Price: €20



Savronranta Restaurant, Lake-harbour and Camping Pirttimäentie 2,
58300 Savronranta

62.170312 29.210254
8 June 2012 €24 Lake-side yachting anchorage and restaurant with attached campsite
Welcome: friendly welcome from English-speaking owner
Setting: small camping area in pleasant setting by lake-side and yacht harbour surrounded by extensive forests; busy harbour with lake fishing boats
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean, small wash-up, but no kitchen or wi-fi; good restaurant with bar-terrace overlooking lake but expensive
Price: at €24 expensive for basic campsite with limited facilities; price increased by €4 from last year

Kermankeidas B&B/Guest Harbour/Camping
Tuvantie 1
79910 Kerma

62.393190 28.747480

11 June 2015 €10 Hospitable, beautifully sited and ultra good value camping on banks of Kermankoski river-rapids at Kerma
Welcome: charmingly hospitable and friendly welcome from owners Terttu and Aarno Happonen
Setting: small camping area with power supplies to rear of B&B/restaurant, looking out over small guest-marina on banks of Kermankoski River just opposite rapids
Facilities: straightforward WC/showers, clean and functional; no kitchen/wash-up but table in facilities hut and hot water from WHB for washing up; no wi-fi internet
Price: excellent value at €10

Campsite web site



Kirkkoranta wild camp, Kolovesi National Park
62.236690 28.892780
12 June 2015   Wild camp at Kirkkoranta canoe landing-place and parking area in Kolovesi National Park;
2 kms along dirt road from Rte 471; grassy area at end of road by landing stage, though not easy to find level pitch; view second to none, looking out across Käkövesi Lake to pine-covered Vaajasalo Island, home of the few surviving Saimaa Ringed Seals; magnificent sunset across lake

Facilities: earth-privvies at parking area but no water supply; covered camp-fire hearth with log store full of cut birch logs freely available for camp fire; bring plenty of sausages for grilling

With its setting and camp-fire, this wild camp spot on a fine evening is the nearest thing to perfection this side of Paradise - BUT don't tell anyone!





Karvion Lomakeskus/Camping, Karvio Takunlahdentie 2,
79810 Karvionkanava

62.511990 28.636010

13 June 2015


inc SCC discount

A pretentious, disappointingly mediocre and unduly expensive site close to the Kavion Kanava rapids
Welcome: friendly welcome from reception staff, but when challenged about over-expensive prices, they attempted unconvincingly to defend the indefensibly costly price
Setting: pretentiously over-promoted large-scale 'holiday centre' (Lomakeskus ) set alongside lake near Karvion Rapids; formally laid-out pitches divided by high hedges, but generally unkempt and neglected air - un-mown grassy, toilet-roll holders and paper towel dispensers left unfilled; traffic noise from nearby main road
Facilities: despite high prices, mediocre standard of WC/showers; poorly equipped kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi only in reception/pizzeria , not reaching camping area and with weak signal; lake-side camp-fire hearth with chopped wood
Price: €27 inc SCC discount (full price €30) - altogether poor value and simply not worth this price
As alternative, try Nielela farm/B&B/ camper-stop at N-62.553456 E-28.630213

Camping Linnunlahti, Joensuu
Linnunlahdentie 1,
80110 Joensuu

62.597778 29.739444
9~10 June 2012

14 June 2015


inc SCC discount

Large site within 15 minutes walk of city centre; very good for a city site; other Joensuu campsite (Camping Jokiasema)  more geared to youngsters by lake with loud music
Welcome: smilingly helpful welcome from English-speaking young student staff at reception - Joensuu street plan/guide
Setting: large, flat grassy camping area surrounded by pine-wood parkland, but inevitably busy; noise from neighbouring fairground but only until 8-00pm; despite urban setting, red squirrels and hares hopping around under trees
Facilities: 2 facilities blocks both modern and clean, well-appointed kitchen/wash-up, washing/drying machine at good value €2, site-wide wi-fi but weak signal
Price: Good value at €22 inc SCC discount
Campsite web site

Ruhkaranta Camping, Ilomantsi Ruhkarannantie 21,
82900 Ilomantsi

62.652574 31.064184

15 June 2015




inc SCC discount

Small, straightforward site near to Ilomantsi, with lovely forest setting overlooking Nuorajärvi lake, but limited facilities
Welcome: pleasant welcome
from young Russian staff member, Ekaterina who had responded promptly and positively to email enquiry
Setting: along side lane from Rte 5004 6kms from Ilomantsi, set on forested ridge overlooking
Nuorajärvi lake; small rough grass camping area with limited capacity, on severely sloping hill-top with little flat space to pitch; even more limited space but flatter in forested area closer to reception under pine trees, but limited power; superb sunset across lake
Facilities: very limited with WCs and just 1 shower in sauna; no kitchen, wash-up or water-filling hose; wi-fi in reception area just about reaching forest camping area
Price: reasonable at
€21 inc SCC discount


Petkeljärvi National Park Information Centre Camping, Ilomantsi
Petkeljärventie 62, 82900 Ilomantsi

62.577680 31.175410
11~13 June 2012

16~18 June 2015
€20 Excellent basic campsite at Petkeljärvi National Park Information Centre managed by Metsähallitus, Finnish Forestry Authority, in jewel of Petkeljärvi National Park
Welcome: hospitable and helpful welcome by National Park warden; welcomes do not come better than this
Setting: a perfect setting in gravelled camping area in forest clearing among ancient pine trees, with power supply, but inevitably voracious midges in mid-June
Facilities: excellent standard of facilities at Info Centre - modern, clean WC/showers, sauna, drying room, wash-ups, washing machine with heated drying room, water fill-up hose; thoughtfully designed kitchenette/wash-ups with sitting area, ideal for tent campers in wet weather; covered camp-fire hearth with cut logs; supermarket in Ilomantsi; memorable walking in NP with classic esker-ridges
Price: excellent value at €18

Taistelijan Talo (Fighters' House) Restaurant and Museum, Hattuvaara Hatuntie 387,
82967 Hattuvaara, Ilomantsi

62.930340 31.278870
14~15 June 2012

19~20 June 2015

€10 Restaurant and museum built as memorial to Finland's WW2 veterans, with basic camping in corner of car park; a novel experience
Welcome: lovely welcome from lady who formerly ran the now closed village shop and who now manages the Fighters' House
Setting: stark, unshaded car park of Fighter's House with 2 power supply; free wi-fi but weak signal
Facilities: WC/showers and wash-up in undercroft military museum; you get used to being greeted in semi-darkness by mannequin with rifle, and washing up amid racks of machine guns! Convenient for easternmost border with Russia 18kms drive along dusty dirt road to Lake Virmajärvi NB no border pass now required; Orthodox chapel (tsasouna) in Hattuvaara village
Price: very reasonable at €10


Wild Camp at Suomo Information Centre in Petvinsuo National Park Petvinsuo National Park, Suomuntie 60,  81650 Lieksa

63.130560 30.729960
16 June 2012

21~22 June 2015
  Wild camp by car park of Suomo information hut in Petvinsuo National Park
Helpful response from warden allowing us to camp at no charge here in pleasantly grassy meadow by forest clearing; no power but dry toilet and well for water; swarming midges
Convenient for Mäntypolku nature trail 3km circuit

Ruunaan Retkeilykeskus (Trekking Centre) Camping
Neitikoskentie 47, 81700 Ruunaa

63.390833 30.452500
17~19 June 2012

23~25 June 2015


inc SCC discount
Fully equipped campsite in heart of Ruunaa Trekking Area and white water rapids
Welcome: straightforward welcome from English-speaking staff at reception
Setting: lovely setting amid pine woodland; formally laid out and well-spaced pitches with power supplies, along driveway amid natural forest vegetation, but ground quite sloping; short walk down to board-walks along to Neitikoski white water rapids
Facilities: full range of facilities inc WC/showers, wash-up/kitchen, water-filling hose, wi-fi at reception; white water rafting from Naarajärvi Information Centre but very expensive; good way-marked walking trails along side rapids in Trekking Area
Price: very good value at €18 inc SCC discount
Campsite web site


Hyvärilä Camping, Nurmes Lomatie 12,
75500 Nurmes

63.531944 29.198333
20 June 2012


But noise so bad we only paid €18
Large holiday-making campsite, part of hotel, golf and leisure complex on shore of Lake Pielinen
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from staff at pretentious hotel reception
Setting: camping area low-lying, water-logged and muddy; but worst feature was overwhelmingly intrusive noise of diggers and lorries from massive building site immediately alongside from 7-00am to 10-00pm; hotel complex being doubled in size will further dwarf the campsite
Facilities: WC/showers inadequate for size of site of campsite, poorly equipped kitchen/wash-up; washing machine but costs €5
Price: would normally be €24, but building site noise so bad that we demanded €6 reduction

 Lentuankosken Leirintä Camping, near Kuhmo
Lentuantkoskentie 435, 88900 Kuhmo

64.184722 29.576389
21 June 2012

26~28 June 2015

inc SCC discount
Small, family-run lake-side campsite 15kms north of Kuhmo and 5 kms along Lentuantkoskentie tarmaced lane from Route 912; popular with fisher-folk
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from family
Setting: delightful lake-side camping area but tending to be wet and boggy after rain; lovely sunset across lake
Facilities: straightforward but homely WC/showers, lakeside sauna and traditional smoke-sauna, water-filling hose; washing machine but no dryer and no wi-fi
Price: €24.80 inc SCC discount

Campsite web site

Kiantajärvi Camping, Suomussalmi Juntusrannantie 24, Ämmänsaari, 89600 Suomussalmi

64.870998 28.995052

29~30 June 2015


inc SCC discount

Curiously antiquated and very basic site overlooking Kiantajärvi Lake 3kms from Suomussalmi; huts used by large groups of Baltic migrant workers
Welcome: pleasant welcome from lady-owner, limited English
Setting: grubby and limited camping areas scattered among dark pine woods across hillock overlooking Kiantajärvi Lake; limited power supplies
Facilities: primitive and sordidly antiquated WC/showers, wash-up and kitchen hut; pumped well water; no washing machine, but limited range wi-fi
€24 inc SCC discount - very poor value for such poor standard of facilities

Martinselkosen Eräkeskus (Wilderness Centre) Camping
Pirttivaarantie 131,
89920 Suomussalmi

65.131520 29.796640
 22~23 June 2012

1~2 July 2015

€15 Camping area at commercially operated centre for wild bear-watching in depths of Kainuu forested wilderness 2kms from Russian border
Welcome: hospitable and efficient welcome from housekeeper and bear-guides, whether or not you were paying to go on their over-night bear-watching in the forest hides
Setting: limited camping spaces with power supply in parking area of Centre
Facilities: high quality WC/shower/sauna and first class, fully-equipped kitchen/wash-up in Centre, free wi-fi, water-filling hose, washing machine (no dryer) at €2; Centre is primarily set up as base for commercially operated over-night bear-watching from hides at €145 per person; altho expensive, this is a thoroughly worthwhile once-in-lifetime experience, well-organised in fully equipped hides with guaranteed full evening of seeing wild bears at close range from hides, with expert ranger-guides; you are driven out to hides deep in wilderness forest with 1.5km walk to hides
Price: camping €15, bear-watching €145/person   Bear-watching web site

Karhunkainalon Leitinäalue Camping, Hossa Visitor Centre
Jatkonsalmentie 6,
89920 Ruhtinansalmi,

65.468056 29.517500
24~26 June 2012

3~5 July 2015


inc SCC discount
Large campsite operated by Metsähallitus Finnish Forestry Authority at the Hossa Information Centre
Welcome: helpful and efficient welcome from English-speaking staff at Info Centre reception where maps and info-leaflets are available for Hossa walking and canoeing routes and
Värikallio prehistoric rock-paintings
Setting: large, spacious camping area set among sandy heathland forest 500m from Info Centre; tarmaced well-spaced pitches all with power supply
Facilities: excellent standard facilities buildings; first class well-equipped kitchen/wash-up with modern electric cooker and microwave and plenty of hot water; free sauna in evenings; washing/drying machine in laundry room at €3; free wi-fi at Info Centre
Price: €24 inc SCC discount

Matkajoki Camping, Kuusamo Kemijärventie 59,
93600 Kuusamo

66.003120 29.151780
27 June 2012

6 July 2015
€22 Small lake-side campsite just north of Kuusamo off Route 5
Welcome: limited English welcome from eccentric gnome-like owner who proudly showed us his collection of 1000s of biro pens in reception office
Setting: lake-side camping area in pine forest clearing
Facilities: reasonable WC/showers thankfully well-heated given bitterly cold Arctic northerly wind blowing; basic kitchen/wash-up; water fill-up hose
Price: €22

Oulanka National Park Camping

Liikaesenvaarantie 137, 93999 Kuusamo

66.372778 29.296944
28~30 June
~ 1 July 2012

7~10 July 2015

inc SCC discount
Straightforward but very high standard campsite operated by Metsähallitus Finnish Forestry Authority in Oulanka National Park with beautiful forest location and excellent facilities; friendly, helpful staff and weather forecast at nearby Oulanka Visitor Centre
Welcome: welcoming, friendly and helpful young staff at campsite reception
Setting: forest clearing on banks of Oulanka River, 1.5kms from Visitor Centre; large well-spaced pitches separated by pine and birch trees with power supplies; separate grassy tent area; swarming midges in June~July
Facilities: excellent standard of modern, heated and spotlessly clean showers, clean earth privies and well-equipped kitchen/wash-ups, drying room, all in attractive turf-roofed wooden huts; kiosk-shop at reception stocked with basic foodstuffs; water-filling hose; wi-fi at Oulaka Visitor Centre; excellent way-marked walks in Oulanka - Kiutaköngäs Rapids and Rytisuo Nature Trail, with unique Lady Slipper and Fairy Slipper wild orchids and profusion of wild flora, and Siberian Jay
Price: excellent value at €21         Campsite web site



Sallainen Camping, Salla Tunturikummuntie 2, 98900 Salla

66.764167 28.762033
2 July 2012

11 July 2015


inc SCC discount
A ski-centre campsite set at foot of Sallatunturi ski-slopes 5 kms south of Salla; a potentially good site spoilt by irritatingly dysfunctional facilities
Welcome: pleasant welcome from couple managing the site
Setting: gravelled, well-spaced pitches overlooking lake, each with power-supply
Facilities: apparently modern but in practice dysfunctional: cooker in kitchen too complex to be practicable and no English instructions; metered electricity; keys and locks to everything - a real irritant; push button showers which didn't; wi-fi internet but limited range; convenient for
Salla Reindeer Park (Poropuisto) 5kms to south
Price: with all the irritations, unduly expensive at €27 inc SCC discount

Samperi Savotta Camping, Savukoski 98800 Savukoski

67.298603 28.141918
12~13 July 2015


inc SCC discount
Small and straightforward site attached to Samperi Savotta Wilderness Hotel, on banks of fast-flowing Kemijoki river just outside remote village of Savukoski
Welcome: prompt response from owner to email enquiry and pleasant welcome in fluent English from young girl at reception
Setting: small gravelled camping area set on forested banks of of wide and fast-flowing Kemijoki river; 3 camper places with power
Facilities: basic but modern WC/shower in hut by camping area; kitchen/wash-up hut 150m by tent camping area, with antiquated electric cooker; covered camp-fire hearth; washing machine and good wi-fi signal at café/reception; supermarkets, filling station and bank 1km in Savukoski village
Price: good value at €20
inc SCC discount

Kemijärvi Camping, Kemijärvi
Hietaniemenkatu 7,

66.716944 27.419167
3 July 2012

19 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
Formally laid-out campsite with helpful welcome, pleasant setting, and good facilities
Welcome: effusively helpful welcome from lady warden
Setting: formally laid-out camping area with grassy, hedge delineated pitches; lake-side setting within walking distance of pleasant small town of
Kemijärvi; 1st time we had camped on grass without pine trees in weeks; Midnight Sun visible from campsite late June/early July (see photo left)
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers; first class, well-equipped kitchen/wash-up/common room; supermarkets in Kemijärvi
Price: unduly expensive at €28 inc
SCC discount; this was only downside

Kuukiurun Lomakylä Camping, Vuostimo Kuukiuruntie 13,
98360 Vuostimo,

66.981230 27.532167
4~5 July 2012

14 July 2015

€22 A jewel of a small campsite-cottage-café, now kept by Russian owners
Welcome: hospitable welcome at this long-standing, small holiday-cottages-café with camping area
Setting: just of Route 5 at edge of Vuostimo village on banks of
Kemijoki River; small, neat grassy camping area with power-supplies alongside house in sunny location facing west for Midnight Sun
Facilities: straightforward but adequate - WC/wash-up but no kitchen, shower in sauna; free rowing boat or canoes on river
€22 inc showers

Campsite web site

Nilimella Camping, Sodankylä
Kelukoskentie 5,

67.417303 26.607642
6 July 2012

15 July 2015

€25 A reliably functional and no-nonsense municipal campsite on banks of Kitinen River at Sodankylä
Welcome: efficiently helpful welcome at reception
Setting: large site set on banks of
Kitinen River at Sodankylä; 1km walk across bridge into centre of small town; upper camping area preferable with rowan hedge divided pitches; lower open and flat camping area tends to be boggy in wet weather
Facilities: reasonable WC/showers, kitchen/wash-ups; washing machine only €1 and free drying machine; wi-fi in upper camping area; water-filling hose
Price: now expensive at

