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Denmark has a large number of campsites, mostly of a very high standard. On our Travel Tips page  we give further information about campsite listings and web sites, and advice on maps and guide books.

The interactive map (right) gives the location of all the campsites used by us in Denmark on our August~October 2007 trip.

Click on the map's campsite locations to link to
 in the table below     

In the table, we give details of campsite name and reference number, location and the date of our stay, and our assessment comments and rating particularly based on attitudinal factors. It is important to stress that prices quoted, and comments on features such as occupancy and noise levels relate to the dates we stayed there.

During the early autumn period, most of the sites were largely empty and therefore peaceful; in peak summer holiday times, they would be the very opposite.

(Ref No)
+5 excellent
-5 dreadful
Lille Bælt Camping, Als


On coast at Fynshav, island of Als 20 August 145 DKK Hospitable welcome and excellent facilities; site busy but not overcrowded with German caravans; sloping ground but pleasant coastal location on Lille Bælt +3

Sønderborg Camping


In suburbs of Sønderborg by yacht harbour 21 August 180 DKK Over-regulated, expensive and full of luxy caravans, but convenient for Sønderborg area; stocks Camping Gaz +1

Haderslev Camping

Overlooking Hadeslev Fjord, within walking distance of town centre 22 August 174 DKK Perfunctory reception, but spacious, flat well laid-out site in fjord-side setting, but little wind shelter; excellent facilities but rather expensive

Kolding City Camping

2 miles south of Kolding city centre; good bus service 23 August 218 DKK Excessively expensive, unduly limited facilities (1 shower!) and crowded with caravans; intrusive traffic noise from main road, but convenient buses into Kolding -3

Odense Camping

2 miles south of city, good bus service: well signed from motorway junction 24~25 August 184 DKK Efficient reception, helpful with maps and info for city; inevitably busy as city site and formally laid out; tolerable noise from nearby live pop-concert; good bread from neighbouring garage; facilities and environment high standard +2


Fyns Hoved Camping, North Fyn


Northern tip of Hindsholm Peninsula 26~27 August 130 DKK
but showers
20 kr coins
Family run site open all year round, very hospitable and small shop; large open site with hedges for shelter against constant NW gales; good 1:25k freeby map for local coastal walks; one of trip's best sites +5        


Kerteminde Camping

Northern edge of Kerteminde town 28 August 186 DKK Large site but many (empty) static caravans; pleasant setting looking out across Store Bælt with views of bridge, but expensive +2

Camping, Faaborg

Just north of Faaborg town close to Svanninge Bakker hills 29~30 August 161 DKK Beautiful setting in wooded valley of Svanninge Bakker hills; helpful and hospitable family run site; bread available at reception; spotless facilities and TDC wi-fi hotspot; one of trip's best sites +5 

Vindebyøre Camping, Tåsinge


Tåsinge Island just across Svendborg Sund Bridge in Vindby village 31 August   Friendly family-run site in lovely location overlooking Svendborg Sund and harbour; ground muddy in wet weather +2

Emmerbølle Feriepark

Mid-Langeland Island; turn off to coast north of Tranekær 1 Sept 197 DKK A huge beachy and utterly plebby holiday park, overrun with caravans, but you can find quiet corners - just; in summer it would be total bedlam; very expensive and typical of the Top Camp chain of luxy sites - not recommended -3


Lohals Camping, North Langeland

Near small harbour in Lohals village at northern tip of Langeland 2 Sept


168 DKK Peaceful site well-run by the Rasmusen family; warm and helpful welcome; One-Spot wi-fi network; reception doubles as fishing tackle shop and café serving grill meals and chips in evening +5 

Strandgårdens Camping, South Langeland

Side lane near fishing port of Bagenkop at southern tip of Langeland 3 Sept   Boggy and woebegone site, overwhelmed by noise and dust from neighbouring ground-clearing and building operations, but still some occupied static caravans; mediocre facilities -3



Nyborg Strand Camping

Near Nyborg, on shore of Store Bælt; panoramic view of Bridge 4 Sept 160 DKK Ambient motorway noise more than compensated by views across Store Bælt Bridge; despite likely NW gales, be sure to pitch along shoreline overlooking sea; check when leaving you have been given correct Camping Card - we weren't! +2

Camping, mid-Zealand
In suburbs of Sorø town next to lake 5 Sept 178 DKK Sloping ground but lovely setting next to Sorø Lake; hospitable welcome and excellent facilities; try to pitch away from the huts to avoid noise +3

Vallø Camping, Køge

Walking distance south of Køge town 6 Sept 172 DKK Helpful and hospitable reception with well-stocked shop; if you are a beer drinker, ask them to arrange a visit to Braunstein Brewery in Køge; delightful setting by heath-land with oak and pine trees +4

