***  SWEDEN & LAPLAND 2016  ***

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Since our first visit to Sweden in 2013, Swedish society has changed markedly. The impact of unrestricted immigration of asylum seekers, and government failure adequately to manage the situation and to integrate the newcomers into Swedish society, has been reaffirmed by our own daily observations throughout the length and breadth of the country during our 4 months stay, and by our many conversations with Swedes on the issue during our time there.

In our series of travelogue, we not only describe the country we love so much but also record our observations on the current state of Swedish society. Sweden, particularly the north, is one of our favourite European countries, still with an enviably civilised society and standard of living. We hope these travelogues from our time in Sweden during 2016 will serve as an encouragement to others to consider this beautiful country as a travel destination. To view each edition's pages, click on the respective link below or area of the interactive map right: