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The interactive map (right) gives the outline location of all 111 campsites used by us in Sweden, Northern Norway and Swedish Lapland during our trips in summer 2013 and 2016; to find the campsite's exact location, copy/paste the GPS co-ordinates shown in the chart below into Google Maps.

Each site links to the chart below which gives details of:

  • campsite name
  • address, phone number and GPS co-ordinates
  • date of our stay
  • cost per night including any discounts
  • campsite features together with our comments
  • assessment-rating

Campsites have been rated on a scale  +5 (excellent) through to -5 (dreadful); we have tried to be as objective and consistent as possible, basing our assessment on standards specifically applicable to Scandinavia, over an amalgamation of the following criteria:

  • attitudes shown, the welcome we received, and standards of hospitality and helpfulness
  • location and setting
  • standard of facilities (WC/showers, kitchen/wash-up, wi-fi)
  • price and value for money

Awarded  Trip's
Best Campsites
rated at +5


Highly commended,
awarded +4 rating

poor hospitality, poor value, or poor facilities

Comments given relate purely to the dates of our stay, often the peak holiday season. Prices per night cover camper pitch, 2 adults and electricity, and are quoted in Swedish Kronor or Norwegian Kroner (current exchange rate for both around 10.00 to the pound sterling).

Click on campsite location  <>  for
 in chart below

(2013 &
+5 excellent

-5 dreadful


Habo-Ljung Camping, Lomma Södra Västkustvägen,
114 234 34, Lomma

040 411210

55.690141 13.059654
6 May 2013


13 June 2016
13~15 Sept 2016

Enormous holiday campsite on Swedish shore of Öresund just north of Malmö; would be excessively noisy in summer but OK May or Sept
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from warden who dismissed price increase with "What's 20kr?"
Setting: main site totally filled with statics, but head for shore-side tent/camper area with power, looking out across Öresund, just behind service buildings; peaceful in May and Sept
Facilities: modern and clean with hot water; fully equipped kitchen/wash-up; water-filling hose by reception; no wi-fi
Price: 240kr low-season price inc showers, increased from web site 220kr
Convenient for Lund, a delightful university-town with impressive cathedral



Råå Vallar Camping,  Helsingborg Kustgatan 25270, Helsingborg

0771 101200

56.003211 12.729653

7 May 2013
260kr An oppressively rule-bound holiday camp with officiously rule-bound staff
Welcome: when you're weary after long day, it's irritating to be greeted in such an overbearingly officious manner
Setting: formally laid out pitches which staff insist on assigning, but demand a spot overlooking Öresund and ferries crossing to/from Helsingør
Facilities: clean and modern but overwhelmed by over-loud pop music; if you want a peaceful shower, pull out the loudspeaker plug! Wi-fi but not worth extra cost since it covers little of site
Price: unduly expensive at 260kr even in low season
Every reason to avoid such an objectionable place


Kvidingebadets Camping South Järsväagsgatan 826571 Kvidinge

0435 20125

56.132202 13.045574

14 June 2016 180kr Municipal heated swimming pool in village of Kvidinge, with attached straightforward little campsite, ideally placed as overnight stop-off driving N or S
Welcome: pleasant welcome from English-speaking reception staff who also responded helpfully to phone enquiry
Setting: located in Kvidinge village, North Skåne, 5 kms from motorway; open, well-spaced 20 place camping area alongside swimming pool used by local school children; flat, grassy pitches in pleasantly wooded setting, but traffic noise from nearby Route 21; not at all crowded even in June
Facilities: limited and straightforward, but clean WC/showers (1 each M&F), wash-up sinks with hot water and microwave; no wi-fi
Price: all-inclusive 180kr; very good value
Under no circumstances use Elfdalens Camping in nearby village of Klippan: overwhelmed with statics with noisy occupants, no space for visitors, minimal facilities, polluted by traffic noise





First Camp Mölle,
Kullabergsvägen 286, 2604 Mölle

042 34 73 84

56.270910 12.529419

8~9 May 2013

Another huge and over-priced holiday-camp but at least this had welcoming staff
Welcome: smilingly helpful welcome from reception staff who were happy for us to select our own pitch, take our card and pay on departure (what a difference a smile makes!)
beautiful location amid wooded Kullaberg hills; large site divided by hedges into small zones, sloping ground carefully terraced into flat, turfed pitches
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers and fully equipped kitchen/wash-ups; washing machine (extra cost), water-filling hoses; Telia wi-fi on pay-as-you-use basis
Price: 4-star site with 4-star prices, expensive at 280kr even in low season
Just 5 kms from Kullaberg Nature Reserve wooded cliff-top walk by Kullaberg lighthouse

Lisebergs Camping, Askim Strand, Göteborg Marholmsvägen 124, 43645 Göteborg

031-840 200

57.628539 11.920531

10~11 May 2013


Outrageously over-


Another extortionately over-expensive holiday-camp, part of the Lisebergs Amusement Park chain
Welcome: friendly and helpful welcome from reception staff
Setting: broad and over-crowded holiday camp surrounded by holiday homes, at Askim beach 12kms from
Göteborg city centre but easy bus access; try to get pitch on raised area next to huts above central open area
Facilities: WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up modern and clean; water-filling hoses; alleged wi-fi included in price but non-functional, used as negotiating ploy for price reduction
Price: outrageously over-priced at 325kr
Companion site, Lisebergs in city close to amusement park even worse at unbelievable 450kr !!
Göteborg is attractive and interesting port-city but avoid expensive museums; excellent lunch stalls in covered market; 800m footpath around shore-line from campsite to main road bus-stop for Rosa Express bus 25 minute ride into city centre at Nordstan shopping centre opposite Central Railway Station NB you cannot buy tickets on bus, available from camp reception at 2kr per person/journey

Kungälv Vandrahem and Camping
Färjevägen 2,
442 31 Kungälv

0303 18900

57.862528 11.996405

Campsite web site

12 May 2-13
15~16 June 2016

250kr (2016) Welcoming hostel with small river-side camp-site immediately opposite Bohus Fästning (Fortress)
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from warden
Setting: small camping area with power on banks of Nordre River (ground rather wet in May) in shadow of Bohus medieval fortress which towers overhead - an impressive setting
Facilities: WC/shower-rooms and kitchen in hostel; free wi-fi in hostel common room (Våghals-customer network); ICA-Maxi supermarket 1km in Kungälv
Price: expensive at 250kr/night
Much better value alternative for visiting Göteborg with Grön Express bus to city from Eriksdal bus interchange 500m across river bridge; bus tickets from ICA-Maxi supermaket
Worth visiting Fortress just across road altho expensive at 70kr each

Marstrands Familje Camping

Långedalsvägen 16,
442 66 Marstrand

0303 60584

57.893778 11.604931

Campsite web site

13~14 May 2013


Large campsite with many statics and huts, but plenty of space for visitors
Welcome: friendly welcome from owner; out of season ring phone number given at reception and owner will give barrier code for access
Setting: linear site 1km from Marstrand ferry in delightful setting with wooden hill on 1 side and rocky knolls/outcrops on other; site deserted in May but would be busy and noisy in summer
Facilities: straightforward but functional; showers need 5kr tokens; good hot water in wash-ups but cooker/microwave needs tokens; best feature is free, site-wide wi-fi with signal strong enough for Skype video; Co-op mini-market near ferry in Marstrand
Price: early May 240kr/night and no charge made for shower tokens
Ferry across to car-free island of Marstrand for excellent 5km coastal footpath around island

Klädesholmen Västra Hamnen, Klädesholmen,
Gästhamn, Fiskehamnsvägen,

57.94500    11.53596

Campsite web site
15 May 2013

Quay-side semi-wild camp by tiny fishing harbour at western tip of Klädesholmen on Tjörn island
Welcome: hospitable and helpful welcome from harbour-master
Setting: beautiful setting looking out over fishing boats and guest-harbour; quayside parking area sheltered behind rocky outcrop; narrow winding approach lane through village
Facilities: kitchen/wash-ups at guest-harbour WC/showers modern and clean; no power; mini-market 1km in Klädesholmen village
Price: 150kr/night same as guest-harbour

2016: camping no longer permitted



Malö Camping, Malö Island
Malö Island,
North Orust

0304 51102

58.19992    11.48202

16 May 2013 160kr


Small privately-owned campsite on southern tip of Malö Island, linked to North Orust by free vehicular ferry
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from owner
Setting: flat, lush turf camping area alongside inlet of sea surrounded by rocky outcrops; but large number of statics and therefore noisy in summer
Facilities: modern and clean, but showers needed 5kr coins; fully equipped kitchen/wash-up
Price: good value 160kr inc coins for showers
Malö linked to north and south neighbouring islands by vehicular ferry (no charge)

Stenrösets Camping, Trollhättan
46198 Trollhättan

0520 70710

58.239469 12.236055

20 June 2016



245kr Long-established, family-run, solidly reliable, large campsite 5kms S of Trollhättan just off E45; good welcome, good facilities, reasonable price, with well-spaced pitches
Welcome: hospitable welcome and helpful telephone response from owners
Setting: large, open pitches spread over several camping areas; best pitches in far corner next to woodland; some distance traffic noise from E45
Facilities: 2 modern and clean, well-equipped facilities buildings, with WC/showers (no coins) and kitchen/wash-up; washing/drying machine (extra cost); site-wide wi-fi included in price; ICA supermarket 3 kms in outskirts of Trollhättan
Price: all-inclusive 245kr peak summer price, reasonable compared with excessive prices along coast

Dalskogs Stugby-Camping Bäckeforsvägen 23
46495 Dalskog

0530 21012

58.748500 12.288000

22~23 June 2016 150kr A curiously antiquated stugby/camping in rural hamlet of Dalskog, but on verge of closure
owner now retired and living in Trollhättan; he answered phone enquiry but no English spoken; arranged for helpful neighbour to welcome us and open facilities
Setting: flat, grass camping area with antiquated power supplies; looking out over pasturelad and forest
Facilities: antiquated facilities building but clean, wit reasonable WC/showers and hot water; no kitchen/wash-up, no wi-fi
Price: 150kr
Campsite will certainly now close with owner's retirement, but we enjoyed a peaceful stay

Trollhättans Camping, Trollhättan
Kungsportvägen 7,

0520 30613

58.292368 12.297714

Campsite web site
17~18 May 2013


21 June 2016
24~25 June 2016

(2016 prices)
A perfect campsite for a city site, which sets an example for all other campsites to follow
Welcome: superbly hospitable and helpful welcome from wardens right from first smiling greeting; so good to be treated like a customer; just what is needed at end of a long, tiring day
Setting: lovely woodland setting despite Trollhättan's industrial surroundings, just 20 minutes walk along Göta River/Canal footpath to city
Facilities: faultlessly modern and spotlessly clean - you couldn't ask for better; free washing/drying machines, but no wi-fi
Price: good value at 245kr/night (2016)
Trollhättan Canal and HEP generating stations fascinating industrial history; Göta River dams sluice gates open at 3-00pm Saturdays (July~Aug every day) for waterfalls spectacle not to be missed



Saltviks Camping, Grebbestad
457 95 Grebbestad

58.723178 11.198287
19 May 2013

<260kr> An enormous holiday camp crammed full of statics which enjoys the distinction of being one of the most memorably disgusting places we have ever stayed at
Welcome: indifferent non-welcome from owner who was more interested in his dinner than greeting his guests
Setting: we just about managed to find a small camping area for visitors among the wall-to-wall statics which were filled with rowdy Norwegian holiday-makers displaying all their obscene materialism
Facilities: totally disgraceful facilities - thoroughly disgusting and stinking septic-tank WCs at one end of the site, and sparse, grubby old-fashioned showers and poorly equipped wash-ups at the other end
Price: it would have been an outrageously expensive 260kr/night, had we paid; but the office was locked, and we declined to pay for such an appalling site and unpleasant experience

The small and pleasant-looking Tanum Camping and Stugby (GPS: 58.701069 11.344843) close by the Tanum rock engravings museum would have been immeasurably preferable but unfortunately was closed at this time of year