Vuotson Maja (Inn) Camping, Vuotso Ivalontie 8775,
99690 Vuotso

68.106774 27.128453

16 July 2015



€20 Small traditional B&B in Vuotso village since 1949, opposite Sámi souvenir and reindeer meat shop; camping area in process of being laid out, ready 2016
Welcome: pleasant welcome from inn's owners; just taken over and developing the campsite
Setting: in Vuotso Sámi village on E75 south of Takavaara; although camping advertised on sign, site not yet laid out, but owner allowed us to camp on grassy area alongside inn with power from house; some traffic noise inevitable from adjacent main E75

Facilities: first class WC/showers in inn, but no kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi in lounge; well-stocked kyläkauppa (village stores) in Vuotso 500m
Price: €20
Once camping area is properly laid out, this will make a welcoming and worthwhile Lapland stop-over on the E75 between Sodankylä and Ivalo



Camping Kultakenttä, Tankavaara Tankavaarantie 34,

68.180850 27.098900
7 July 2012


inc SCC discount
Unkempt camping place among dilapidated huts by bar-restaurant at Tankavaara Gold Mining Museum
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from owner at bar-restaurant
Setting: 2 or 3 camping spaces among trees between huts, scarcely a camping area; like the Gold Mining Museum, the place is simply a money making concern, but having said that, it served its purpose and was peaceful
Facilities: perfectly functional WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up in 1 of huts; wi-fi in restaurant
Price: €18 inc SCC discount
Gold Mining Museum nearby is total tourist trap rip-off and best ignored; but next to it is the magnificent Metsähallitus operated Koilliskaira Visitor Centre of the Urho Kekkonen National Park with 3 way-marked nature trails: 6km Kuukkelilenki (Siberian Jay) route recommended for pristine spruce forest, bare open fell-top and mire board-walk

Ivalo River Camping, Ivalo Kerttuojantie 1
99800 Ivalo

68.624747 27.542975

17 July 2015





inc SCC discount

Small site at filling station just south of Ivalo, but scarcely a viable place to camp, and totally overwhelmed with traffic noise from adjacent E75, and very basic facilities
Welcome: friendly welcome from staff at filling station reception
Setting: 3 kms south of Ivalo, with camping areas on both sides of busy main E75; on river side, pleasant outlook across Ivaljoki river, but totally overwhelmed by E75 traffic noise, and you have to cross main road to get to the facilities! on opposite side, scarcely a viable place to camp other than stark, unkempt gravelled area and small grassy area with power from huts
Facilities: 1 small facilities hut with limited, antiquated and very basic WC/showers, and kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi in reception/café which also doubles as hang-out for local drunks
Price: €18 inc SCC discount
The other campsite, Näverniemi Lomakylä, closer to Ivalo, is not much better and more expensive; all in all a poor lot!




Nellim Wilderness Hotel/Camping Nellimentie 4230,
99860 Nellim

68.845727 28.320129

18~21 July 2015




plus negotiated rate for showers
Grubby and unfinished camping area alongside Nellim Wilderness Hotel at remote Skolt Sámi settlement of Nellim at NE corner of Inarijärvi lake, 42 kms dirt road from Ivalo and 8 kms from closed Russian border at Virtaniemi
Welcome: pleasant welcome at hotel reception and response to email enquiry re camping
Setting: camping area only laid out 2015, and still incomplete, sandy mess littered with builder's rubble; power supplies available, but a depressing place to camp
Facilities: WC/showers and wi-fi at hotel, but no kitchen/wash-up; camp-fire at lake-side kota
Price: €15 for camping; negotiate your own rate for showers
Nellim set on former Arctic Ocean Road which pre-war ran all the way to Finnish Petsamo on White Sea before Finland forced to surrender Petsamo to USSR in 1944;
Skolt Sámi displaced from Petsamo resettled at Nellim. Fascinating history and despite poor standard of camping, worth spending few days out here; places do not come any more isolated and remote as Nellim. Camping area should improve when completed  and sand consolidated by winter snow, but given remoe location, will always be basic.




Ukonjärvi Camping, Ivalo Ukonjärventie 141,
99800 Ivalo

68.736944 27.476944

22~23 July 2015



€25 Large site among pine woods looking north over Inarijärvi lake, BUT with surly and inhospitable owners, grubby, old-fashioned facilities and over-expensive price
Welcome: utterly unsmiling and inhospitable non-welcome from owner, his surly wife and guard dog; equally ill-gracious response to telephone enquiry
Setting: large camping area scattered among pine woods overlooking inlet of Inarijärvi with views north for Midnight Sun
Facilities: grubby, old-fashioned WC/showers limited in number for size of site, with every hook in showers broken, non-functioning hand-drier and unfilled paper-towels; basic kitchen/wash-up/common room; washing/drying machines (extra cost); good wi-fi covering nearer camping area was the only good feature. Otherwise the place is a disgrace
Price: €25 unly expensive given the place's shortcomings



Uruniemi Camping, Inari Uruniementie 7,
99870 Inari

68.902268 27.071385
8~11 July 2012

24 July 2015

€20.80 1 of 2 over-popular and over-priced campsites at Inari; lovely setting but spoilt by cheerless and mercenary attitude of owner
Welcome: perfunctory and unsmiling non-welcome from owner
Setting: grassy site sloping down to lake-side with chill wind blowing from lake; difficult to find level pitch; best spots by far are small, flat terraces immediately overlooking lake with perfect NW outlook for viewing Midnight Sun across Inari Lake on clear nights
Facilities: limited number of WC/showers scattered around site resulting in queues even when site not full; showers need coins for unduly brief period; 2 kitchen/wash-ups; wi-fi in reception but at €2/half hour (inc in price at most sites); washing machine at €4
Price: €20.80 (inc 2 x €0.40 for showers)
Local features include: SIIDA Sámi Culture and Lapland Nature Museum - excellent but expensive; Sámi Parliament at Culture House; Lemmenjoki National Park; Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church - 9km walk

Lemmenjoki Camping, Lammenjoki National Park Lennenjoentie 1020,
99885 Inari

68.758628 26.236056

25~26 July 2015

€21 Small basic site run by local Sámi family, at Njurkulahti in Lemmenjoki National Park, 36 kms from Inari along Rte955 through wilderness forests
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from daughter of family who runs site-cum-café; simila helpful response to telephone enquiry
Setting: by boat landing-stage at Njurkulahti; basic site with small area of rough grassy camping area; café also serves as parking area for boat trips along Lemmenjoki river, so in spite of remote wilderness location,  tends to be busy
Facilities: basic WCs in café/hostel, shower in lake-side sauna; limited kitchen/wash-up; unreliable wi-fi in café
Price: €21

Camping-Hostel Jokitörmä, Kaamanen
Kaamasentie 2709,
99910 Kaamanen

69.091389 27.184444
12 July 2012

18 July 2014

27~29July 2015

€23 Very pleasant and welcoming family-run campsite in North Lapland on banks of Kaamasjoki River
Welcome: smilingly warm and hospitable welcome from owner and his wife; same family has run the hostel-camping for 2 generations with current owners for 15 years; wife's father had carved attractive wooden sculptures decorating the site, inc river crocodile carved from dead tree trunk
Setting: broad, grassy and flat camping area along river bank with a few trees for shade; midges tolerable early evening; clear unhampered line of sight across river for Midnight Sun if sky clear
Facilities: heated WC/showers, but kitchen/wash-up/common room care-worn but reasonably  equipped with electric cooker and microwave but no utensils; wi-fi at reception/hostel
Price: €23

Campsite web site

Hietajoki Camping, Inarijärvi Sevetijärventie 3390,
99800 Ivalo

69.164940 27.839610

30 July 2015 €24 Small and basic site set on western shore of Inarijärvi; popular with fisherfolk
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from lady-owner; little English spoken
Setting: impressive setting on western shore of Inarijärvi looking out across extensive waters of lake; limited camping area sloping steeply down to lake
Facilities: basic but functional WC/showers; limited kitchen/wash-up; water-filling hose; no wi-fi or washing machine
Price: given limitations, expensive at €24

Nili Tuvat Camping, Sevetijärvi Sevetijärventie 8721,
99800 Ivalo
31 July 2015 €28

