***  ICELAND and FAROES 2017  ***

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We have bitter-sweet memories of our long and satisfyingly arduous summer in Iceland, a place of 2 extremes: at the highest level, the spectacular volcanic terrain, and unprecedented bird-life and wild flora, was some of the most majestic ever experienced; at the lowest extreme however, this small country is now so utterly and severely ravaged by the mass tourism industry. The overall result is that, with the deepest regret, we are compelled to urge that serious and responsible travellers avoid Iceland completely, and allow the island space and time to recover from this assault by mass tourism before the damage becomes irretrievable.

Having said that, we now present our travelogues detailing our memorable experiences during our 5 months of travels around Iceland. To view each edition's pages, click on the respective link below or area of the interactive map right:

***  ICELAND and FAROES  2017  ***

  Prologue to Iceland and Faroes 2017   Weeks 9~10: West Fjords
  Week 1: Faroe Islands   Weeks 11~12: Snæfellnes Peninsula
  Weeks 2~3: Eastern Iceland   Weeks 13~14: Reykjavík & SW Iceland
  Weeks 4~5: NE Iceland   Weeks 15~16: S Iceland & Westmans
  Weeks 5~6: Mývatn & NE Iceland   Weeks 16~17: SE & Eastern Iceland
Weeks 7~8: NW Iceland   Iceland and Faroes Campsites Review


  Puffins of Borgarfjörður   Birdlife of NW Iceland
  Wild Flora of NE Iceland   Puffins of Látrabjarg Cliffs
  Birdlife of NE Iceland    Harbour Seals of Hvitanes
  Wild Flora of Mývatn and N Iceland   Whimbrels and Plovers of Reyhólar
  Birdlife of Mývatn and N Iceland   Harbour Seals of Ytrí-Tunga
  Wild Flora of NW Iceland   Puffins of Heimaey

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