Strömstads Camping, Strömstad

452 31

0526 61121

58.930236 11.180370

Campsite web site

20~21 May 2013

210kr A welcoming, good value camp site, located  on a rocky headland near to Strömstad
Welcome: pleasantly smiling and hospitable welcome from reception staff; similarly helpful telephone response
Setting: impressively set across a broad hillock-headland with flat, multi-layered and extensive camping areas terraced amid rocky outcrops with secluded corner-niches overlooking steep-sided, wooded fjord valley, facing SW; all approached up steep roadway; with all the separately scattered camping areas terraced across the headland, large numbers of campers absorbed without site feeling crowded or regimented; no assigned pitches, choose your own place
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean, with fully equipped kitchen/wash-up all sparklingly new; washing/drying machines (extra cost), free wi-fi but limited range; small shop at reception; supermarkets in Strömstad centre
Price: excellent value at 210kr/night all-in with no extras or necessity for coins/tokens
One of the rare excellent sites which recognises the sensible formula for commercial success by making everything simple, effective and welcoming, and treating its guests hospitably as would a hotel. A memorably welcoming and pleasant stay in such a spectacular setting

Tanums Camping, Vitlycke Vitlycke 4
45793 Tanumshede

0525 20002

58.701069 11.344843

17~19 June 2016 290kr

Outrageously over-


Small owned by Tanums Commune wonderfully located in wooded countryside right by Vitlycke rock engravings BUT with offensively rude warden, inadequate facilities and outrageously over-priced
Welcome: Pedro the Chilean warden with real attitude problem, ill-mannered and offensively rude
Setting: open camping area beautifully located amid woodland, immediately adjacent to Tanums Bronze Age rock engravings and
Vitlycke Museum
Facilities: basic and inadequate WC/showers (5kr coins), kitchen/wash-up with microwave and ovens but NO hot water; NO wi-fi
Price: the worst feature - outrageously over-priced for a basic site, at total cost of 290kr inc 2x5kr for showers; refused to pay such a silly price, and negotiated down to 255kr
At such expensive price, you would expect decent facilities and wi-fi; result
of silly price and rude warden is that campsite and huts are totally deserted, which at least makes for a peaceful stay given lovely location, if you can tolerate warden's offensive manner!




Håverud Gästhamn and Camping
46472 Håverud

070 2197915

58.819830  12.415109

Campsite web site
22~24 May 210kr Small, straightforward campsite and canal guest-harbour by Håverud Aqueduct and Dalsund Canal, operated by Mellerud Commune on non-profit-making basis
Welcome: site unmanned but cheery and welcoming warden comes round each morning to collect rent
Setting: 3 gravelled camping areas with power supplies, the higher one overlooking Lake Upperudshöljen at lower end of Håverud Aqueduct and Dalsund Canal
Facilities: functional and clean WC/showers (5kr coins needed) with good kitchen/wash-ups and plenty of hot water; washing/drying machines at 15kr; no shop in Håverud but mini-market in next village of Åsensbruk
Price: good value at 210kr/night inc 5kr coins for showers



Högsbyns Fritidscenter-Camping, Dalsland

Högsbyn 21,
660 10 Dals Långed

0708 166516

58.897231  12.372730

Campsite web site
25 May 2013


26~28 June 2016

220kr A jewel of a small family-run and welcoming campsite, buried away in remote and secluded corner of rural Dalsland in beautiful lake-side setting - they don't come better than this!
Welcome: warmly welcoming response from lady-owner to telephone enquiry; during our stay, she was busy with family birthday celebration so we did not have chance to meet her personally; money left in envelope at reception
Setting: flat, terraced camping areas with power overlooking Lake Råvarpen (part of Dalsund Canal system) against forested backdrop; a superbly delightful and peaceful setting
Facilities: recently renovated services building with clean, modern WC/showers and fully equipped kitchen/wash-up/common room; washing/drying machine (extra coast); canoe rental on lake; nearest shop 12 kms in Åsensbruk so bring your own food.
Price: 210kr/night inc 5kr coins for showers
500m to Högsbyn nature reserve and Bronze Age rock engravings




Lunedets Camping, Karlskroga Karlskoga 69191

0586-150 82

59.399655 14.417192
26 May 2013 220kr
<Told 195kr on phone; insisted on paying that>
Small campsite on peninsula between Lakes Alkvettern and Lonnen with their intervening canal
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from staff and even more unacceptable response from owner; we had been told on telephone that charge was 195kr but on arrival then told that was wrong; owner alleged we had dialled the wrong number; needless to say, we only paid 195kr!
Setting: well-spaced pitches in grassy lake-side camping area backed by pine forest with sunset views across lake
Facilities: modern and clean but showers needing coins at 1kr/minute
Price: we insisted on paying just 195kr plus 6kr coins for showers

Trängbo Camping, Nora

713 32 Nora

0587 12361

59.525722 15.043459

27~29 May 2013


29 June 29016


Outrageously over-

What in 2013 was small and hospitable campsite owned by Nora Commune in lakeside setting 1km from Nora centre, now taken over by large commercial firm with over-inflated prices
Welcome: indifferent and unhelpful non-welcome from reception staff
Setting: flat linear camping areas terraced into hillside overlooking Lake Norasjön ; reinforced grassy pitches with no risk of wet weather bogging in; separate areas for statics and visitors
Facilities: facilities recently upgraded - spotlessly clean WC/showers, kitchen/wash-ups with cooker and microwave; washing/drying machine at 40kr; water-filling hose; wi-fi; small shop-kiosk at reception; supermarkets in town
Price: in 2013 this was a good value low season price at 215kr/night all in; now increased to 290kr night.
Such a pity that this once good value site now taken over by profit-driven, over-commercialised greed; best avoided now
Nora a delightful little historical town with attractive wooden houses; superbly helpful TIC with highly responsive staff, based in old station building down at lake-shore - best TIC in whole of Sweden; Pershyttan former iron mining valley with preserved steam railway but both only fully open July~Aug; another must is local hand-made ice cream Nora Glass





Sörälgens Camping, Hällefors Sör Älgen
71293 Hällefors

0583 770123

59.790370 14.572320

30 June 2016 250kr Small lakeside camping just north of Hällefors set amid pine forests; open all year round
officious greeting from Germanic women-owner who had kept site for 15 years; she listed all her regulations about where and how we should camp which we, too tired to take any notice, ignored and camped where and how we wanted!
Setting: attractive lakeside setting amid pine and birch forests with lush turf formally laid out pitches
Facilities: rather care-worn WC/showers (10kr coins!) and kitchen/wash-up
Price: 250kr inc 2x10kr coins for showers, unduly expensive for straightforward site
New owners taking over in Autumn 2016

Sollerö Camping, Sollerön

792 90 Sollerön

0250 22230

60.900480 14.583180

Campsite web site

30 May
3 June 2013

230kr (2013 low season prices) Large campsite on Sollerön Island well-managed by Swedish Caravan Club, near to Mora on northern shore of Lake Siljan
Welcome: pleasantly friendly and helpful welcome from all staff; even a cheery wave from man mowing the grass
Setting: most visitors' pitches interspersed among static caravans, but avoid these and select pitches 171,180, 182, 184, 185 set aside for visitors down by lake-shore with lovely outlook across Lake Siljan and surrounding hills
Facilities: clean, modern WC/showers with fully equipped kitchen/wash-up, water-filling hose; washing/drying machine (extra cost); free wi-fi; mini-market in Sollerön; ICA-Maxi supermarket in Mora
Price: 230kr/night all-in
OK early/late season, but avoid during summer when overwhelmed with holiday-makers
Viking Age grave fields near to Bengtsarvet village worth exploring; English language map and commentary sheets in box at skansen homestead; 3km circular walk through beautiful floral meadows

Tällberg Camping, Tällberg

Sjögattu 38,
793 70

0247 51310

60.827477 14.978330

Campsite web site

31 May &
1~2 June 2013


1~3 July 2016


220kr (low season)

260kr (summer season)

A gem of a small and straightforward campsite on southern shore of Lake Siljan
Welcome: reception unmanned out of season; leave rent money in envelopes provided; owner responds helpfully to telephone enquiries. In summer season, owner present very helpful and welcoming
Setting: campsite set on lake-shore 1 km down side lane or footpath through floral meadows from
Tällberg village up on hillside; flat, grassy camping area in pine-fringed meadow on shore of Lake Siljan looking westward with magnificent sunsets across lake, a perfect setting
Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional WC/showers (5kr coins) and basic kitchen/wash-up with hot water
Price: 220kr inc 5kr coins for showers
Tällberg is beautiful rural village of red-painted wooden cottages spread over hillside looking across Lake Siljan; in run-up to Midsummer church-boat races, you may see the Tällberg boat practising out on lake in early evening; their boat-house is by small anchorage near campsite



Särna Camping, Särna
Högenvägen 2, 790 90 Särna
0253 10851
070 6522802

61.693002 13.146421

Campsite web site

4 July 2016



235kr Small, welcoming and good value hostel/camping overlooking Österdalälven river at Särna in NW Dalarna
Welcome: warmly hospitable, helpful and smiling welcome at reception
Setting: camping areas terraced up hillside with magnificent outlook over wide and placidly flowing
Österdalälven river towards distant forested fells; glorious NW vista into sunset over river
Facilities: modern, clean WC/showers (no coins), fully equipped kitchen/wash-up and homely common room; strong wi-fi signal at reception; washing/drying machines (extra cost)
Price: all inclusive, good value 235kr
This site ticks all the right boxes: smiling welcome, lovely location, good facilities, fair price; try to get pitch 23 for best outlook, avoid middle terrace (pitches 17~21) which tends to be wet after heavy rain

Näsets Camping, Idre Näsvägen 1,
79091 Idre

0253 20036

61.855693 12.729249

5~6 July 2016

230kr Small, welcoming and good value site near to centre of Idre village, open all year round
helpful and hospitable, welcome from owner ho also responded readily to telephone enquiry
Setting: upper camping area full of caravans/camping-cars, but larger, more open lower area overlooking Lake Idresjön more pleasant (power only close to facilities hut); a delightful and peaceful setting with lingonberries growing under pines
Facilities: old fashioned WCs and unreliable showers (5kr coins); kitchen/wash-up in separate hut near reception; washing/drying machine (extra charge); ICA supermarket, ATM, filling station, 400m in Idre village
Price:  reasonable value at 235kr inc 2x5kr coins for showers
Städjon peak up at Idrefjell amkes superb day's climb



Sörälvens Fiske Camping, Idre Västanåtvägen 50,
790 91 Idre


61.853333 12.693889

4~6 June 2013 250kr

Over-priced greed!