Unduly expensive

Unduly expensive but impressive located and landscaped site with magnificent outlook over Niljärvi
Welcome: frosty non-welcome from surly and unresponsive lady-owner; no English spoken
Setting: considering its setting in remote fell-land, beautifully landscaped grounds among circle of huts; wonderful setting on lawned, flat terrace overlooking lake Niljärvi but limited power
Facilities: just 1 WC/shower; others locked  meaning queues, owner simply shrugged indifferently; reasonable kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi
Price: given ultra-limited facilities, no wi-fi and owner's surly, indifferent attitude, outrageously over-priced at €28; 2nd most expensive site in Finland - totally unjustified
Float-plane for Inari takes off and lands on lake giving interesting diversion. Compared with 2 other basic camping options in
Sevetijärvi, Nili Tuvat is pleasantly laid out but unacceptably over-expensive



Maggadalen Camping, Kirkenes Maggadalen 4,
9912 Hesseng, Kirkenes

69.697657 29.950833
13~16 July 2012

240 NOK
inc shower tokens at
10 NOK
A poor and dismal campsite, noisy and overcrowded but with monopoly in Kirkenes area; an alternative is 50 kms down into isolated Pasvikdalen at Øvre Pasvik Café-Camping
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from family who run site; reception only open 10-00am~7-00pm, so if you arrive late or leave early, there is no means of paying - seems a curious way to run a campsite!
Setting: camping area is large, cheerless and gravelled car park, utterly dismal and overcrowded in July; grassy tent area lower down stinks of sewerage, a thoroughly unsavoury environment with undue road noise from nearby main Route E6
Facilities: reasonable WC/showers but inadequate numbers given overcrowded site with queues; uncleaned kitchen/wash-up; water-filling hose; wi-fi close to reception (password = #KIRKENES CAMPING#) but weak/slow signal
Price: expensive at 240 NOK inc shower tokens at 10 NOK

Øvre Pasvik Café-Camping, Vaggatem, Øvre Pasvik Valley

9925 Svanvik,
Øvre Pasvik Valley

+47 78 99 55 30

69.212842 29.155714


1~2 Aug 2015

295 NOK

inc showers, and wi-fi at extra cost


Small, basic but unduly expensive (another monopoly!) café-camping at Vaggatem by Russian border in remote inner reaches of Øvre Pasvik Valley
Welcome: gruffly helpful welcome from lady-owner whose family farm nearby and have kept the campsite since 1996
Setting: small gravelled camping area surrounded by huts, levelled out on a peninsula of land between main Pasvik River and Ellenelva tributary; Vaggatem consists of just 5 farmsteads in the upper
Pasvik Valley 90kms south of Kirkenes
Facilities: reasonable WC/showers; small wash-up sink but NO kitchen; site-wide wi-fi but charged extra at 25 NOK/day; washing machine (extra charge); nearest shop 40kms north at Svanvik so bring all your own necessary provisions; camp-fire in evenings
Price: unduly expensive with all the cumulative extra charges - 250 NOK basic + 2x10 NOK shower coins + 25 NOK/day for wi-fi; owner resisted any discussion on discount for 3 days pleading high cost of running remote campsite
Rough and ready frontier feel about Vaggatem - an interesting stay





Vestre Jakobselv Camping, near Vadsø
Lilledalsveien 6,
Vestre Jakobselv

70.119444 29.331667
17~20 July 2012

3 Aug 2015

200 NOK

inc SCC discount
A good, reliable and hospitable site, part of a Youth Mission Centre, and the only remaining site open on north shore of Varanger Fjord for Vadsø and Vardø
Welcome: always a helpful and hospitable welcome at reception
Setting: elongated part-gravel, part grassed camping area with power-sockets along one side; tends to fill with Finnish fishermen here for the salmon fishing on the Jakobselv River
Facilities: recently upgraded WC/showers; small kitchen/wash-up with 2-ring electric cooker and oven; water-filling hose, fish-washing sink; free site-wide wi-fi internet; free washing/drying machines
Price: good value at 200 NOK inc SCC discount (cf ultra expensive Kirkenes!)
Supermarket and excellent TIC in Vadsø; be sure to drive to isolated former fishing village of Hamningberg and see Kittiwakes nesting on cliff face at Ekkerøy      Campsite web site

Camping Lapinkylä, Utsjoki, Northern Finland Utsjoentie 14,
99980 Utsjoki

69.904582 27.019994
21 July 2012

7~8 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
Good campsite in fell-land setting in Northern Finland border village, near to River Teno/Tana border crossing into Norway
Welcome: pleasantly friendly and helpful welcome welcome from girl at reception
Setting: pleasant, grassy and generally flat camping area with well-used huts, looking out to surrounding fell-sides
Facilities: reasonable WC/showers and well-equipped kitchen/wash-up with electric rings and microwave; site-wide wi-fi; supermarket and filling station 200m in village close to Norwegian border-post at bridge over River Teno; good TIC in village with details of excellent local walks
Price: good value at €22.50 inc SCC discount

Karasjok Camping, Karasjok
9730 Karasjok

69.468611 25.488056
22~23 July 2012

200 NOK

inc 5 NOK coin for Showers

No SCC discount
Good family-run campsite, but expensive with facilities costing extra and no SCC discount next door to Norwegian Sämi Parliament
Welcome: hospitable welcome from Halonen family who have kept the site for 2 generations, particularly elderly father Magnus Halonen with his little cart-pulling dog
Setting: Large, flat and close-cropped turf camping area backed by forested hillside and overlooking river valley and bridge in Karasjok village
Facilities: WC/showers slightly care-worn, showers cost 5 NOK coin; site-wide wi-fi but costs 25 NOK for 24 hours; best feature is large Sämi Lappu tent (see photo left) with reindeer skin covered benches and camp fire for grilling supper sausages
Price: slightly expensive at 200 NOK and no SCC discount

Tenorinne Camping, Karigasniemi, Northern Finland

Ylätenontie 55,
99950 Karigasniemi

69.400547 25.845981
24 July 2012

9~10 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
A beautifully located, well-equipped, good value campsite with hospitable welcome, kept by the Lehtosalo family since 1966 and their hard work shows - you could not ask for more
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from family in the café-reception area
Setting: beautifully sited on terraces of the steep bank of River Inari/Teno which forms the Finnish/Norwegian border, looking westward into the Midnight Sun and sunset across the river and forested hills of Norway; powered pitches on each of the flat, grassy terraces
Facilities: modern clean and heated WC/showers in lower rooms of services building; homely and well-equipped kitchen/wash-ups on upper floor with comfortable common room/dining room and covered balcony with wonderful views westward overlooking river; free site-wide wi-fi, washing/drying machine; water-filling hose
Price: good value at €24 inc SCC discount  
Campsite web site



Nuorgam Lomakeskus-Camping, Nuorgam, Northern Finland Nurogamintie 4401,
99990 Nuorgam

70.082200 27.892570
25 July 2012



Outrageously over-priced
Pleasantly located campsite but totally ruined by outrageous over-pricing and the owner's surly, soured-faced and offensively rude manner
you must be kidding!! greeted in the most offensively off-hand manner ever encountered in 45 years of camping; their pompously worded brochure speaks of years of experience in customer service, but experience shows this is total garbage - rude manners and mercenary exploitation of a prime location on tourist trail
Setting: pleasant flat, grassy camping area on banks of Teno River looking across to hills of Norway on northern bank
Facilities: newly built facilities block, but at this price you'd expect gold-plated taps! site-wide wi-fi; washing machine at extra cost (inevitably); supermarket in village
Price: utterly outrageous at €30 - the most expensive campsite in Finland with the rudest owner

             ** CAMPSITE BEST BOYCOTTED **

Berlevåg Pensonjat and Camping, Berlevåg
Havnegata 8,
9980 Berlevåg

70.857191 29.099205
26~27 July 2012

10~11 July 2014

4~6 July 2015

280 NOK

inc 10 kr coins for showers

Warmly hospitable, homely, wonderfully located and well-equipped site overlooking Berlevåg fishing harbour; a welcoming and thoughtfully run campsite which sets an enviable example for lesser sites
Welcome: friendly, helpful and hospitable welcome from owner, Dieter Salathe
Setting: grass and flat camping area next to pension, overlooking Berlevåg fishing harbour and Hurtigruten quay by the outer harbour mole; 5 minutes walking distance from the bustling, self-sufficient, 'end-of-world' fishing port of Berlevåg; Midnight Sun clearly visible from nearby headland from which you can also watch the arrival/departure of the Hurtigruten coastal liners which coincide at Berlevåg, 10-30pm southbound, 10-45pm northbound
Facilities: clean and modern WC/showers, homely and best equipped kitchen/wash-up of the whole trip, everything thought of and provided; grill hut with camp-fire; free site-wide wi-fi; washing machine; water-filling hose; food shops and filling station in town
Price: slightly expensive at 280 NOK, but overall good value - you get the quality and homeliness you pay for    Campsite web site

                   ** ONE OF THE TRIP'S BEST CAMPSITES **

Ifjord Café-Camping Riksveg 98 128
9740 Lebesby

70.461111 27.107222
28 July 2012

190 NOK A very basic and grubby camping place, filthy muddy after rain
Welcome: perfunctory greeting from owner at café
Setting: grubby and sordid quagmire down by river bank among huts with limited power supplies
Facilities: old-fashioned but functional with hot water in basic kitchen/wash-up; washing machine at 40 NOK
Price: 190 NOK - expensive for such a basic, limited and grubby site

Wild Camp by Hurtigruten Quay at Kjøllefjord
Breakwater quay at Kjøllefjord

70.949796 27.331592

29 July 2012

  A magnificent location on breakwater quay at Kjøllefjord by the Hurtigruten Quay, looking out westwards across the fjord with evening sun setting across water, and eastwards across fishing harbour and coloured houses of town under towering cliffs; drinking water point and waste-disposal on quay nearby and power-supply if you were prepared to pay expensive price of 200 NOK/night via TIC in town (we didn't). Hurtigruten coastal liner calls at nearby quay, northbound 5-45pm and southbound 3-30am

In sunny weather, this was another of those most memorable wild camp spots (see photo left)


Stabbursdalen Camping, Stabbursnes Stabbursnes,
9700 Lakselv

70.177300 24.907810
30 July 2102

250 NOK Large and functional holiday-making and fishing campsite with glossy web site and care-worn, grubby facilities; Solstad Camping in Lakselv now closed
Welcome: purely perfunctory greeting at reception
Setting: large camping area and huts scattered along banks of River Stabburselva River, popular with salmon fishermen; quiet corners behind huts away from holiday-makers' noise in main camping area
Facilities: limited, overstretched, not cleaned sufficiently and therefore grubby and smelly; good kitchen/wash-up but not kept clean and tidy
Price: unduly expensive at 250 NOK, but this is going rate on the Nordkapp tourist route
Nearby Stabbursdalen National Park Centre at Stabbursnes and Staburselva Estuary nature walk both worthwhile; supermarkets, banks and good TIC in Lakselv

Repvåg Fjord-Hotel and Rorbusenter
Fylkesveg 175 20
9768 Repvåg

70.746910 25.671700
31 July 2012

100 NOK Former wooden fishing station and fishermen's huts now converted to hotel, with camping in yards beside huts; such delightfully welcoming people
Welcome: totally helpful and hospitable welcome right from initial telephone enquiry to enabling us to camp and opening hut-room for us to use WC/shower - nothing too much trouble "We'll organise something for you to camp"
Setting: parking area by huts, festooned with fishing bric-a-brac and tackle, alongside hotel (former fishing station - sjøhus) and wooden stilted pier where fishing boats still moor
Facilities: owners opened up 1 of chalet-huts for us to use WC/shower - warm and homely; wi-fi in hotel dining room
Price: and after all this help, they only charged us 100 NOK
Memorable experience watching fishing boat unloading king-crab catch at pier in the morning
Campsite web site

Kirkeporten Camping, Skarsvåg
Storvannsveien 2
9763 Skarsvåg

71.107900 25.813129
1 and 3 Aug 2012

215 NOK An excellent small, welcoming family-run campsite, beautifully located at Skarsvåg just beyond turning to Nordkapp which is 12kms distance - the world's northernmost campsite
Welcome: charmingly helpful and hospitable welcome from family - nothing too much trouble
Setting: grassy and gravelly camping areas on shore of Storvannet Lake; follow path from campsite up and over fell-side to Kirkeporta natural rock-arch for distant views of Nordkapp cliff with its distinctive rock horn
Facilities: heated WC/showers, free wi-fi in common room, fresh bread and rolls, excellent small restaurant with home cooking - fish soup, salmon steaks, reindeer stew; washing/drying machine at 60 NOK; water-filling hose
Price: excellent value by Norwegian standards at 215 NOK   Campsite web site

                  ** ONE OF THE TRIP'S BEST CAMPSITES **

Wild camp at Nordkapp Wild camp in parking area at Nordkapp Hallen
71.169464 25.783195
2 Aug 2012

  Bleak wild camp in parking area at Nordkapp Hallen with Arctic winds gusting across cliff top; WCs available in Nordkapp Hallen 7-00am to 1-00am

See our web site for recommendations on access to Nordkapp Hallen parking area

Russenes Camping, Olderfjord E69, 9713 Russenes

70.478333 25.066389
4 Aug 2012

205 NOK

inc 20 NOK for shower coins
Functional campsite on shore of Olderfjord on E69 route to/from Nordkapp, part of Olderfjord hotel
Welcome: friendly welcome from young staff at shop/reception
Setting: grassy camping spaces among the predominant statics along shore of Olderfjord looking out across to Porsanger Fjord
Facilities: rather old-fashioned and ramshackle but functional, showers coin operated; free washing/drying machine, wi-fi 60 NOK/hour at reception; small supermarket at filling station 500m

Storvannet Camping, Hammerfest Storvannsveien 103, 9600 Hammerfest

70.659860 23.713090
5 Aug 2012

235 NOK

inc 20 NOK for shower coins
Functional municipal campsite on shore of Storvannet Lake in suburbs of Hammerfest
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from non English-speaking warden at reception
Setting: rather gloomy setting alongside Storvannet Lake in valley above the town, but looking westwards into sunset over lake; completely overwhelmed by massive apartment block curving in horseshoe shape around valley head like a huge dam with windows
Facilities: good, heated WC/showers and fully equipped kitchen/wash-up; washing/drying machine at 60 NOK; no wi-fi
Price: expensive at 235 NOK inc 20 NOK for coin-operated showers
Lots of interesting features in oil/gas terminal town of Hammerfest, particularly the
Museum of Reconstruction documenting town's wartime destruction; also climb path up onto Salen Hill for panorama over town and harbour

Wisløff Camping, Alta Sieinfossenveien 25,
9518 Øvre Alta, Alta

69.927778 23.268889
6~7 Aug 2012

260 NOK 3 campsites grouped along river at Øvre Alta, all good but unduly expensive exploiting the Nordkapp tourist traffic; little to choose between them, but Wisløff is marginally the cheapest
Welcome: pleasant welcome from staff at reception
Setting: large, open and flat grassy camping area with many statics and huts
Facilities: heated, modern and clean WC/showers, but limited kitchen/wash-up (no microwave, which at this price should be expected); site-wide free wi-fi; washing/drying machine extra cost
Price: 260 NOK and no SCC discount
Be sure to visit the Alta Prehistoric Rock Art Museum  and  Tirpitz Museum Kåfjord

Arctic Fjord Camping, Storeng

E6  370,
9161 Burfjord,

70.008257 22.023672
8~9 Aug 2012

3 July 2014

210 NOK Superbly located site looking across Kvænangsfjord to snow-covered mountainous backdrop of Kvænangstinden crested skyline; campsite was previously called ANSI Turist-Service and owned by Simonsen family who had farmed the land for 3 generations; they have now retired and site now taken over by new owners; renamed  Arctic Fjord Camp but in other respects remains unchanged
Welcome: hospitably welcoming
Setting: they simply do not come better than this;
lush grassy meadow running down to fjord-shore divided into large, flat, terraced pitches overlooking magnificent panorama of Knævangs-fjorden with snow-covered Knævangstinden mountains gracing distant skyline; wonderful sunsets across the fjord on fine evenings
heated, modern and clean WC/showers plus wash-up below reception office, but no kitchen; inc site-wide wi-fi
Price: excellent value at all-inclusive 210 NOK      
Campsite web site

                     ** ONE OF THE TRIP'S BEST CAMPSITES **

Fosselv Camping, Staumfjord 9151 Storslett

69.839722 21.209167
10 Aug 2012

230 NOK

inc SCC discount and 10 NOK coins for showers
Some campsites manage to give offence without even trying and this was one of them!
Welcome: Totally indifferent and unsmiling perfunctory non-welcome from employee who clearly felt secure in his job
Setting: pleasant camping area spread along fore-shore of shallow inlet looking across Straumfjord to hilly skyline, but intrusive traffic-noise from busy E6 road
Facilities: basic but functional WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up, but long trek uphill from camping area to facilities building; free site-wide wi-fi; washing machine at extra cost
Price: expensive at 230 NOK inc SCC discount and coins for showers
2km walk up through forests to fellside for 64m high Fosselv Waterfall

Rotsundelv Camping, Rotsundelv 9153 Rotsundelv

69.785000 20.702222
11 Aug 2012

240 NOK

inc 40 NOK for shower coins
Straightforward small campsite just off E6 in Rotsundelv village under shadow of bulky massif of Ulvøya Island; convenient overnight stop on E6 north/south
Welcome: warmly hospitable greeting from lady owner
Setting: large, open and grassy camping area but difficult to find level pitch on hummocky ground and limited power supplies; Rotsundelv village ranged along shore of sound separating mainland from the bulky massif of Ulvøya Island which overshadows the sound; ferries from Rotsundelv harbour across to Ulvøya
Facilities: old-fashioned and limited, showers need 20 NOK coins; no wi-fi; small shop in village next to ferry dock
Price: 240 NOK inc coins for showers; expensive for a limited site