Absalon Camping, København

Off Roskilde vej west of city, 10 mins walk to Brøndbyøster station for suburban train 7~11 Sept 160 DKK Superbly helpful and welcoming staff at reception - nothing too much trouble; small shop for bread, also sells Camping Gaz; large site with plenty of space, but areas become boggy after rain +4

Roskilde Camping

Wooded slopes north of town, overlooking Roskilde Fjord 12 Sept 182 DKK Steeply sloping ground and flatter areas filled with statics, but superb position above fjord; wi-fi hotspot, facilities rather old-fashioned; helpful and hospitable owners +3

Grønnehave Camping, Helsingør

Northern outskirts of Helsingør town overlooking Øresund 13 Sept 150 DKK Small site totally crammed with static caravans and high TV noise potential; ignore 'Full' sign on gate - drive in and warden will find you a crowded corner; despite all this, freeby wi-fi hotspot, and 15 minute walk to Kronsborg Castle, +2

Rågeleje Strand Camping

Close to wild and wind-swept Rågeleje beach on north Zealand coast 14~16 Sept 170 DKK Formally laid-out site, over-full of plebby caravans with TV noise; in summer would be bedlam but OK early autumn; welcoming owners, small shop for bread and Camping Gaz; TDC wi-fi hotspot +2

Byaasgaard Camping

Northern shore of Roskilde Fjord near Hundested 17 Sept 120 DKK Superb setting overlooking shore of Roskilde Fjord, but ground boggy and facilities limited; open all year round, but after Sept ring warden to ensure access +2

Rødvig Camping, east-Zealand

Close to Rødvig village and Stevns Klint cliffs 18 Sept 176 DKK Memorably hospitable and helpful welcome from owners who will give information on the geology of Stevns Klint; static caravans deserted in Sept; grassy pitches enclosed by dog-rose hedges; wi-fi hotspot +5 

Keldby Camping, Møn

Side lane close to Keldby village in mid Møn 19~20 Sept 155 DKK Hospitable welcome from warden and his wife; peaceful with beautifully grassed and flat pitches in apple and pear orchard; statics deserted at this time of year; One-Spot wi-fi network; another 'best of trip' +5

Ulvshale Strand Camping, Møn

North peninsula of Møn, close to Nyord island 21 Sept 155 DKK Very hospitable young owners who really try hard to make you feel welcome; straightforward site but uneven ground and lot of statics, so viable pitches are limited; excellent facilities and small shop +4

Albuen Strand Camping



Beyond Nakskov by Albuen sandbar in south-west Lolland 22 Sept 154 DKK Warm welcome from warden and his wife; peaceful isolated setting at far SW corner of Lolland; large site with hedges for shelter; a few statics and small shop; breathtaking sunsets from sandbar across Langeland Straits; one of trip's best sites +5 

Enø Camping

On Enø Islet near to Næstved, SW Zealand 23 Sept 177 DKK Ghastly holiday complex on pleasure island crammed full with static caravans, fortunately most empty at this time of year; this utterly alien environment would be total bedlam in summer; compensated by superb sunset across small harbour -3

Tørring  Camping

Signposted in town of Tørring on banks of Gudenå River 24 Sept 160 DKK Warmly hospitable welcome from warden; delightfully small site on banks of upper Gudenå River; Brugsen supermarket and bakers 500m in town centre +4

Holmens Camping, By

Signposted from By centre in wooded hills of Gudenå Lake District 25~26 Sept 170 DKK Large site in delightful setting spread over wooded hill; many statics, empty and peaceful at this time of year but would be busy in summer; office has walking leaflet for Gudenå Lakes; Kvickly supermarket in By +3

Blommehaven Camping, Århus

Southern outskirts of Århus on shore of bay 27~29 Sept 182 DKK Grudgingly indifferent welcome from surly owners, no city information offered; not recommended - sloping and boggy ground, and crowded with noisy caravans; 1 km walk to #6 bus into Århus city -3

Ebeltoft Strand Camping

On shores of Ebeltoft Bay just north of town 30 Sept 174 DKK Memorable shore-side setting looking out across bay with superb sunset; helpful welcome from owner but facilities rather old-fashioned; freeby wi-fi hotspot +4

Fladbro Camping, Randers

In woods west of Randers town, close to motorway exit 1 Oct 174 DKK Positively hospitable welcome from warden; beautiful setting with flat grassy pitches randomly scattered over high wooded plateau overlooking river valley; totally peaceful at this time of year; TDC wi-fi hotspot; one of trip's best sites +5

Safari Camping, Rebild Bakker

In Rebild village close to National Park 2~3 Oct 153 DDK Helpful welcome at reception, but site unpleasantly crowded with caravans, and blaring TV noise; site within walking distance of Rebild Bakker National Park, which is the ONLY reason you would want to stay here -2