Small campsite on banks of fast-flowing Österdalsälven fishing river amid the Idre fells, but spoilt by owners' mercenary attitude and over-expensive charging with everything at extra cost
Welcome: owners' superficial hospitality disingenuously masks unsavoury mercenary attitudes
Setting: beautiful location with riverside pitches along birch-lined banks of fast-flowing Österdalsälven river; but being owned by ex-pat Dutch and ACSI-listed, site tends to be invaded by hoards of Dutch caravans; this and owners' mercenary attitude spoils the site
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean but coins needed for showers; basic kitchen/wash-up; over-expensive wi-fi at 50kr/24 hours; washing/drying machine at over-expensive 70kr; supermarket, ATM and filling station in Idre village 2 kms
Price: basic over-expensive charge of 250kr plus incremental charges for everything
Excellent fell-walking on Städjon peak up at Idrefjell
NB Access lane to campsite is 2kms along road from bridge; your satnav may lead you along 1st side-turn which is dead-end - follow signs another 1.8km


Funäsdalens Fjäll-Camping
Bruksvägen 80,
840 95 Funäsdalen

070 6773186

62.556655 12.569089

7~9 June 2013


7~8 July 2016

190kr A welcoming all-year-round campsite set among the skiing fells above Funäsdalen
Welcome: reception unmanned low season but leave rent-money in envelope provided in common room; very friendly and welcoming lady-owner calls mornings for cleaning the service-house; owne present in summer
Setting: level gravelled camping areas terraced up hillside with birches on embankments relieving the starkness, all set under the ski-runs of Funäsdalsberget fell which overlooks the site; in summer lower terraces full of holiday-making caravans/camping-cars but space ob 2nd terrace
Facilities: service-house permanently open with self-booking-in instructions; WC/showers straightforward but spotlessly clean; upstairs homely and comfortable fully-furnished lounge/common-room with even children's games and toys, and fully-equipped kitchen/wash-up; washing/drying machines (extra cost), no wi-fi; supermarkets, TIC (wi-fi), bank and filling station 1km down in Funäsdalen village
Price: excellent value at 190kr/night inc 5kr coins for showers

Ristafallet Camping, Åre

Rista 321
830 10 Hålland

070 5578782

63.312529 13.346887

Campsite web site
10~11 June 2013


9~10 July 2016

240kr A delightful small campsite set alongside spectacular Ristafallet waterfalls on Indalsälven river
Welcome: friendly, hospitable and very helpful welcome from campsite-café owners, Jan and Mathilde Vos, who provided free detailed fell-walking booklets unavailable from Åre TIC
Setting: beautifully turfed camping area terraced into hillside below the café/reception, on banks of Indalsälven white-water river just above thrilling Ristafallet waterfalls which gives campsite its name; air filled with spray from falls and sound of rushing water; Black Woodpeckers seen in trees above waterfalls; a truly spectacular and memorable spot to camp
Facilities: spotlessly clean and modern WC/showers and fully-equipped kitchen/wash-up/dining room; wi-fi at café included in price; supermarkets at Järpen village
Price: 240kr all-in




Krokomvikens Camping, Krokom, near Östersund
Hissmon 2296,
835 92 Krokom

0730-94 11 85

63.318720 14.456978

Campsite web site
12 June 2013

Small and pleasantly located straightforward municipal campsite on shore of Indalsälven river near small town of Krokom
Welcome: Reception closed out of season, but friendly welcome from warden who lives in caravan near to reception; if he is out, settle in and he will call later
Setting: a number of statics but separate area for visitors in lovely setting under birch trees along banks of Indalsälven river where it emerges from Storsjön lake near to Krokom; flat grassy/gravelly riverside pitches, but with some traffic noise from nearby by-pass road; sunset views across lake
Facilities: warden gives you key for facilities building, which you leave on table at his caravan-awning if he is out in morning; excellent facilities - clean, modern WC/showers with unlimited hot water; first class lounge/common room with kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi; washing/drying machine (extra cost)
Price: very reasonable at 180kr all-in

Lillholmsjö Camping Gästgivaregåden, Lillholmsjö 114
83060 Föllinge

0645 41032

63.640757 14.388676

11 July 2016 185kr Small and quaintly old-fashioned campsite/stugor/guesthouse at Lillholmsjö village at junction of Routes 340/344 on quiet back-road 60kms from Norwegian border
Welcome: politely formal welcome from owner at reception in guesthouse across the road from campsite
Setting: rather bleak and cheerless open camping area surrounded by huts, rather sloping but gravelly turf with no risk of water-logging even in wet weather
Facilities: Limited WC/showers but modern and clean; free sauna, well-equipped kitchen/wash-up; free washing/drying machine; no wi-fi; no shop in village
Price: good value at all-inclusive 185kr (no coins for showers)




Rötvikens Camping
830 60

0768 326834

63.973183 14.166461

Campsite web site

12 July 2016 180kr Small, peaceful and beautifully sited village campsite, looking across Hotagen Lake, just off Route340 on quiet back-road close to Norwegian border
perfunctory welcome from taciturn and dour-faced lady-owner
Setting: small and close-cropped turfed lake-side camping area on shore of Hotagen Lake, with further camping space on flat topped hillock above, at village of
Rötviken 20kms from Norwegian border; magnificent setting looking out across lake to distant forested hills
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers (no coins) but limited in number; reasonably equipped kitchen/wash-up; large, homely common room with terrace overlooking lake; washing /drying machine at 40kr; no wi-fi; shore-side campfire and fish-smoking box
Price: excellent value at 180kr all-inclusive
A real gem of a peaceful lake-side village campsite

Route 45 Camping, Hammerdal

Fyrån 210,
830 70 Hammerdal

0644 10086

63.575092 15.342965

Campsite web site
13~14 June


13 July 2016

2200kr A wonderful small, riverside campsite in midst of forests just off E45 Inlandsvägen at Hammerdal village, open all year round
Welcome: former owners ex-pat Dutch couple Neik and Tess now returned to Holland; new English owners with children in local school, still friendly, helpful and hospitable welcome
Setting: open, flat, grassy/gravelled camping areas in large forest clearing alongside Fyrån River; minor road to remote settlements passed through site
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers , kitchen/wash-up, washing machine (extra cost) and drying room, lavuu tent for social evenings around camp fire, water-filling hose; wi-fi at reception inc in cost
Price: all-inclusive 220kr (no coins for showers)



Wild camp at Hällingsåfallet waterfalls parking area GPS:
64.349410 14.379700
14 July 2016   Magnificent wild camp spot at remote forested parking area by Hällingsåfallet waterfalls, with dry privvies and camp-fire hearth
Ankarede Camping GPS:
64.818345 14.236242
15 July 2016   Semi-wild camp in parking area of Sámi seasonal gathering place of Ankarede with power supplies and a small service-house run by the Ankarede Association both for the huts-settlement and camping area
Gäddede Camping, Gäddede
Sagavägen 9,

0672 10035

64.504788 14.149446

Campsite web site
 15~17 June 2013

210kr Large campsite close to Norwegian border and Hällingsåfallet waterfalls and canyon, part-way around Vildmarksvägen (Wilderness Way)
Welcome: friendly and helpful welcome from family who keep the site
Setting: large site with some statics and huts but separate camping areas for visitors; on edge of village on peninsular projecting into Lake Kvarnbergsvattnet; good sunset views from pitches at far end by lake shore
Facilities: clean WC/shower and fully-equipped kitchen/wash-up/common-room, free wi-fi with strong signal but limited to reception area, water-filling hose, washing/drying machines (extra cost); TIC/Naturum, ICA supermarket, garages, ATM in
Gäddede village
Price: 210kr inc 5kr coins for showers
Spectacular Hällingsåfallet 43m high waterfalls and 800m long, 60m high canyon 20kms along dirt road from
Gäddede village

Fatmomakke Natur-Camping 910 88 Marsfjäll,

65.087613, 15.136793

16 July 2016 80k A small and grubby camping area with no facilities shoe-horned into confined lake-side space at Fatmomakke next door to Fjällströms Camping; little more than an over-expensive parking area, opposite Fatmomakke church-town
Welcome: curt and perfunctory 'take-it-or-leave-it' non-welcome from woman at café
Setting:  a few confined spaces crammed onto river bank with no services or power and agrubby, sordid air; but lovely view across Kultsjö Lake to to church-town; higher camping area further uphill with non-functioning power supplies and no view of
Facilities: only WC/showers shared with next-door
Fjällströms Camping charged at 10kr per usage; you just did not bother which meant this was simply over-priced wild camp
Price: 80kr very poor value eve at this price!
500m walk over bridge to
Fatmomakke church town where there were free dry privvies





Fjällströms Camping, Fatmomakke
910 88 Marsfjäll,

09040 73025

65.087627 15.135591
18 June 2013

120kr Basic, straightforward but functional little campsite by fast-flowing Kultsjöån river opposite the Fatmomakke Sámi church-town, approached by 7km dirt road from Vildmarksvägen
Welcome: pay elderly couple at café-kiosk who speak no English; difficult to communicate but they will provide key to shower/toilets and power box

Setting: very sloping and overgrown pitches set linearly along river bank with power supplies; very midgy in June!
Facilities: straightforward but clean WC/showers (10kr coins); no kitchen/wash-up
Price: 120kr inc 10kr coins for showers
Fatmomakke Sámi church-town with Kåtor huts dating from compulsory church attendance; traditional gatherings Midsummer and early Sept which once coincided with reindeer migrations from summer mountain pastures to winter forest grazing

Doro Camping, Dorotea

Storgatan 1A
91731 Dorotea

0942 10238

64.257757 16.389778

Campsite web site

19~21 June  2013


17~18 July 2016

210kr A small campsite with a Big Welcome, beautifully located alongside forests, with its own station-halt on Inlandsbanan Railway
Welcome: hospitable and helpful welcome from ex-pat fluently multi-lingual Dutch owners Louis and Tessa
Setting: flat, grassy, terraced pitches alongside forest with Inlandsbanan Railway running past; a few huts in separate area and large, grassy tent space
Facilities: clean, modern WC/showers; cosy pine-wood furnished common-room cum kitchen/wash-up in upper storey of service-house; site-wide wi-fi included in price; washing/drying machines at expensive 80kr; most noteworthy feature is campsite's own little station-halt on Inlandsbanan Railway
Price: very good value at 210kr all-inclusive



Meselefors Camping
Meselefors 216
SE-912 90 Vi

0940-250 89

64.439203 16.796703

Campsite web site

19 July 2016


 Small and welcoming family-run site in magnificent setting on banks of Ångermanälven river
Welcome: friendly welcome from quietly reserved owner
Setting: glorious setting on banks of
Ångermanälven river just opposite where Inlandsbanan railway crosses on its girder-bridge; large open camping area spread along wide river bank with plent of power supplies; some distant traffic noise from E45 Inlandsvägen
Facilities: homely and clean facilities with WC/showers and well-equipped kitchen/wash-up; site-wide wi-fi included in price; washing machine (extra cost with outside driers; nearest supermarket 30kms in Vi
Price: excellent value at all-inclusive 190kr; best value campsite of trip





Tärnaby Camping,
Sandviksvägen 4,
920 64

070 547 2797

65.718223 15.334275


22~24 June

20 July 2016

240kr River-side family-run campsite at Tärnaby off the Blå Vägen
Welcome: pleasantly hospitable welcome from owners who have kept the campsite for 20 years
Setting: gravel and grassy pitches terraced up hillside which slopes down to the
Tärnafossen rapids on the fast-flowing Umeälven river dropping down past campsite between 2 lakes and surrounded by high fells; campsite popular with river fishermen
Facilities: grubby and old-fashioned WC/showers; well-furnished common-room with kitchen/wash-up; washing machine (extra cost); wi-fi included in price but non-functioning; supermarket and filling station in
Price: 240kr inc 5kr coins for showers
Price increased from 210kr (2013) to 240kr (2016) but site now run-down
Excellent TIC in
Tärnaby will provide maps and detailed free walking guides for Tärnaby and Hemavan fells; Alpine Botanical Garden at Hemavan Fjäll Centre excellent

Elvmøthei Fjellgård Camping, Norway
Andfjellveien 20,
8630 Storforshei
+47 915 68051

66.446657 15.132852

Campsite web site
21 July 2016 220 NOK A straightforward mountain farmstead campsite 15kms south of Saltfjell Arctic Circle, in magnificent setting amid pines and surrounded by snow-covered peaks
Welcome: farm kept by 2 generations of family, grandparents and sons; reception not manned early in season, but pay at farmhouse or telephone
Setting: an unprecedentedly thrilling setting amid pine woods, close to cascading mountain river and surrounded by snow-covered peaks; farmstead just off E6 just before start of climb up onto Saltfjell and crossing of Arctic Circle; no traffic noise, air filled with roar of the river and bird song
Facilities: straightforwardly basic but clean WC/showers and basic wash-up with hot water
Price: 220 NOK inc 2x 10 NOK coins for showers
A memorable stay

Kyrkans Fjällgård Camping, Jäkkvik
Byavägen 4
938 95

073 521 0369

66.386975 16.964704

Campsite web site

22~23 July 2016



220kr A church-run meeting centre/camping, beautifully sited overlooking Hornavan Lake north of Arjeplog on Route 95 towards Norwegian border
  friendly welcome from the effusively loquacious warden
Setting:  limited camping area, but beautiful flat grassy terrace fortunately only accessible for tents and for small campers overlooking Hornavan Lake, making a memorably peaceful setting
Facilities: clean, modern facilities (WC/showers, kitchen-wash-up and common room) in main house and annexe, wi-fi included in price but signal limited to house; small, well-stocked shop 440m in Jäkkvik village
Price: good value 220kr all-inclusive; Norwegian currency accepted