Skibotn NAF Camping, Skibotn
E6  248
9143 Skibotn

69.393057 20.267329
12~13 Aug 2012 245 NOK

inc 20 NOK coins for showers
Small campsite operated by NAF on shore of Storfjorden close to Skibotn fishing harbour with magnificent panorama of mountains and glaciers; other campsite options in Skibotn over-crowded and even more over-priced
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from taciturn warden
Setting: one of the finest you could ask for: flat, grassy camping area on shore of tidal bay of Storfjorden at Skibotn surrounded by high, craggy mountains with magnificent view across fjord to glaciated Lyngen Alps (see photo left) with sunset across fjord
Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional WC/showers, well-equipped kitchen/wash-up, no wi-fi; mini-market in Skibotn village, ATM at Statoil filling station along E6 Tromsø road
Price: 245 NOK inc 20 NOK coins for showers - expensive for basic site, it's the magnificent fjord and glaciated mountains setting that gives this site its charm

Kilpisjärvi Retkeilykeskus-Camping, Kilpisjärvi, Finland Käsivarrentie 14663,
99490 Kilpisjärvi

69.047850 20.797740
14~15 Aug 2012

12~13 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
Large campsite terraced into lower slopes of Saana Fell overlooking Lake Kilpisjärvi 6kms from Norwegian/Finnish border
Welcome: helpful welcome from young staff at Trekking Centre reception
Setting: large and cheerless gravelly camping area terraced up hillside of lower slopes of Saana Fell which towers above, set among winter huts and overlooking Lake Kilpisjärvi; unique 'double sunset' effect in August with setting sun dipping behind slopes of Malla Fell summit and re-appearing on far side to set again behind lower fells
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers in main facilities building; rather antiquated kitchen/wash-up with small dining area in separate hut; free site-wide wi-fi; washing/drying machine at €6; water-filling hose
Price: very expensive at €26.50 inc SCC discount
Boat trip across lake on M/S Malla (€25/person return fare) with 2 hours for 6km return walk to Treriksröset (3 Borders Cairn - Finland/Norway/Sweden); boat landing stage just below Centre

Sandlövs Camping, Karesuando, North Sweden
98016 Karesuando

68.440400 22.481200
22 July 2014

11 & 14 Aug 2015

150 SEK Good value, charmingly straight forward little site at Karesuando just opposite border-bridge with Finland
Welcome: friendly if taciturn welcome from owner
Setting: small and delightfully simple site set alongside gardens of owner's wooden house looking across to bridge over Muoniojoki river and Laestadius' church
Facilities: basic WC/showers and wash-up sink; no kitchen or wi-fi; but wi-fi from TIC opposite just about reached nearest corner of campsite; mini-market, general stores and meat hall (selling elk and reindeer) in village
Price: although a basic site, excellent value at 150 SEK

Arctic Motel-Camping, Kautokeino

Suomaluodda 18
9520 Kautokeino

68.997500 23.036667
16~17 Aug 2012

250 NOK

inc coins for showers
A welcoming if expensive family-run campsite set at southern outskirts of Sámi township of Kautokeino
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from family, but limited English spoken so difficult to hold lengthy conversation
Setting: close-cropped turf but hummocky camping area with limited power supplies; camping area surrounded by well-used huts
Facilities: rather antiquated WC/showers but fully equipped kitchen/wash-up; free site-wide wi-fi but weak signal; water-filling hose; evening camp-fire in Sámi Lavvu-tent (see photo left) with chance to hear all about Sámi life; Co-op and Rema supermarkets in Kautokeino
Price: expensive at 250 NOK inc coins for showers
Kautokeino is a limited town in summer with Sámi reindeer herders away at coastal grazing, but in winter there are 100,000 reindeer hereabouts; Juhls silver jewellery gallery with free tour



Hetan Lomakylä Camping, Enontekiö Ounastie 23
9940 Enontekiö

18 Aug 2012

15 Aug 2015


€26 A functional but unremarkable campsite, one of 2 in Enontekiö
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from owner
Setting: 2 camping areas, lower one more open but limited power supplies, out of wi-fi range, and crowded with noisy caravanners, the upper area  with 8 formally laid-out pitches in bays each with power and set under pine trees and within range of free wi-fi; noisy yapping dogs from neighbouring noises
Facilities: brand new, modern and clean WC/showers and wash-up next to upper camping area but no kitchen; wi-fi covers upper camping area; small capacity washing machine at extra cost; supermarket in Enontekiö
Price: poor value at unduly expensive €26
Lovely modern church in Enontekiö with east-end Lapland mosaic mural, if you can get in; at eastern end of village, superbly helpful Metsähallitus Skierri Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre - excellent free-of-charge exhibitions on Sámi nomadic life-style, as good as SIIDA at Inari

Kittilän Lomamökit-Camping, Kittilä Sodankyläntie 65
99100 Kittilä

67.646980 24.936630

19~20 Aug 2012

16~17 Aug 2015

€23 Straightforward small campsite on banks of Ounasjoki River at Kittilä 1km walk from town centre
Welcome: perfunctory greeting from taciturn gent at reception speaking very limited English
Setting: just across bridge from town on banks of Ounasjoki River; lower grassy camping area protected by flood embankment, but much traffic noise from busy Sodankylä road; upper camping area gravelled with limited space
Facilities: 2 limited huts with straightforward but functional and clean WC/showers and wash-up; wi-fi but with limited range
Price: €23
Kittilä is quiet, small and unexceptional town hastily rebuilt after WW2 destruction; supermarket, filling stations and bank

Wild camp at Vikaköngäs Rapids at Arctic Circle Hiking Area
66.619501 26.187819
18 Aug 2015   Wild camp on riverbank at Vikaköngäs Rapids in Arctic Circle Hiking Area
Dry privvies and
laavu-huts with camp-fire hearth and log-store, a perfect spot with the sound of rapids to lull you to sleep





Ounaskoski Camping, Rovaniemi Jäämerentie 1
96200 Rovaniemi

66.497500 25.743333
21~22 Aug


inc SCC discount

Outrageously over-priced
2 campsites in Rovaniemi: Ounaskoski site on river bank within walking distance of city but hideously expensive and unwelcoming but within walking distance of city, Napapiirin Saarituvat Camping marginally cheaper but a drive away in outskirts - you pays your €€s... !!
Welcome: officiously indifferent non-welcome from surly owner who reacted with shrug to being congratulated for holding the record as the most expensive campsite in Scandinavia
Setting: large extensive grassed camping areas along south bank of River Ounaskoski with formally numbered pitches, looking out across river to modern city
Facilities: 2 service buildings with clean but with insufficient WC/showers for size of campsite; wi-fi at €5 if you're prepared to pay that - we weren't!; washing machine at even more €€s
Price: €31-50 inc SCC discount
Rovaniemi: totally rebuilt after WW2 destruction therefore completely modern city: you can meet Santa at tacky and over-commercialised shopping complex 6kms north

Matkatupa Lomamökit-Camping, Luusua, Kemijärvi
Luusuantie 2663,
98230 Kemijärvi

66.512850 27.241630
23 Aug 2012

20~21 Aug 2015

€17 Small and homely campsite on shore-side of lower Kemijärvi Lake with warmly-welcoming hospitality from the owners Urho and Elvi; they mange the campsite-café on the farm created by Urho's father and offer a wonderful service to their guests; campsite's do not come any better than this
Welcome: warmly helpful and genuinely delightful welcome from owners Urho and Elvi who both made special effort to speak English for our benefit, so pleased to have visitors from England
Setting: beautiful lakeside setting at southern end of Kemijärvi, just 3 kms south of line of Napapiiri (Arctic Circle) (see photo left), with berry picking in the surrounding woods
Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional WC/showers and wash-up; free site-wide wi-fi; use of rowing boat on lake
Price: excellent value at €17     This is the sort of lovely place and people that leaves a lasting memory and you certainly wish to return

                    ** ONE OF THE TRIP'S BEST CAMPSITES **

Ranua Zoo Camping, Ranua Rovaniementie 29
97700 Ranua

65.944346 26.466494
24 Aug 2012

22 Aug 2015

€19 Newly established and functional campsite next to Ranua Arctic Zoo
Welcome: none at all; reception at zoo ticket office and no one called round at campsite
Setting: formally laid-out camping area with tarmaced bays and grassy areas between well-spaced out pitches, surrounded by pine woods, but traffic noise from busy Route 78; being so new and tarmaced with saplings not grown, campsite had a rather sterile and empty air
Facilities: brand new services building with key-code locks on doors, but code given on notice (4-3-2-1-0) so in effect open access
Price: €19
Ranua Arctic Zoo 200m walking distance; expensive but worthwhile to see Finnish carnivores