Soldalens Camping, Sindal,  Skagen

North of Sindal village between Hørring and Frederikshavn 4~6 Oct 130 DKK Small secluded site, wonderfully peaceful and hospitable welcome from warden; of the many campsites in far northerly Skagen, this is the only one open at this time of year; excellent value; a real jewel of a site +5

Gammel Klitgaard  Camping

Lyngbyvej, Nørre Rubjerg on Skagerrak coast near Hørring 7 Oct 162 DKK Warmly hospitable welcome from warden and his wife; large and scattered site open all year round; would be very busy in summer, but peacefully deserted in Oct; excellent facilities inc hygge common room +5

Løgstør Camping

Sign-posted in Løgstør town on shores of Limfjord 8 Oct 150 DKK Another warm and helpful welcome from warden and his wife; delicious home-baked bread each day at campsite shop; freeby wi-fi network; site not unduly crowded with statics, and space for visitors +5

Hanstholm Camping

3 kms east of Hanstholm in Hamborg  village over-looking bay 9~10 Oct 209 DKK inc surcharge for credit card Huge site, bleak and cheerless at this time of year with little shelter; in summer it would be noisily overcrowded; unduly expensive, but Icelandic horse riding available along shoreline -1

Thisted  Camping

Just off Fårtoft vej 1km from town centre, overlooking Limfjord 11~12 Oct 164 DKK Warm welcome from warden and wife; wonderful setting on hillside above Limfjord but ground sloping; hedged shelter from westerly gales; TDC wi-fi hotspot; lot of statics but space for visitors +3

Råkilde Camping, Fur Island

Remote NW corner of Fur Island, 5 mins ferry crossing from Selling 13~14 Oct 140 DKK Warden welcoming with lots of local information; quiet and remote location, but site small and sloping; ideally sited for  walking Fur moler cliffs and local micro-brewery; wi-fi internet hotspot +5

Thorsminde Camping, West Jutland

In Thorsminde village, on sandbar near Nissum Fjord 15 Oct 163 DKK Hospitable warden and excellent facilities, but bleakly exposed site with no shelter from westerly gales; large number of caravans but plenty of space for visitors; TDC wi-fi hotspot and indoor swimming pool; wonderful coastline along dunes +3

Fjand Camping,  West Jutland

Set in wooded plantations at south end of Nissum Fjord 16 Oct 160 DKK Very helpful and welcoming warden; straightforward site with peaceful sheltered setting among trees near Nissum Fjord; some noise from passing traffic; good facilities and wi-fi hotspot +5

Nørre Lyngvig

Set among Holmsland Klit dunes just south of Hvide Sande 17 Oct 148 DKK Rather perfunctory welcome; huge open site spread among Holmsland Klit dunes with little shelter from westerly gales; beam of local lighthouse sweeps across site; good value with excellent facilities and freeby wi-fi hotspot +3

Bork Havn Camping

In Bork Havn village at southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord 18 Oct 146 DKK Hospitably welcoming and helpful owners; pleasant and straightforward good value site with good facilities, but rather overwhelmed with static caravans, albeit empty at this time of year +4

Ribe Camping

Northern out-skirts of Ribe, half hour's walk from town 19~20 Oct 165 DKK Helpful welcome from warden, but large site unduly busy and noisy with caravans; convenient for walking into Ribe, but check when leaving you have been given correct Camping Card +1

Mandø Camping

In Mandø By village just behind Brugsen mini-market     Not used by us, but looked to be small and cosy in idyllic location; check tide tables since crossing to and from island can only be undertaken over causeway at low tide +4

Rømø Familie Camping

At Toftum village, Rømø Island; turn right at far end of causeway 21 Oct 155 DKK Rather perfunctory welcome; Rømø has 3 campsites, but this one is the least overrun with plebby tourists; good facilities and freeby wi-fi network, but still busy and noisy even at end of season +1

Skærbæk Familie Camping

At eastern outskirts of Skærbæk town 22 Oct 142 DKK Ebullient bonhomie welcome from warden; straightforward site in wooded location just beyond town; open all year round, but large number of statics restricted space for visitors +5

Møgeltønder Camping

Southern end of village near to church 23 Oct 134 DKK Helpful welcome from warden; large site open all year round with good facilities but overfull of statics with little space for visitors +2

Kruså Camping

Just into Åbenrå vej from central cross roads in Kruså 24 Oct 178 DKK The WORST campsite of the whole trip: indifferent attitudes, traffic noise from nearby main roads, an utterly cheerless place with totally inadequate facilities and over expensive, with mercenary owners who even charged for hot water for washing up



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