Vindelåforsens Stugby, Ammarnäs
Nolsivägen 45
92070 Ammarnäs

070 611 0301

65.972476 16.208974

Campsite web site
26~27 June 2013

200 kr Small stugby (holiday huts) close to Vindelåforsen rapids just north of Ammarnäs village (turn up past church and Potato Hill)
Welcome: positively helpful and hospitable welcome from owners, Urban and Marita Bergland, who responded helpfully to our request allowing us to camp  on flat grassy area beside one of huts on the forested hillside; Marita is sculptress and her works are on display at stugby
Setting: delightful forested hillside among huts of stugby within earshot of Vindelåforsen rapids
Facilities: access to WC/shower and sauna in vacant hut, all spotlessly clean with unlimited hot water; no kitchen/wash-up but space and hot water in hut for washing up
Price: good value at 200kr all-in
Ammarnäs beautiful and unspoilt Sámi/Swedish settler mountain village with one third of inhabitants still involved in reindeer husbandry; reindeer meat on sale at shop by garage in village; excellent TIC/Naturum in Ammarnäs for maps and details of mountain walks

Sorsele Camping, Sorsele

920 70 Sorsele

0952 10124

65.534281 17.526691

Campsite web site
25 & 28~29 June 2013

210kr Large privately owned campsite and huts open all-year-round on banks of Vindalälven river on outskirts of Sorsele
Welcome: pleasantly hospitable welcome from owner and his young staff
riverside pitches on banks of Vindalälven river, though inevitably midgy in summer
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers with rare luxury of unlimited, no-coins showers; well-equipped kitchen/wash-up and cosy common room; site-wide wi-fi inc in price; 5% discount voucher for ICA supermarket;  washing/drying machine (extra cost); well-stocked ICA supermarket, ATM and filling station in Sorsele
good value at 210 kr all-in
Sorsele a pleasant little town with Inlandsbanan Museum and TIC at railway station



Sjöstjärnan Camping, Ardidsjaur

93391 Arvidsjaur

073 045 8204

65.673010 18.812670

30 June ~
1 July 2013

170kr This off-the-beaten-track, jewel of a small campsite is one of the world's best kept secrets! set on small peninsula of Lake Långträsket just off Route 95 'Silver Way' between Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog, with super welcome from the charming owner
Welcome: memorably effusive welcome from owner, Beatrice Karlsson who grew up here with her mother and grandparents; site managed by the equally affable Ulf
Setting: beautifully kept lawned camping areas among the huts by the red-painted wooden farm-house set amid floral meadows on shore of Lake Långträsket looking out over lake on both sides to craggy fells; camp where you like on the lawns with power from the huts in this truly wonderful Setting: but swarms of midges in June~July!

Facilities: straightforward but functional WC/showers and kitchen-wash-up; small washing machine but no dryer; no wi-fi
super value at 170kr/night all-in



Moskosel Camping Abmorvägen 9
930 86

0960 30200

65.883570 19.464170
24 July 2016 185kr Small, peaceful lake-side fishing-camp, 1km north of Moskosel village on E45; in summer busy with passing trade from E45 Inlandsvägen
Welcome: quiet welcome from elderly owner (little English spoken) who has kept campsite for almost 30 years
Setting: huts and limited camping area spread around lake-shore; lovely setting looking out across still waters of lake; inevitable traffic noise from busy E45, and very fly-ridden in summer

Facilities: rather antiquated, straightforward and grubby facilities; WC/showers (5kr coins) and basic kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi
Price: 185kr inc 2x5kr coins for showers
Inlandsbanan Museum at railway station in Moskosel village worth a visit

Skabrams Stugby, Camping and Cheese Farm, Jokkmokk
Skabram 206,
962 99 Jokkmokk

0971 10752

66.605924 19.761958

Campsite web site
2~5 July 2013


25~26 July

185kr Small and welcoming campsite 2kms from of Jokkmokk, just north of Arctic Circle, located on cheese farm and kept by ex-pat Dutch couple
Welcome: friendly and helpful welcome from Dutch couple who manage the site
Setting: gravelled and grassy camping areas with power supplies, set among pines by farm yard with chickens pecking around
Facilities: clean WC/showers, basic kitchen/wash-up with sunny veranda outside; washing machine (extra cost) but no drying machine; wi-fi in part of camping area but unreliable, weak signal; water-filling hose; good information resource at reception, with home made cheese on sale ; supermarkets, TIC, bank, filling stations in Jokkmokk
Price: 185kr all-in

Arctic Botanical Gardens and Ajtte Sámi Museum in Jokkmok both worthwhile; Mudduss National Park and
Luleälven HEP dams 20kms north

Årrenjarka Fjällby  Camping, Kvikkjok
Årrenjarka 214
962 02 Kvikkjok

-971 23018

66.883222 18.024845

Campsite web site

27 July

265kr Wonderfully located, straightforward but expensive site at Årrenjarka, 17km from road's-end at LuleKvikkjok in Lilleälven valley 120kms into mountains east of Jokkmokk
Welcome: friendly welcome from staff at café-reception
Setting: stugby (huts settlement) and small campsite tucked away among forests around an inlet bay of Sagget, the innermost large lake of Lilleälven valley; small camping area nestled onto hillock peninsula looking SE-wards along the length of Sagget Lake; a magnificent setting surrounded by mountains and forests all reflected in lake
Facilities: modern, clean WC/showers/sauna serving huts and campsite, with good kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi at reception; no shops or services along entire valley (nearest Jokkmokk 120kms) so come fully supplied with food
Price: downside is - expensive at 265 with power or 230 without

Wild-camp at Harsprånget abandoned village

66.892675 19.832324

28 July
  Wild-camp by the former village square of Torget at the abandoned village of Harsprånget, built originally in 1946 to provide accommodation for building workers close to the construction site of the new Harsprånget dam and power plant.  




Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Centre 982 99 Gällivare

0973 40070

67.482927 18.358841
6 July 2013

305kr with electricity,
195kr without
An outrageously over-priced, pretentious and unimpressive campsite with unwelcoming and brusquely ill-mannered staff, albeit set in magnificent mountain scenery in Stora Sjöfallet National Park 90 kms west of E45 Inlandsvägen at Porjus
Welcome: perfunctory verging on brusquely rude non-welcome from young reception staff who need reminding that it is customers who pay their wages
Setting: you need to stay focussed on the grand vista of surrounding snow-flecked mountain peaks to avoid noticing the dreary desolation of the vast open, featureless gravelly camping area
Facilities: despite the outrageous price, standard of WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up marginally adequate, and no wi-fi; remote mountain setting also means no mobile phone signal
Price: beyond belief!!! - 305kr with electricity, 195 without - how do you justify £11/night for power with mighty HEP dams just down the valley !!  This place is simply not worth bothering with

Gällivare Camping, Gällivare Kvarnbacksvägen 2,

0970 10010

67.128889 20.672222
7~9 July 2013

210kr A scruffy and overcrowded urban campsite with a monopoly in Gällivare
Welcome: friendly and helpful welcome from reception staff
Setting: you have 2 choices: 1) a grubby and cramped gravelly area crammed full of noisy Norwegian caravans or 2) a boggy, grassy riverside area overwhelmed with traffic noise from E45
vägen; the decision between rowdy Norwegians or quarry trucks is not an easy one, and neither choice is at all impressive! Only decent pitch is #51 on flat grass behind huts
Facilities: well-equipped kitchen/wash-up/dining room; reasonable WC/showers; washing/drying machines inc in price (quite unique); free but limited range, slow signal wi-fi near to reception; BUT key code for facilities building changed part-way through stay with NO notification - how's that for customer awareness!
Price: internet site quoted 210kr for summer 2013 but told on arrival this increased to 220kr; naturally we negotiated the advertised 210kr price; even so poor value
Underground tour of
Gällivare LKAB iron ore mine impressive, but expensive at 300kr each

Wild-camp by Kalixälven river-crossing at Lappeasuando
67.489730 21.119339
29 July
  Wild-camp by Kalixälven river-crossing at Lappeasuando; you either have choice of sharing the picnic area parking area with 1001 holiday-making caravans and camping cars, or far more preferably, choose the more peaceful and secluded lower grassy area down on the river embankment overlooking the river and old bridge; some inevitable traffic noise from adjacent E45 Inlandsvägen; WC/WHB in picnic area car park




Ripan Camping, Kiruna
Campingvägen 5,
981 35 Kiruna

0980 63000

67.860556 20.240278
10 July 2013 280kr Welcome: perfunctory welcome from staff at the glitzy marble-topped reception; their only defence of the extortionate prices was that you could see the Midnight Sun; our reply was that we did not expect to have to pay for that!
Setting: Again you have 2 choices: 1) large, gravelly camping areas crammed to bursting with rowdy Norwegian mega-buses; or 2) if you want peace and quiet and a view over the fells (since you're paying expensively for the Midnight Sun), the smaller, more secluded camping area, the price being a 600m trek to the facilities building
Facilities: you'll need map and compass to find them but when you eventually do, key-card does not work and you've forgotten the door code; basic facilities, closed for cleaning at peak times to suit staff convenience; reasonable kitchen/wash-up; none of hand-driers in gents were working, neither does the alleged wi-fi provision
Price: 280kr inc 10kr coins for showers
Kiruna is fascinating one-industry town dependent entirely on LKAB's iron ore mining;
whole of Kiruna city centre needs to be relocated over next 10 years because of mining subsidence; but don't go on the Kiruna underground mining tour which is only mock-up and not working mine; instead go on the underground visit at Malmberget Mine at Gällivare


There is absolutely nothing good to be said about Ripan Camping; it's the only campsite in Kiruna, a monopoly exploited to hike the prices - and should be renamed Rip-off Camping

Trollsparvens Camping, Vittangi Via Lappia 1
980 10 Vittangi

0981 10701

67.693839 21.627876
30 July 2016 180kr Small and straightforward riverside stugby/camping on north side of Torneälven bridge at Vittangi village
Welcome: owner not present and reception locked, but welcomed by Estonian migrant worker from 1 of huts who was looking after site on owner's behalf
Setting: set on river bank on north side of Torneälven bridge at Vittangi village; open, grassy camping area with power supplies, clear views across river to open fell-land; being close to river, so many more midges than elsewhere
Facilities: straightforward but functional WC/showers (no coins); basic kitchenette/wash-up;  no wi-fi; shop in Vittangi village 1km across bridge
Price: good value at al-inclusive 180kr

Björklidens Camping, Abisko 981 93 Björkliden

0980 64100

68.405894 18.682766
11~12 July 2013

240kr Little good can be said about this pretentious ski-hotel/camping resort other than the view of Lapporten mountains from the terrace
Welcome: perfunctory non-welcome from the offensively rude and unsmiling woman at hotel-reception 2 kms steeply uphill from the camping area; she had clearly overlooked the fact that it is guests who keep her in a job and
was too preoccupied with enforcing the rules - no we couldn't each have a card-key for the showers since we might steal one - yes she actually said that!
Setting: enormous gravelly, featureless and bleakly open camping area
WC/showers dingy with non-working light bulbs and no shower curtains; basic and grubby kitchen/wash-up ; no wi-fi
Price: poor value at 240kr
Good information resource about mountain walks at Abisko National Park Naturum 8kms east on E10 by Abisko Mountain Station



Narvik Camping, Narvik
Romsbacksveien 75,
8517 Narvik

+47 76 94 58 10

68.450578 17.465054

13~14 July 2013


220 NOK
Straightforward, no-frills campsite 2kms from centre in outskirts of Narvik
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from young reception staff
Setting: set on steep hillock overlooking fjord and distant mountains with 4 gravelled camping areas terraced up hillside
Facilities: service building down at reception with wooden steps leading down from camping areas; secondary WCs higher up hillside; WC/showers straightforward but functional; kitchen/wash-up with microwave; washing machine (extra cost); wi-fi at reception (extra cost); supermarkets/banks/garages/TIC etc in Narvik
Price: 220 NOK inc 10 NOK coins for showers
Narvik a pleasant port-town dominated by LKAB iron ore terminal (tours 3-00pm Tuesdays); Red Cross War Museum telling tragic story of May 1940 German invasion and Battles of Narvik; Nord Museum on history of town; railway ride worthwhile Narvik~Riksgränsen up into spectacular mountains at Swedish border