Ranuanjärvi Camping, Ranua
Leirintäaluentie 5,
97700 Ranua

65.920278 26.575278
25 Aug 2012

€21.50 A welcoming campsite in pine woods lake-side setting 2kms south of small town of Ranua and 5kms from Arctic Zoo
Welcome: pleasantly smiling welcome from youngsters at reception
Setting: delightful, spacious camping area set among pine woods on shore of Lake Ranuanjärvi with bilberries and lingonberries growing in profusion under the trees
Facilities: newly renovated services building with WC/showers but no shower curtains; long walk to kitchen/wash-up in reception building but good standard; free wi-fi in common room but no signal over at camping area
Price: €21.50

Jyrkkäkoski Camping, Pudasjärvi
Jyrkkäkoskentie 122
93100 Pudasjärvi

65.398889 26.993333
26 Aug 2012

23~24 Aug 2015


When we first stayed in 2012, this small, woodland campsite was pleasantly welcoming; the new owner's  surly and ill-mannered attitude has made this now an inhospitable place to be avoided
Welcome: off-hand non-welcome from new owner
Setting: open woodland camping area among pine trees overlooking river with little shade; some occasional light aircraft noise from nearby airfield but not at all bothersome
Facilities:  filthy, disgustingly smelly WC/showers were the worst of the trip; kitchen/wash-up now monopolised by Thai berry-pickers; wi-fi at reception common room which is locked during day; camp-fire hearth and log store; supermarket in nearby small but unremarkable town of Pudasjärvi
Price: good value at €20 inc SCC discount

Nallikari Lomakylä and Camping, Oulu Leiritie 10
90510 Oulu

65.029563 25.417353
27~28 Aug 2012

25~26 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
Large and pretentious Top-Camp chain 'holiday-village' next to Bothnian Gulf beach in outskirts of city; has campsite monopoly for Oulu so inevitably excessively expensive
Welcome: pleasantly friendly and helpful welcome from young staff at reception but unduly lengthy and bureaucratic rigmarole of form-filling to book in
Setting: very extensive and park-like camping areas shaded by birch trees set on one of outer islands Nallikari suburb of Oulu next to Bothnian Gulf beach; in summer site would be heaving and overcrowded with small pitches, but in late August almost deserted
Facilities: several services buildings in different parts of the large site, but
WC/showers care-worn and lacked the standard to be expected of a 4-star site; poorly-equipped kitchen/wash-up; water-filling hoses; Oulu's city-wide free wi-fi network covers entire site; #15 bus every hour from  nearby terminus for 10 minute ride into city centre stops in Torikatu (tickets €3-30 from driver); even better is 30 minute walk into city centre crossing footbridges linking islands of Oulujoki delta-estuary
Price: unduly expensive at €28 inc SCC discount
Oulu is a delightfully civilised city, beautifully sited at mouth of Oulujoki River with footbridges spanning the interconnected islands of delta

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre Camping, Virkkula

Rantakurvi 6,
91900 Liminka

64.825654 25.312926

27 Aug 2015



€19 Camping facility in parking area at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, near to bird-watching tower
Welcome: pleasantly welcoming and helpful welcome from lady-warden, and good information from guide on bird-watching towers of Liminka Bay
Setting: at far end of quiet lane from Virkkula village at Limimka Bay Visitor Centre, 8 spaces in secluded corner of parking area for campers with power supplies, set alongside farmland and board-walk to Virkkula bird-tower
Facilities: modern, spotlessly clean WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up in Visitor Centre hostel, but only open during Centre hours 0900~1800; out of hours, high standard dry toilets; covered camp-fire place with log store; wi-fi in Centre; supermarkets in Liminka 6 kms
Price: good value at €19


Puolankajärvi Lomakylä-Camping, Puolanka Leiritie 1
89200 Puolanka

64.866944 27.646944
29 Aug 2012

28 Aug 2015

€23 Straightforward lake-side campsite just outside small town of Puolanka
Welcome: friendly welcome from elderly lady owner who spoke no English at all
Setting: extensive site spread along shore of Puolankajärvi fishing lake with a number of huts and grassy camping areas; but all rather neglected and grass in need of mowing, perhaps late season
Facilities: clean but rather old-fashioned WC/showers but good kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi: supermarkets, banks and filling station in Puolanka
Price: €23
Be sure to visit Hepoköngäs, 1 of Finland's highest waterfalls and 10kms east of Puolanka

Ristijärven Pirtti Camping, Ristijärvi
Viitostie 48<
88400 Ristijärvi

64.489627 28.182088
30~31 Aug 2012

29~30 Aug 2015

€27 Small and family-run campsite just south of Ristijärvi village
Welcome: wonderfully hospitable welcome from family who own the campsite; they readily invited us to join their end of season party for their regular guests; new owners in 2015 equally friendly and welcoming
Setting: grassy and wooded camping area on shores of Lake Ristijärvi; many places taken up by statics; traffic noise from nearby busy Route 5; good berry-picking in late Aug~Sept along board-walk nature trail (luonto polku) from campsite around  lake shore
Facilities: clean and modern WC/showers and well-appointed kitchen/wash-up; washing machine/drying cabinet at extra cost; wi-fi at reception/café
Price: expensive at €27


Vuokatinranta Lutheran Centre/Camping
Vuokatinrannantie 8,
886010 Vuokatti

64.139600 28.257100

31 Aug~1 Sept 2015


inc SCC discount

Lutheran holiday/conference centre with attached campsite
Welcome: wonderfully hospitable and helpful welcome from the manager Anssi Hukkanen and his staff
Setting: small camping area in magnificent lakeside setting with grassy camping area looking out across Lake Nuosjärvi, with splendid sunsets across lake
Facilities: straightforward but clean WC/showers; no kitchen but wash-up sink in laundry room; washing machine and drying room at €3; wi-fi in reception building; large K-Market supermarket nearby
Price: excellent value at €19 inc SCC discount
Providing you can chance on week with no youth confirmation camps at the Centre, a lovely peaceful location, and a superb welcome


Palpaikka Guest-house and Camping, Kiuruvesi Teollisuustie 7,
74700 Kiuruvesi
2 Sept 2015 €20

inc SCC discount

A very basic and limited site set amid noisy industrial estate; the homely-sounding name Palpaikka, meaning 'fire-place' is a total misnomer!
Welcome: reception locked on arrival; owner eventually responded by phone call, but totally perfunctory non-welcome
Setting: sorry-looking guest-house set alongside a dismal industrial estate opposite noisy timber yard on outskirts of
Kiuruvesi village; constant ambience of industrial noise; camping area simply 2 concrete pads near to barrack-like apartments used by itinerant workers
Facilities: limited in the extreme - 1 WC and shower in sauna; no kitchen or wash-up; no wi-fi
Price: €20 inc SCC discount
One of the least acceptible, most dismal sites of trip; purely a functional stop-over

Kainuum Portti Camping, Kajaani Mainuantie 350,
87100 Kajaani

64.209995 27.656987
1 Sept 2012


€17.50 Road-house motel and service station with attached run-down campsite 4 kms south of Kajaani on Route 5
Welcome: perfunctory and indifferent non-welcome from bored staff at motel reception
Setting: this must have been a pre-existing campsite whose infrastructure survives; now taken over by motel/service station and sorely neglected and sordidly litter-strewn; large camping area with power supplies, set alongside woodland in separate area next to motel car park; road noise inevitably from busy Route 5
Facilities: the worst experienced in whole of Scandinavia and totally untypical; filthy and smelly worse than UK public toilets, bins un-emptied and no toilet paper or paper towels; when reception staff asked to sort it out, they simply shrugged and tried to suggest that it was not their responsibility; no kitchen or wash-up; no wi-fi
Price: but they had the nerve to charge €17.50
Kajaani is an interesting town and worth visiting, as is Paltaniemi painted wooden church




Koljonvirta Camping, Iisalmi Ylemmälsentie 6,
74120 Koljonvirta, Iisalmi

63.595000 27.159167
2~3 Sept 2012 (€23)

