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Sweden as a country is perhaps better known to most in Britain by some of its iconic images such as Abba, Ingmar Bergman and IKEA, than for the modern realities behind its proverbial egalitarian society.  We hope this record of our 2013 travels around Sweden will serve to redress this lack of genuine understanding. The real Sweden is not to be found just by a brief visit to Stockholm, but by spending longer time exploring the far corners of this vast country, particularly the largely unvisited north, with its wealth of fascinating history, culture and natural beauty and its unprecedented array of wild flora and fauna.

We are pleased to present this series of travelogues, from our 20 week trip to Sweden, Lapland and Northern Norway in 2013, as an encouragement to others to consider this exceptionally beautiful country as a travel destination. To view each edition's pages, click on the respective link below or area of the interactive map right:


  Prologue to Sweden and Lapland 2013   Sweden and Lapland Campsites Review
  Weeks 1~3: SW Sweden and Dalsland   Weeks 10~11: North Norway to Tornedalen
  Weeks 3~4: Örebro and Lake Siljan   Weeks 12~13: Bothnian Coast south
  Weeks 5~6: Idre, Funäsdalen and Åre   Weeks 14: Stockholm and Uppsala
  Weeks 7~8: Wilderness Way to Arjeplog   Weeks 15~17: Central Sweden

  Weeks 9~10: Arctic Circle to Kiruna

  Weeks 17~20: Öland, Skåne and Malmö


  Spring flora of SW Sweden   Wild Flora of North-West Sweden
  Wild Flora of Central Sweden   Wild Orchids of North-West Sweden
  Siberian Jays at Funäsdalen   Wild Flora of Swedish Lapland

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