Tromsø Camping, Tromsø 9020 Tromsø

+47 77 63 80 37

69.648308 19.016234
15 July 2013 305 NOK

Outrageously over-inflated
The only campsite in Tromsø which exploits its monopoly to charge outrageously inflated prices; with offensively ill-mannered staff, disgusting camping area, and grubby, inadequate facilities, it ranks as one of the worst campsites in Scandinavia
This dreadful place is a disgrace to the city of Tromsø and deserves to be boycotted
Welcome: offensively rule-bound non-welcome from the indifferent young staff at reception with 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitudes ("you must do this, you can't do that, and if you don't like our prices you can go somewhere else"), oblivious to the fact that it's guests who keep them in a job
Setting:  an overcrowded and disgusting swamp that doubles as camping area, simply horrible
Facilities: basic, inadequate and grubby, with broken locks in gents; just 2 showers for an overcrowded, large campsite and huts inevitably meant queues
Price: unprecedentedly over-inflated price at 305 NOK
Tromsø is a worthy city to visit with Polar Museum telling story of Tromsø's sealing hunting heritage and Arctic expeditions of polar explorers Amundsen and Nansen; but avoid Tromsø Camping and instead use the excellent alternative, Ramfjord Camping at Sørbotn



Ramfjord Camping,

9027 Ramfjordbotn

+47 77 69  21 30

69.516550 19.247540

Campsite web site
16 July 2013

30 June
~2 July 2014

210 NOK

Small privately owned campsite 25kms south of Tromsø, 20 minutes on E8 near to Fagernes (watch out for speed cameras), with hospitable welcome, good value price and beautiful location looking straight down length of fjord; this is perfect site for visiting Tromsø
Welcome: warmly friendly and helpful, hospitable welcome from fluently English speaking owner
Setting: flat camping area in magnificent setting around head of Ranfjorden looking straight down fjord into setting sun, a totally stunning location surrounded by high mountains looking out across end of fjord with oyster-catchers and red-shanks pecking around the mudflats
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean, well-equipped kitchen/wash-up with comfortable common-room; water-filling hose; washing/drying machine expensive at 70 NOK; no wi-fi
Price: very reasonable 210 NOK all-in
If such a welcoming and ideally placed excellent campsite like Ramfjord Camping can charge such a good value 210 NOK, what conceivable justification can the inhospitable and filthy place like Tromsø Camping have for charging 305 NOK other than sheer, unadulterated exploitational greed for which it unreservedly deserves to be boycotted

Skibotn NAF Camping, Skibotn

E6  248
9143 Skibotn

+47 77 71 52 77

69.3930570  20.2673290
12~13 Aug 2012

17 July 2013
245 NOK

inc 20 NOK coins for showers
Small campsite operated by NAF on shore of Storfjorden close to Skibotn fishing harbour with magnificent panorama of mountains and glaciers; other campsite options in Skibotn over-crowded and even more over-priced
Welcome: perfunctory welcome from taciturn warden
Setting: one of the finest you could ask for: flat, grassy camping area on shore of tidal bay of Storfjorden at Skibotn surrounded by high, craggy mountains with magnificent view across fjord to glaciated Lyngen Alps (see photo left) with sunset across fjord
Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional WC/showers, well-equipped kitchen/wash-up, no wi-fi; mini-market in Skibotn village, ATM at Statoil filling station along E6 Tromsø road
Price: 245 NOK inc 20 NOK coins for showers - expensive for basic site, it's the magnificent fjord and glaciated mountains setting that gives this site its charm

Kilpisjärvi Retkeilykeskus-Camping, Kilpisjärvi, Finland Käsivarrentie 14663,
99490 Kilpisjärvi

+358 1653 7771

69.0478500 20.7977400
14~15 Aug 2012

18 July 2113

12~13 Aug 2015


inc SCC discount
Large campsite terraced into lower slopes of Saana Fell overlooking Lake Kilpisjärvi 6kms from Norwegian/Finnish border
Welcome: perfunctory but helpful welcome from young staff at Trekking Centre reception
Setting: large and cheerless gravelly camping area terraced up hillside of lower slopes of Saana Fell which towers above, set among winter huts and overlooking Lake Kilpisjärvi; unique 'double sunset' effect in August with setting sun dipping behind slopes of Malla Fell summit and re-appearing on far side to set again behind lower fells
Facilities: modern and clean WC/showers in main facilities building; rather antiquated kitchen/wash-up with small dining area in separate hut; free site-wide wi-fi; washing/drying machine at €6; water-filling hose
Price: expensive at €26.50 inc SCC discount
Boat trip across lake on M/S Malla (€25/person return fare) with 2 hours for 6km return walk to Treriksröset (3 Borders Cairn - Finland/Norway/Sweden); boat landing stage just below Centre




Karesuando Camping,

Laestadiusvägen 185,
980 16 Karesuando

070 605 1124

68.434021 22.516437

Campsite web site
19 July 2013

200kr Pleasant riverside campsite 1 km from centre of Karesuando, northernmost village in Sweden at top of E45 by Muonio bridge to Finland
Welcome: friendly and pleasant welcome from owner
Setting: large flat camping area but being surrounded by water, it swarms with midges in July; you will need your Bagon
Facilities: WC/showers clean and modern; reasonable kitchen/wash-up and common-room; site-wide wi-fi with strong signal inc in price; water-filling hose; washing machine (extra cost)
Price: good value at 200kr; suspect that facing competition from Sandlövs Camping in village centre, prices reduced from 220kr reported in 2010
Sandlövs Camping in village centre opposite church by bridge is also a small and welcoming site
1816 church worth a visit as is cottage-chapel of Lars Levi Laestadius, revivalist preacher whose zealous teachings forbade alcohol and curtains as equally sinful

Sandlövs Camping, Karesuando
98016 Karesuando

0981 20190

68.440400 22.481200
22 July 2014

11 & 14 Aug 2015

31 July 2016

150 SEK Good value, charmingly straight forward little site at Karesuando just opposite border-bridge with Finland
Welcome: friendly if taciturn welcome from owner
Setting: small and charmingly simple site set alongside gardens of owner's wooden house looking across to bridge over Muoniojoki river and Laestadius' church
Facilities: basic WC/showers and wash-up sink; no kitchen or wi-fi; but wi-fi from TIC opposite just about reached nearest corner of campsite; mini-market, general stores and meat hall (selling elk and reindeer) in village
Price: although a basic site, excellent value at 150 SEK

Rajamaa Camping, Muonionalusta Muonionalusta
984 95

0978 43040

67.899617 23.564063

Campsite web site

    Small and straightforward campsite set right on the Swedish~Finnish river-border at tiny border village of Muonionalusta 6 kms along a single-track lane from larger village of Muodoslompolo on Route 99; campsite set on a river-island formed between the main Muonionjoki and a tributary, and run by Tornedalen-Finnish Malmström family for 30 years.
We have not stayed, but inspected campsite which looks worthwhile for future stay either from Northern Finland or Swedish Lapland, particularly since Route 404 crossed the river to Muonio in Finland close to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park; there are so few campsites along this stretch of the Swedish~Finnish border




Pajala Camping, Tornedalen

Tannavägen 65,
984 31 Pajala

0978 74180

67.203866 23.408132

Campsite web site
20~21 July 2013

1~2 Aug 2016

260kr An all-round excellent, family-run, campsite on outskirts of Pajala, with well-laid-out camping areas on banks of Torneälven river; BUT now very expensive
Welcome: pleasant welcome from couple who have owned the campsite for last 15 years
Setting: large site with excellent range of camping areas: tarmaced area to corral and control the Norwegian mega-buses and caravans, a grassy area with power supplies, a broad, flat turfed area for tents, and a more secluded woodland area on the Torneälven river bank for the more discerning campers, with lingonberries and bilberries growing on the forest floor
Facilities: WC/showers and sauna modern and clean, fully equipped kitchen/wash-up and comfortable common-room; washing machine/drying cabinet (expensive at 80kr); wi-fi at reception inc in price; supermarket in Pajala
Price: 25% price increase from 210kr (2013) to 260kr (2016)
Pajala is location for Mikael Niemi's bitter-sweet novel Popular Music from Vittula about teenage boy growing up in 1960~70s in Tornedalen and his aspirations to become a pop star




Rörbäcks Camping,
Rörbäck 79
955 92 Råneå

0924 35047

65.800317 22.595181

22 July 2013

230kr Shore-side holiday camp set amid pines at head of Bothnian Gulf
Welcome: cheerless and perfunctory greeting from lad at reception, with not a word of please or thank you and minimal information
Setting: pleasant shore-side setting with pitches scattered along shore line amid sheltered pine forests looking out over head of Bothnian Gulf
Facilities: mediocre standard of WC/showers with no ventilation; basic kitchen/wash-ups; no wi-fi and no mobile phone signal
Price: lovely setting but poor value - inevitably expensive at 230kr with holiday-camp location

Ladrike Camping,
Hyndgrundsvägen 2,
945 91 Norrfjärden

0911 200250

65.420926 21.543975
23 July 2013

250kr 3rd rate campsite with mercenary owner and outrageous prices, totally overwhelmed by traffic noise from adjacent E4 highway
Welcome: brusquely ill-mannered non-welcome at reception with 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude
Setting: large open camping area totally overwhelmed by traffic noise from adjacent E4 highway and noise from building
Facilities: basic and limited WC/showers and wash-up; NO wi-fi despite claims in Swedish Camping Association entry
Price: given limitations, unduly expensive at 250kr
Owner has other campsites and leisure facilities and is expanding this site by building more huts while leaving the basic and inadequate service-hut much in need of upgrading; his web site is full of misleading claims: Camping
Ladrike NOT "quiet, calm and peaceful", it is overwhelmed by traffic noise; his entry on SCA web site is untrue - he has no wi-fi; his 'heated swimming pool relies on the sun and was only 17°C; he claims to have repeat visitors but we doubt anyone would want to return there, it's that bad! Don't come here at all - avoid like the plague

Selholmens Camping,

942 34 Älvsbyn


65.676440 21.022770

Campsite web site

24 July 2013


3~4 Aug 2013


225kr A delightful little family-run campsite on banks of Piteälven river at Älvsbyn
Welcome: pleasantly hospitable welcome from owner; early evening his wife came round with cakes and coffee
Setting: grassy pitches terraced up river bank overlooking Piteälven river, 1km from centre of small town of Älvsbyn; small separate grassy terrace for tents
Facilities: straightforward but functional WC/showers; homely kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi; wood-burning sauna included in price; washing machine (extra cost); supermarket and garage in Älvsbyn
Price: 225kr all-in
Storforsen Rapids spectacular white-water falls 30 kms west on Route 374, where Piteälven falls 65m over a 1km stretch of hugely impressive rapids, with sturdily constructed board-walk giving close-up access to rapids



Ringvor i Rengård Stugby-Camping
Rengård 12
936 93 Boliden

070 395 5094

64.925694 20.036152

Campsite web site

5~6 Aug 2016

100kr A jewel of a serendipitous find: delightful small and peaceful stugby (hut encampment) just off Route 370 along Skellefteälven valley; owner readily offered us opportunity to camp among the huts making us most welcome
delightfully hospitable welcome from charming lady-owner
Setting: grassy lawned area among stugby huts in large, neatly maintained gardens of family farm house; power from one of huts of traditional textile exhibition, which is part of stugby; some traffic noise from mine trucks from Boliden Group lead/copper/zinc mines further up valley
Facilities: service-house with WC/showers in individual bathrooms and homely kitchen/wash-up/common room; full strength wi-fi signal
Price: exceptional value at 100kr
Close to Linabana former mining cableway at
Örträsk~Menträsk, well worth visit



Örträsk Camping-Aire, Linbana Aerial Cableway
935 93 Norsjö

65.009301 19.614869


Campsite web site

7 Aug 2016 60kr Good value, straightforward camping-aire (no power) at Örträsk Linbana Aerial Cableway station, 13km preserved section of former 96lm long cableway built 1943 and operated until 1987 to transport ore concentrates from Kristineberg mines to Boliden smelter; ore buckets now replaced by modern cableway gondola-cars;
pleasant welcome at station café aire reception
Setting: small grassy field next to Örträsk Linbana Aerial Cableway station
Facilities: first class WC/showers at station café/mining museum, open 24 hours during summer period of Linabana working
Price: excellent value at 60kr; honesty box or pay at café
Linbana is fascinating part of Sweden's mining industrial history and very much worth a visit; but to travel on preserved section is ultra expensive at 320/adult