The place was so disgusting that we declined to pay anything
Despite the glitzy web site speaking pretentious claims about 'customer services' and promoting summer time activities, in September this was an unwelcoming place with inadequate and disgustingly filthy facilities; we stayed in order to visit Iisalmi, but declined to pay
Welcome: none at all; reception was unmanned with a phone number displayed; if they could not be bothered to welcome us in person, we were not inclined to incur the cost of a phone call
Setting: extensive open camping area, recently mown and grass cuttings uncleared which in wet weather got into everything - thoroughly unpleasant
Facilities: totally inadequate for size of site, utterly filthy with bins unemptied and overflowing and empty toilet roll and paper towel holders; showers so unpleasant that we avoided using them; antiquated so-called kitchen/wash-up, filthy with leaking water from sinks standing in bowls on the floor - a total disgrace
Price: would have been €23, cyclists charged €20 to pitch a tent, but we made no payment.
Iisalmi is an interesting town, particularly the Orthodox Centre commemorating the resettlement of Karelian refugees in Iisalmi displaced by Soviet occupation of Karelia


Rauhalahti Holiday Centre and Camping, Kuopio Rauhankatu 3,
70700 Kuopio

62.864444 27.641667
4~5 Sept 2012

3~4 Sept 2015


inc SCC discount

Reduced late season price
Large holiday/leisure complex; campsite open late season but peaceful with reduced facilities and good price in Sept
Welcome: delightful helpful and smiling welcome at reception office; site map, city map and bus details provided; a welcome that could not be bettered
Setting: large and formally laid-out camping area with tarmaced pitches between grassy strips, all set amid lovely parkland with plenty of birch tree turning golden in Sept; some city traffic noise but not intrusive
Facilities: in  2012, late season facilities had been severely over-reduced; company seems to have paid heed in 2015, since now full WC/showers building open together with full kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi but limited range; bus #7 for city (half-hourly service) 500m up at Rauhalahti Hotel
Price: €20 inc SCC discount, reduced late season price; good value
Kuopio centre attractive and Orthodox Museum now re-opened is a must

Matsäranta Camping, near Jyväskylä Metsärannantie 56
41930 Kuohu, Jyväskylä

62.261052 25.468926
6~7 Sept 2012

5 Sept 2015





Outrageously over-expensive

A straightforward, simple little lake-side campsite 16kms west of Jyväskylä, 500m along dirt road off busy Route 18/23, telephone no. +358-40-7059343; only campsite now open in vicinity of Jyväskylä, all others closed; new owners at Matsäranta and now ludicrously over expensive
Welcome: limited English and perfunctory welcome from new owner
Setting: rough grassy area steeply sloping down to lake with few flat spots along lake-side; lovely outlook across lake against backdrop of pines and birches
Facilities: minimal facilities - WC/showers in 1 of huts with kitchen/wash-up in another; no washing machine; wi-fi at reception
Price: €30 for a basic site is totally unacceptable
Traffic around Jyväskylä is aggressively busy, but drive to Keljonkeskus shopping centre (with Prisma hypermarket) on Route 23 city western outskirts  and catch #12/16 bus 4 kms into city centre. Jyväskylä is blessed with the best TIC in Finland, with a superbly helpful staff and well-organised reference library of information leaflets/maps for whole of country; city is best known for the architectural heritage of Finland's best known Modernist architect Alvar Aalto; you must judge for yourself whether the acclaim is deserved or not; Jyväskylä's museums are pretentious and disappointing; Petäjävesi wooden Old Church is however an unmissable treasure

Haapasaari Lomakylä Camping, Ruovesi
Haapasaarentie 5,
34600 Ruovesi

61.994167 24.069722
8~11 Sept 2012

6~8 Sept 2015


Low season price

Large, privately run holiday-village and campsite occupying small lake-island connected by causeway to village of Ruovesi off Route 66
Welcome: pleasantly friendly welcome from English-speaking owner at reception; all the staff were courteous and helpful
Setting: large and well-maintained grassy camping area covering crown of the island overlooking lake and surrounded by huts with plenty of power supplies; quiet and peaceful in September but would be crowded in summer; alpacas grazing fenced area on slopes of island
Facilities: heated WC/showers and good kitchen/wash-up; site-wide free wi-fi with strong signal; washing/drying machine in drying room at €7
very reasonable low-season price of €20
Convenient for Helvetinjärvi National Park   access lane at GPS: 62.050733 23.992049 off Route 66

Härmälä Camping, Tampere Leirintäkatu 8,
33900 Tampere

61.471768 23.739041
12~14 Sept 2012

9~10 Sept 2015


inc SCC discount

extortionate-ly expensive
An extortionately expensive city site, water-logged and muddy in wet weather, with grubby, uncleaned facilities late in season; but it has camping monopoly in Finland's second city of Tampere; one of FINLAND'S WORST CAMPSITES, and a disgrace to city of Tampere
Welcome: perfunctory,
take-it-or-leave-it greeting from young staff at reception
Setting: camping areas either steeply sloping or so water-logged in wet weather as to be virtually unusable without risk of getting bogged in; a thoroughly depressing environment in Sept and in summer would be noisy and overcrowded
Facilities: grubby and uncleaned WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up at end-of-season but NO compensating reduction in excessive charges; free wi-fi but weak signal; #1 bus to/from city centre just outside campsite
Price: extortionately expensive at €28 inc SCC discount with no end-of-season reduction
Tampere is a fascinating city with its manufacturing industrial heritage and conserved industrial buildings; also worth a visit are the Lenin Museum and
Werstas Finnish Labour Movement Museum

Kallionokka Camping, Pyhäjärvi Kallionokantie 130,
21900 Pöytyä

60.899220 22.366290

11 Sept 2015 ??

Could not find anyone to pay!
A large and beautifully turfed caravan park with many statics, but primitive antiquated facilities
Welcome: in early Sept, reception locked and no response to telephone calls; owners simply could not be found
Setting: large and well cared-for open camping area at southern end of Lake
Pyhäjärvi, signed from Route 210 along 2kms long gravel road; many statics but few occupied in early Sept
Facilities: very basic WC/showers with no privacy; no kitchen but wash-up sink with no hot water; no wi-fi
Price: we could not find anyone to pay!

Top Camping Yteri, Pori Yterinsantojentie 1
Yteri, Meri-Pori

61.569880 21.527190
15~16 Sept 2012

€21 Mammoth sized holiday camp on Bothnian coast, 15kms along Mer-Pori peninsula NW of Pori
Welcome: reception has limited opening hours in Sept, phone in advance to check opening on +358-2-6345700; if barrier closed, try access code 0309 and for kitchen/wash-up 0075A; when reception is open, reasonably helpful response
Setting: huge camping areas divided into zones under coastal pine tree; well-sized tarmac pitches divided by grassy strips; in summer this would be a heaving bedlam of holiday-makers and intolerably noisy, but in Sept the place is deserted apart from rowdy Russian migrant workers in the huts
Facilities: clean and functional WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up, but inevitably care-worn at end-of-season; no wi-fi; limited buses from nearby spa-hotel to/from Pori; Prisma hypermarket in Pori
Price: €21

Pyhäranta Camping, Pyhäranta
Suojalantie 9,
23950 Pyhäranta

60.952500 21.434722
17 Sept 2012

12 Sept 2015

€20 A delightfully straightforward and welcoming little campsite in wooded bay on shore of Bothnian Gulf
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from both the owners and other regular occupants of statics, with the invitation to use their sauna
Setting: beautifully wooded setting with flat and grassy camping area and power-supplies by a small bay overlooking an inlet of Bothnian Gulf on coast of SW Finland just south of old wooden town of Rauma; wonderful sunset across sea
Facilities: straightforward but perfectly functional WC/shower and kitchen/wash-up with hot water; no wi-fi or washing machine
Price: good value at €20

Wild Camp by Maritime Museum, Turku
Linnankatu 72,
20100 Turku

60.436446, 22.233980

14 Sept 2015

  Wild camp in Turku dockland area at car park of Forum Maritinum maritime museum alongside the museum ships (see photo left)



the most useful web sites we found to help with pre-trip planning were:

  ACSI listing for Finland - Finnish campsite listing given by ACSI
  Map of campsites in Finland - Finnish Camping Association Google Map
  Camping-Info Campsites listing for Finland - Camping-Info's campsite listing for Finland
  ACSI listing for Finmark, Arctic Norway - Finmark, Arctic Norway, campsite listing given by ACSI
  Visit Norway map-listing of campsites  - Visit Norway's listing of Norwegian campsites
  Rentacamp listing of campsites in Finmark  - Campsites in Finmark, Arctic Norway, listed by Rentacamp

Camping Key Europe, Scandinavian Camping Card

Camping Key Europe, Scandinavian Camping Card (SCC) (see left) issued by any of the Scandinavian national camping associations is an essential accompaniment to camping trips anywhere in the Scandinavian countries. They are expected by many campsites who usually offer a discounted price for holders of the card. The card provides a degree of camping insurance, and you can offer it to campsites in place of your passport during your stay. But on leaving, ensure you remember to retrieve it and check have been given back the right card!

The card can be obtained in advance from: Camping Card Europe and costs around £15 which you will soon recoup in discounts; you can also buy it directly from your first campsite


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