Rännuddens Camping, Norsjö Rännudden 4
935 32 Norsjö

070 625 4839

64.939071 19.371267

8 Aug 2016 250kr What was once a pleasant lake-side fishing-camp is now badly run-down with grubby facilities, taken over by new Polish owners, and huts dominated by Polish migrant workers, and despite all this they are charging silly prices
Welcome: non-existent welcome from surly non-English speaking Polish girl, totally non-communicative and unfriendly
Setting:  site set on peninsula of
Norsjön Lake near Norsjövallen village; site's only saving grace is that it retains its pleasant lake-side setting among pine trees and lingonberries looking out across lake
Facilities: facilities grubby, run-down and much in need of renovation; main services hut with WC/showers, kitchen/wash-up and common room is near reception 350m from camping area; 2nd  smaller services hut with just WCs and wash-up is nearer to camping area but even more unsavoury and left in filthy state by migrant worker; wi-fi at reception only but weak signal and totally out of range for camping area
Price: despite all these shortcomings, totally unrealistic price of 250kr
All in all a place now to be avoided

Lufta Camping, Ånäset
Galdbacken 1,
915 94

070 612 6146

64.268603 21.043282
25~26 July 2013

220kr Small family-run campsite-restaurant with adjacent swimming pool
Welcome: pleasant welcome from English-speaking young staff and owner at reception despite busy serving restaurant meals
Setting: sloping camping areas ranged around low hillock alongside forest and overlooking river valley; very pleasant but some traffic noise from nearby E4
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean; well-equipped kitchen/wash-up; limited range wi-fi inc in price only accessible at reception/restaurant area
Price: reasonable value for Bothnian coast at 220kr all-in

Åmsele Camping, Vindelälven Valley

Byavägen 122
922 75 Åmsele

0933 60210

64.535686 19.343233

Campsite web site

9 Aug 2016



160kr A quaintly unpretentious, welcoming little campsite, former canoeing centre, now run on community basis by 3 local farming families at Åmsele in middle Vindelälven Valley
Welcome: being operated on voluntary basis, there is no manned reception but telephone and lady from farm will advise you to settle in; she will call round later to welcome you and for payment
Setting: lush turf camping area wit power supplies set amidst crazy golf course, sloping steeply down to lake and huts; Route 363 passes close by but little traffic noise
Facilities: small facilities hut recently upgraded with 2 WC/shower rooms (M&F); kitchenette/wash-up/common room in nearby former conference centre; open wi-fi signal (ASUS network) but weak signal; small shop in village 300m
Price: excellent value at 160kr
An admirable community effort to operate this delightful and welcoming campsite on voluntary basis; very much worth supporting
Under NO circumstances use Vindelns Camping 30 kms down-valley at Vindeln village: dreadful place with offensive prices and even more offensive owner; you really would not to camp there!!



EFS Solbacken Camping
Dekarsön 300,
891 78 Bonässund

0660 370006

60.206944 20.263056

Campsite web site
27~28 July 2013


10~11 Aug 2016

A Christian farm-retreat centre with welcoming and peaceful campsite on tiny off-shore island of Dekarsön
Welcome: friendly and hospitable welcome from reception staff
Setting: large, open and peaceful green space with camping area along one side, overlooking bay of sea with distant views of High Coast to south

Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional; basic kitchen/wash-up; site-wide wi-fi with good signal inc in price; free use of washing machine; wooden church at edge of site with Sunday service; Island of  Dekarsön approached across narrow bridge
Price: good value at 210kr
A haven of peace for a day in camp, well away from the otherwise over-priced, over-crowded holiday-making bedevilled sites along Bothnian Coast

Docksta Vandrahem and Camping, Docksta Skoved 302,
870 32 Ullånger

0613 13064

63.029215 18.307493
29~30 July 2013



Welcoming, good value and straightforward campsite by Skuleskogens National Park in High Coast
Welcome: friendly welcome from young reception staff
Setting: very sloping, open grassy camping area with no flat ground and few power supplies, overlooked by forested slopes of High Coast National Park hills; right next to busy E4 highway and overwhelmed with traffic noise
Facilities: WC/showers straightforward but clean and functional; basic kitchen/wash-up; washing machine (no dryer) at extra cost; water-filling hose
Price: good value at 200kr
Docksta Naturum 4km north up E4 is excellent information source for High Coast National Park , with its 3 access points for walks; boat rides out to off-shore islands from Doksta or Köpmanholmen



Överhörnäs Camping near Örnsköldsvik Hörnäsvägen 50,
894 40 Överhörnäs

0660 70143

63.287808 18.576980

31 July 2013


12 Aug 2016

200kr Small privately owned, lakeside campsite close to E4 but sufficiently far back to avoid traffic noise, conveniently located for northern end of High Coast National Park
Welcome: pleasant and friendly welcome from lady-owner
Setting: linear grassy camping area along lake-shore looking across valley towards distant Själevad church, a very pleasant setting
Facilities: WC/showers straightforward but functional; basic kitchen/wash-up; both showers and wash-up need 1kr coins; washing/drying machines (extra cost)
Price: 200kr inc coins for hot water

Snibbens Camping, Ramvik Snibben 139,
870 16 Ramvik

0612 40505

62.799120 17.869400
1 Aug 2013

Large lakeside holiday-camp close to High Coast Bridge just off E4 highway
Welcome: helpful welcome from owners who showed us to suggested pitch given crowded site
Setting: flat, grassy camping areas spread across headland looking westwards over lake with magnificent sunset views
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean; well-equipped kitchen/wash-up and comfy common-room; non-functioning wi-fi; water-filling hose; washing machine (extra cost)
Price: 220kr all-in
Site very crowded in peak summer period with noisy holiday-makers so best to ring ahead to ensure space; outside July/Aug, it would be delightful just 3km from E4 and High Coast Bridge so no traffic noise; excellent views of High Coast Bridge from north at hotel parking area/lay-by

Hölick Havsresort, Hornslandet
Arnöviken 84,
824 93 Hudiksvall

0650 565032

61.626573 17.441053

2 Aug 2013


Outrageously over-inflated
Despite the pleasant setting amid pinewoods by Hölick fishing village at tip of Hornslandet Peninsula, this is an utterly ghastly place, totally contaminated by rowdy and uncouth holiday-makers, extortionately over-priced and unusable by civilised campers
Welcome: perfunctory non-welcome from reception staff
Setting: camping areas spread among pine woods perhaps pleasant in May or October, but during summer months this is simply a beach-goers holiday-camp totally overwhelmed by rowdy holiday-makers indifferent to the impact of their with late night noise levels on others; simply a ghastly experience
Facilities: inadequate, basic and grubby; non-functioning wi-fi
Price: an outrageous 270kr inc coins for showers
Way-marked walking routes around Hornslandet Peninsula nature reserve delightful, as are fishing hamlets of Kuggörarna and Hölick; just a pity this place is such an uninhabitable dump



Sandnäsets Camping Sandnäset 124
860 41 Liden

0692 51037

62.697430 16.393450

13 Aug 2016 180Kr A third-rate lake-side site full of statics, where folk from coastal towns go to catch a few fish and get drunk on a Saturday night (and we chose to stay on a Sat night!)
perfunctory welcome at bar-reception
Setting: linear camping area spread along lake shore, full of statics with minimal space for visitors; at least in mid-Aug most of statics empty but still lot of noise from bar and caravan awnings; site's only saving grace was forested setting among ancient pines, and forest floor filled with plumpest, juiciest bilberries ever picked
Facilities: basic verging on primitive; pokey WC cabins, ancient showers and minimally functional wash-up
Price: 180kr
One of trip's least memorable sites; only the woodland setting saved it from a negative rating



Rävnäsets Camping, Bjuråker, Delsbo
Rävnäset 101
820 62 Bjuråker

0703 336060
0730 531764

61.856712 16.609542

Campsite web site

14~15 Aug 2016 180Kr Pleasant and welcoming site in beautiful setting among pine woodland overlooking Norrdellen Lake, 6kms from Delsbo; a lovely chance find
wonderfully polite, hospitable and helpful from welcome the charming lady-owner Irene Öjemark, who responded to phone call and came round 10 mins later to book us in and issue keys
Setting: se on shore of Norrdellen Lake near to village of Bjuråker
6kms from Delsbo, with flat camping areas terraced up hillside among magnificent pine woods with Green Woodpeckers calling high in pines; a memorably peaceful setting late in season with sun shining down through pines
Facilities: clean and functional WC/showers with well-equipped kitchen/wash-up and common room; no wi-fi; supermarket, bank and filling station 6kms in Delsbo
Price: 180kr
A charming welcome and thoroughly lovely stay, but only early or late in season when site virtually empty; open mid June~mid Aug but owner more than happy for us to stay on after official closing date.

Malnbadens Camping, Hornslandet Malnbvägen 34,
824 50 Hudiksvall

0650 13260

61.720579 17.177896
3 Aug 2013

250kr A large and family-run campsite and hostel just outside Hudiksvall
Welcome: pleasantly affable welcome from reception staff
Setting: formally laid-out, large, grassy pitches in rows well-terraced up hillside slope and shaded by surrounding pine trees
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean, good kitchen/wash-up; washing/drying machine (extra cost); wi-fi at 8kr for 8 hrs but non-functioning on our stay
Price: 250kr all-in
'Happy' Hudiksvall is pleasant little port-town

Vevlingestrands Camping, Bolnäs Vevlinge 3680,
821 50

073 812 9183

61.347530 16.432750
4 Aug 2013

226kr A lake-side beach resort campsite just outside Bolnäs and popular with local day-visitors during summer weekends
Welcome: friendly greeting from lady owner
Setting: small beach-side camping area over-crowded with holiday-making caravans, but larger grassy camping area with more space terraced up hillside overlooking lake
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean but showers need 1kr coin for very brief minute's hot water; basic kitchen/wash-up and common room; free wi-fi but range restricted to reception area; pleasant lawned area with seating and small stage for evening music behind café/reception
Price: 226kr inc coins for showers



Dalstuga Camping-aire, NE Dalarna Dalstuga 790 26

0246 41047

61.061503 15.695703

18 Aug 2016 (100kr) Camping-aire maintained by village of Dalstuga in remote corner of NE Dalarna overlooking Lake Amungen; camping area in village recreation area overlooking lake and bathing place now jam packed full of static caravans which would be bedlam in summer; the place has become a victim of its own success, only usable mid-week in May or mid-Aug~Sept when all statics are deserted
Welcome: no reception or attendant
Setting: large open gassy recreation field full of statics with only space for visitors in centre; but down lower by lake-side there is beautifully secluded space to camp with power supply
Facilities:  in effect, there are no usable facilities: smelly, un-emptied and unusable earth privvy; wash-up shack with just cold water and no usable power; no showers or wi-fi
Price: village web site said 100kr/night, but we found no one to pay

Färnebofjärdens Camping,
Berreksvägen 19,
810 20 Österfärnebo

072 706 3275

60.286216 16.807451

Campsite web site

5~7 Aug 2013


19~20 Aug 2016

240kr A jewel of a small and peaceful campsite on shore of Lake Färnebofjärden by Färnebofjärden National Park, kept by ex-pat Swiss couple
Welcome: hospitable welcome from
owners, Daniel and Pascale Walder
Setting: peaceful, grassy camping area spread along reed-fringed lake shore looking out across sluggishly flowing
Daläven river system and Färnebofjärden National Park
Facilities: WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up modern and clean, but showers need 5kr coins; wi-fi at reception; washing machine (extra cost); small ICA Nära 3kms in Österfärnebo village
Price: increased from 210kr (2013) to 240kr inc 5kr coins for showers (2016)

Ängby Camping, Stockholm Balckerbergsvägen 25,
168 52 Bromma, Stockholm

08 370420

59.337422 17.901036

8~10 Aug 2013

325kr An appallingly over-congested and over-priced city campsite, with curtly perfunctory non-welcome and disgustingly inadequate facilities; but the most serious issue is that over-crowded pitches significantly breach Swedish Fire and Rescue Agency's recommended fire safety standards for minimum intervening distance between pitches creating SERIOUS FIRE HAZARD
Welcome: unsmiling non-welcome from reception staff with 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude
Setting: postage-stamp sized pitches shoe-horned in like sardines for maximum profit gain; in 45 years of camping this is worst over-crowding ever experienced
Facilities: limited, grubby and poorly equipped; lukewarm water in wash-ups, no hand-dryers in WCs, disgusting showers which you decline to use feeling you'll come out dirtier than when you went in - all grimly disgusting; wi-fi at extra cost but failed to reach camping area
Price: 325kr inc coins for showers; given the unending tourist demand in Stockholm, this is sheer exploitational greed
We have
made formal request for Stockholm Fire Authority to investigate whether, with open barbecues in regular use immediately next to neighbouring caravan awnings, Ängby Camping's severely confined pitches satisfy recommended fire safety standards



Fyrishov Camping, Uppsala

Iddrottsgatan 2,
753 33 Uppsala

018 727 4950

Campsite web site
11~14 Aug 2013

225kr Spacious city-campsite 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes bus ride from centre of university-city of Uppsala, and adjacent to Fyrishov sports/swimming centre
Welcome: friendly and very helpful welcome from young staff at reception; nothing too much trouble
Setting: several camping areas all crowded, but head for upper area by huts less busy
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean but straightforward kitchen/wash-up; washing/drying machine at 70kr; free wi-fi but limited to reception area; ICA supermarket 5 mins walk; #14 bus from outside
Fyrishov swimming pool for city but you can only pay by credit card on bus, tickets from Pressbyrån kiosk in city centre; we urged that campsite should sell tickets
Price: 225kr all-in, reasonable for city campsite
Uppsala is lovely university/cathedral-city; Carl von Linné was Professor of Medicine and Botany here 1741~87; worthwhile to visit his Botanical Gardens to learn of his still current work on binomial classification system; Gamla Uppsala pagan burial mounds and 1st Christian cathedral 3kns north is fascinating glimpse into Sweden's 6~11th century early history.

Kapellskärs Camping 76015 Riddersholm,

0176 44233

59.720278 19.050556
9 May 2012
12 May 2015

over-priced even in
low season

Pleasantly located site among pine-woods nature reserve, immediately by Kapellskär ferry port, but many statics and overcrowded in summer
Welcome: access difficult early in season when reception un-manned and barrier locked; when you eventually track down warden by phone, he was welcoming
Setting: pleasant pine-wood setting in nature reserve but many statics and only a few pitches for visitors; ok early/late in season, but overcrowded in summer
Facilities: WC/showers modern, clean and heated but showers need card-token from reception; kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi
Price: vastly over-priced at 270kr
Covenant for Åland Island ferries

Sala Vandrahem and Camping, Sala
Mellandammen 112
733 36 Sala

0224 12730

59.916849 16.579785


15~17 Aug 2013


21~23 Aug 2016

210kr STF vandrahem (hostel) with small campsite in garden at rear, now largely occupied by caravans with EU migrant workers
Welcome: officious non-welcome from offensive rude, rule-bound and unsmiling madame warden (clearly not a happy bunny!)
Setting: small 10 place lawned camping area with power in garden at rear of hostel, but surrounded by tall trees so damp and shady; hostel busy at weekends with noise from children's groups
Facilities: WC/showers clean; kitchen/wash-up in common room but this gets taken over by hostel guests; free wi-fi covering camping area; supermarket 2kms in outskirts of Sala
Price: very reasonable value at all-inclusive 195kr
Sala Silver Mine 2kms - good but expensive underground visits, with fascinating history of mine which supported Swedish 17~18th century economy;
Ängelsberg Bruk 18th~19th century iron-works 20kms also worth a visit

Sundbyholms Camping, near Eskilstuna 635 08 Eskilstuna

016 350175

59.445764 16.615379

24 Aug 2016


230kr A useful staging camp on south shore of Mälaren Lake, but only early or late season; in peak summer site would be bedlam with the many statics filled with rowdy holiday-makers and the small area for visitors jam-packed with caravans and camping cars
Welcome: pleasantly smiling andfriendly welcome from owner's teenage daughter
Setting: large site crammed full with luxurious statics next to bathing beaches, with only small area for visitors near to reception and facilities hut
Facilities: first class, well-designed , clean and modern WC/showers (overshoes provided to keep floors clean); well-equipped, modern kitchen/wash-up; site-wide wi-fi
Price: reasonably priced for Mälaren area at 230kr
Right next to Ramsund Sigurd rock engraving

Mälarbadens Camping, Torshälla Mälarbadsvägen 75,
644 36 Torshälla

016 343737

59.451290 16.436670

18 Aug 2013

inc all the extra coins needed for basic services
A mean and penny-pinching, mediocre campsite, poorly equipped and expensive with additional coin charges for all the basic facilities you should be able to take for granted
Welcome: apparently friendly welcome, but no mention made of all the cost extras for basic services
Setting: large open but uneven camping area for visitors surrounded by statics with children's play area in centre; in summer you would be overwhelmed by noise of screaming kids and rowdy holiday-makers
Facilities: showers and hot water in wash-ups all needed extra coins; poorly equipped kitchen and no wi-fi; totally unacceptable when paying 230kr/night for an already expensive and basic campsite
Price: 230kr + 6kr for showers and 2kr for washing-up water
A mean and miserable place best avoided; if you stay there, take hot water from hand-basins as we did, and tell them exactly what you think of their unacceptable meanness



Himmelstalunds Camping, Norrköping Campingvägen 2,
602 36

011 171190

58.591385 16.140718

19~22 Aug 2013

Large, open-spaced campsite on banks of Motala ström river in western outskirts of Norrköping
Welcome: out-of-season, reception unmanned, but settle in and one of family who operates campsite attends morning
Setting: large, open, lawned camping areas with little shade; set on flat hillside parkland above
Motala ström river near to sports complex; 2 kms pleasant walk across footbridge and along riverside footpath through parks into city centre; Himmelstalunds  Bronze Age rock engravings on opposite hillside across river
Facilities: straightforward WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up but regularly cleaned; free wi-fi but only covers pitches closest to reception; ICA supermarket 1 km
Price: low season 200kr/night all-in
Campsite owned by Norrköping Commune but run by same family for 9 years; city have neglected  responsibility for maintenance, and family in frustration are giving up campsite and its future is uncertain with rumours of housing development; it seems irresponsible for a city so dependent on tourism to abandon a well-located campsite which now has run-down air.
Norrköping is former industrial textile city ('Manchester of Sweden'); all mills and factories now closed but conserved in interesting city centre industrial heritage area along river; Bronze Age rock engravings well worth seeing - details at Rock Carvings Museum

Mallbodens Café-Camping, Göta Canal, Motala

Motala Verkstad,
Varvagatan 17,
591 46 Motala

0141 210923

58.548043 15.066783

Campsite web site

25~26 Aug 2016

200kr Small and welcoming ställplats delightfully located on grassy banks of Göta Canal in outskirts of Motala opposite the conserved Motala Verkstad (Canal Workshops) buildings
Welcome: smilingly hospitable and helpful welcome from café owners Anna and Isaac
Setting: superbly unique setting on banks of Göta Canal: just 4 pitches along grassy terrace sandwiched between canal and former dry-dock; best feature is a 2.9m clearance railway bridge which helps deter too many monster camping-cars from attempting to reach the camping, protecting the site for more select campers: George at 2.1m height had no difficulty of course!
Facilities: modern/clean WC/showers and site-wide wi-fi but no kitchen/wash-up; but get hot water from WHBs and wash up at café outside tables
Price: 200kr
With only 4 spaces, best to phone ahead and book; superb spot with boas passing by your door along canal; towpath walk 2kms into Motala; exhibitions on canal construction in nearby wooden warehouses; good base for exploring locks of Göta Canal



Bergs Slussar STF Hostel and Camping Aire, Göta Canal, Ljungsbro Oscars Slussar,
590 77 Vreta Kloster

013 60330

58.485709 15.531063

23 Aug 2013 185kr A straightforward camping-aire (no power) by the guest harbour at Bergs Slussar on Göta Canal
Welcome: perfunctory welcome at hostel-café by the Bergs Locks
Setting: aire at far side of large public car park at Bergs Locks, looking out across farm land, the locks and guest harbour/marina
Facilities: when you book in and pay, ensure hostel warden gives you card-key for facilities building at guest harbour which is some 400m from camping area; WC/showers modern and clean but no wash-up - you can use bench in laundry room where there is hot water; no power at camping area
Price: for a basic aire without power, expensive at 185kr
Worth spending a day exploring the wonderful locks at Bergs Slussar on Göta Canal

Strandbadets Camping, Borensberg 590 33 Borensberg

0141 40385

58.554822 15.280523

24~25 Aug 2013

210kr A family-run, lakeside holiday-camp filled with statics and little space left for visitors
Welcome: friendly welcome from family who have run the campsite for number of years
Setting: small site on shores of Lake Borens 1km south of Göta Canal at Borensberg, crammed full of statics whose holiday-making occupants exude noise and materialism, leaving few pitches and little peace for visitors; surrounded by tall trees, giving shade in summer (when place would be overwhelmed with noise) and denying sun out of season
Facilities: WC/showers (5kr coins) locked away within fenced prison-compound; kitchen/wash-up reasonably equipped; free site-wide wi-fi; washing/drying machine costing 50kr in 10kr coins
Price: 210kr inc coins for showers, low season prices
An altogether alien environments for genuine campers; huge Caravan Club site next door even worse; camping aire (No power) by canal harbour in Borensberg a more attractive alternative

Wild camp Glänås Nature Reserve, Lake Tåkern Glänås Nature Reserve parking area

58.331448 14.823229

27 Aug 2016   Wild camp at Glänås Nature Reserve parking area in secluded woodland close by the lake-shore of Lake Tåkern; dry privvies

Getinggaryds Camping, Gränna 56391 Gränna

0390 21015

58.096111 14.533056

8 May &  20 Sept 2012


11 May & 16 Sept 2015

228kr Pleasant lake-side, family-run farm-site just beyond Gränna on southern shore of Lake Vättern
Welcome: friendly welcome eldery lady owner or her daughter
Setting: open grassy camping area, sloping down towards lake-shore overlooking Lake Vättern
Facilities: modern, clean WC/showers (2kr coins needed); fully-equipped kitchen and wash-up with hot water; no wi-fi; washing machine at extra cost
Price: 228kr inc 2kr coins for showers
Useful staging camp on drive across width of Sweden

Paradisets Camping and Stugby, Rinna 596 16 Boxholm

070 678 7293

58.275440 14.941760

26 Aug 2013

150kr Small campsite found in SCR listing, set in open countryside next to sports complex, and 4kms south of E4 motorway
Welcome: reception unmanned, but telephone number given and warden/sports centre caretaker will respond and arrive within 5 mins to show you round and book in
Setting: small, conventionally laid-out camping area and huts all with power but 400m from facilities in sports hall; caretaker suggested we camp in turfed area behind reception hut close to sports centre and facilities; site set in open countryside with glorious outlook all around; some light traffic noise from nearby minor road
Facilities: WC/showers (water lukewarm) and small kitchen/wash-up at side of sports centre
Price: 150kr all-in
A curious place but listed in SCR book and perfectly functional and good value in peaceful setting; convenient stop-off on route south from Vadstena/Linköping area

Movänta Camping, Eksjö
Badvägen 4,
575 92 Hult

0381 30028

57.655964 15.122294

Campsite web site

27~28 Aug 2013

28~29 Aug 2016

220kr Pleasantly spacious and welcoming lakeside campsite 10km east of Eksjö in Småland
Welcome: pleasantly smiling and hospitable welcome from English-speaking girl at reception
Setting: spacious camping area spread around lake-shore under tall pine trees; a few statics but lots of space for visitors and peaceful in late Aug; in mid-summer it would be noisy with holiday-makers
Facilities: main central facilities with well-equipped kitchen, and smaller subsidiary facilities with clean, modern WC/showers and wash-ups; paying Telia wi-fi
Price: 220 kr low season price
In late Aug, a peaceful place in pleasant setting for a day in camp;
Eksjö a charming little town of historic wooden houses; Skurugata 800m long Gorge 10km to north with impressive gorge walk

Orrefors Camping, Orrefors Tikaskruv 304, 380 40 Orrefors

0481 30414

56.844167 15.707778
29 Aug 2013 210kr Small family-run lakeside campsite in Småland's Kingdom of Glass (Glasriket), but with inhospitable greeting and overwhelmed by traffic noise
Welcome: curiously inhospitable, almost xenophobic non-welcome from owner who was too busy listing the rules to remember to tell us that showers not included in price and needed 5ke tokens
Setting: lovely lakeside setting under tall pine trees with camp-fire hearths around lake-shore, but overwhelmed by traffic noise of heavy trucks on nearby Route 31
Facilities: limited, straightforward but functional WC/showers which needed 5kr tokens; washing/drying machines (extra cost)
Price: 210kr inc tokens for showers
A lovely campsite spoilt by owner's strange manner

Joelskogens Camping, Nybro Grönvägen 51
382 32 Nybro

073 804 1962

56.737191 15.917773

1 Sept 2016 200kr Small municipal site close to glass-making workshops in Småland town of Nybro, pleasantly located on pine-wooded hillock by town lake: BUT also totally open parkland with all and sundry able to walk through, with many handing around campsite; major security concern after dark
Welcome: out of season reception closed; phone ahead, helpful response; keys to facilities behind blue door by reception
Setting: at first sight pleasant location on pine-wooded hillock by lake; BUT scarcely no flat space to camp and immediately alongside main road with constant traffic noise; but security is the main concern
Facilities: basic but clean WC/showers; kitchen/wash-up; no wi-fi or washing machine
Price: 200kr
With totally open access to all and sundry, major security concern; camp at your own risk

Kaffetorpets Camping, Oknö, Möntsterås

Oknövägen 86
383 92 Möntsterås

0499 10044

56.999486 16.516775


Campsite web site

30~31 Aug 2016
22okr Small and welcoming family-run site in beautiful location at tip of Oknö peninsula 6kms from small port of Möntsterås; Aronsson family took over in 2015 and used their own camping experience to create a deliberately straightforward site with none of distractions and expense of larger sites, so that guests can enjoy peace of the lovely natural surroundings while respecting presence of other campers; motto is Den lille Campingen längst ut på Oknö (The little campsite at the end of Oknö)
Welcome: family live on site their in caravan for peak summer weeks; out of season, telephone for gate code, and Anna will call for payment; welcoming response to phone enquiry
Setting: lovely, flat grassy camping area with several secluded nooks and crannies, and just a few statics, at furthest end of
Oknö peninsula (well past the vastly expensive First Camp if you really want all the tasteless distractions!); camping areas surrounded by coastal pine woodlands, with footpaths leading to reed-fringed bays of sea and islets out in the bay; a wonderfully peaceful place, especially out of season
Facilities: straightforward but functional WC/showers, spotlessly clean; basic outside kitchenette/wash-up; no wi-fi or washing machine; nearest shops in
Möntsterås 6kms
Price: all-inclusive 200kr





Wikegårds Camping, Öland Frönäsvägen 51,
380 74 Löttorp,

0485 25131

57.079374 16.968169

Campsite web site
30 Aug
2 Sept 2013


2~3 Sept 2016




A straightforward campsite set in the home-fields of a former Öland farming croft on the Baltic east coast of the island
Welcome: warmly friendly welcome from elderly lady owner who chats away in an unintelligible mix of accented Swedish~German
Setting: camping area spread among home-fields of the  former farmland enclosed by dry-stone walls and sheltered from the brisk wind by tall juniper bushes; magnificent open outlook to Baltic shore-line with a Big Sky huge cloud-scape
Facilities: basic but functional WC/showers and limited wash-up; wi-fi at farmhouse
Price: 200kr low season price
A truly magnificent camping experience looking out across Baltic; see campsite's web site for the farm's tragic history

Tokenäs Camping, Öland

387 75 Byxelkrok,

0485 658585

57.320926 16.999025
31 Aug ~
1 Sept 2013


4~5 Sept 2016

(low season and senior reduction)
Straightforward campsite on NW coast of Öland looking out over Öland post-windmill to the Kalmar Sound
Welcome: owner's insistent and unsmiling manner, doubtless intended to be helpful and welcoming, comes across as rather brusque; out of season elderly gent from one of statics calls for payment
Setting: several camping areas: recommend 'Small Field' at front overlooking the windmill and sea-coast with western setting sun outlook, but difficult to find flat level spot on sloping ground
Facilities: straightforward and run-down, with 1kr coins needed for showers and washing-up hot water; even the owner admitted they were 'old fashioned'; badly in need of modernisation and get rid of the coin-slots! no wi-fi
Price: having said that, extremely good value at 180kr low season rates seniors' discount
Despite all the weaknesses, this is the best site in North Öland, and ideal for exploring around northern coast

Gräsgårds Fiskehamn Camping, Öland
380 65 Degerhamn, Öland

073 438 3499

56.317040 16.531590

3 Sept 2013


6 Sept 2016


110kr Basic little campsite by picturesque fishing harbour at Gräsgårds Fiskehamn
Welcome: book in with fisherman at one the fishing huts at the quay-side (sign says 'Camping 80kr/night'); he will show you toilets, water supply and power; leave money in envelope at his hut
Setting: beautiful setting with small grassy camping area with huts next to fishing harbour; basic power supply (socket-boxes covered by plastic fishing crate!) in middle of field
Facilities: basic but acceptable, earth-privies, wash-up sink with cold water supply from filling hose, power supply in camping area but no showers
Price: 110kr/night with electricity


Ventlinge Camping, SW Öland
118 Ventlinge
386 Degerhamn

0485 661124

56.283970 16.406350

7 Sept 2016 150kr Small, welcoming and good value site in Ventlinge village, SW Öland
Welcome: wonderfully hospitable and helpful welcome from lady-owner; this is the standard of welcome that paying guests
should be entitled to expect but rarely receive at campsites
Setting: large, flat grassy camping area behind owner's house, opposite church in centre of
Ventlinge village, bounded by Öland dry-stone walls and overlooking arable farmland and Kalmar Sound
Facilities: brand new totally modern and impeccably clean WC/shower, and wash-up sink (no kitchen); good site-wide wi-fi; ICA mini-market 2kms in South Möckleby village
Price: excellent value all-inclusive 150kr
Best campsite in SW




Stensö Camping, Kalmar Stensövägen 100,
392 47 Kalmar

0480 88803

56.649722 16.326944
4 Sept 2013 210kr A gloomy, cheerless and unwelcoming campsite
Welcome: out-of-season, none at all; if you arrive after 4-00pm, reception closed and you are instructed by paper notice to camp in the crowded Quickstop area if you want power (with no price reduction), unless you drive through the open barrier and choose your own place
Setting: even when the outside world is blessed by bright sunshine,
Stensö Camping is in total gloom shaded by dense oak and pine trees so that you need lights on even during the day; ground is sloping making it impossible to find level pitch and, because of heavy shade, very damp
Facilities: their service building was last upgraded in 1998 and it shows! WC/showers and kitchen/wash-up are grubby and limited meaning queues even for the toilet! After 15 years they are badly in deed of renovation
Price: 210kr low season price
Kalmar is beautiful city; be sure to visit the County Museum with exhibition of artefacts recovered from the 17th century warship Kronan sunk off the coast in 1676

Dalskärs Gästhamn and Camping, Bergkvara
Dalskärsvägen 11,
385 42 Bergkvara

56.391070 16.090340

Campsite web site
5~6 Sept 2013


8~9 Sept 2016

220kr A welcoming, family-run campsite spread around sea-lagoons by Dalskärs guest-harbour
Welcome: friendly and helpful from owner and his wife who give their guests a truly personal service
Setting: glorious setting on banks of reed-fringed lagoons just inland from the coast, with grey heron fishing in the reeds and soaring around overhead
Facilities: modern and spotlessly clean WC/showers (5kr coins) and kitchen/wash-up; wi-fi at extra cost at reception; washing/drying machine at bargain price of 15kr each; lovely fresh bread rolls baked fresh each morning
Price: 220kr inc 2x5kr coins for showers
You could not ask for a more personal service and better setting to camp

Långasjönäs Camping, Asarum, Blekinge Län Långasjönäsvägen,
374 91 Asarum

0454 320691

56.231893 14.852817

7 Sept 210kr A functional lakeside campsite tucked away in Blekinge Län countryside near to village of Asarum, 10kms on winding lanes from E22 motorway half-way between Karlskrona and Kristianstad; you'll definitely need the GPS co-ordinates to find the place; useful for a night's stop as alternative to the ghastly over-crowded and over-priced Dragsö holiday-camp at Karlskrona
Welcome: out-of-season, ring ahead since reception is unmanned; helpful owner will leave keys for facilities building in locked box and give you code; this worked exactly as she said
Setting: open camping areas set around hilly, lakeside slopes with plenty of power outlets
Facilities: WC/showers (5kr coins) and kitchen/wash-up straightforward but functional; no wi-fi; washing machine (extra cost)
Price: 210kr inc 5kr coins for showers

Charlottsborgs Camping-Vandrahem, Kristianstad Slättängsvägen 98,
291 62 Kristianstad

044 21 07 67

56.019760 14.125900

8~10 Sept 2013


10 Sept 2016

200kr Quaintly old-fashioned hostel with attached welcoming campsite, run by Kristianstad Municipality, 3kms from centre of town in western outskirts; BUT hostel grounds now used for immigrant encampment for large numbers of asylum-seekers; the place now has a general air of neglect, facilities are now grubby and uncared for, the wi-fi no longer works, the parkland is open to all and sundry with dodgy-looking characters and unknown cars coming and going at all hours. There are major security concerns. And no one seems to care
Welcome: warden only present between 0800~1000 daily, but camping area, power boxes and toilets open; settle in when you arrive and check in following morning; warden will then give you key-code for facilities in hostel; he is helpful but limited English so getting information not easy
Setting: pleasant camping area set in parkland at rear of hostel with hedge-divided pitches; but traffic noise from nearby main road
Facilities: WC/showers in hostel limited and old-fashioned, but newly re-furbished kitchen/wash-up in separate building; washing/drying machine (extra cost; #21 green bus from outside campsite goes to/from town bus station in centre; but usual Swedish common sense breaks down here: you cannot buy tickets on bus, tickets only available from office at bus station when you get into town; so how do you get into town without 3km walk? do what we did and look gormless on bus hoping driver will take pity and let you on; they usually do!
Price: 200kr all-in
Kristianstad an interesting historical town, enjoying 400th anniversary of its foundation by Danish King Christian IV in 2014, his initials C4 still decorate town crest; but Kristianstad's unique feature is proximity to Vattenriket wetlands; be sure to visit excellent Naturum for details of nature walks, and don't bother will much-publicised, over-expensive river cruises


Major security concerns - you now camp at Charlottsborg at your own risk

Ångdala Vandrahem and Camping, Kivik

277 37 Kivik

0733 64 84 20
0414 74179

55.710268 14.169411

Campsite web site
11~13 Sept 2013


11~12 Sept 2016

180kr A welcoming and peaceful family-run hostel and campsite 2kms north of Kivik
Welcome: reception unmanned in early Sept but ring owner on 0733 648420 and she will advise you to settle in; power boxes and service building open, and she will call round following morning to collect rent
Setting: large, open camping area sloping down from hostel/vandrahem with 87 pitches with power; a lovely peaceful meadow-side setting with little traffic noise from nearby Route 9, and red kites soaring overhead above neighbouring meadow land
Facilities: WC/showers modern and clean, and well-equipped kitchen/wash-up; free wi-fi close to reception/hostel building; well-stocked ICA supermarket in Kivik; Buhres Rökeri (fish smoke-house by Kivik fishing harbour with super smoked fish; apple juice and cider for sale at Kiviks Musteri just south of village
Price: very good value low season price of 180kr/night for such a wonderful campsite
Kivik a pleasant port-village surrounded by apple-growing orchards; intriguing Bronze Age burial mound and chamber tomb (Kings Grave) also just south of village; pocket-sized Stenshuvud National Park 3kms south with woodland walks up onto headland overlooking Hanöbukton Bay and Baltic; Kivik Market in mid-July and Apple Fair at end-Sept, but campsite will be crowded then
Kiviks Familje Camping in village is over-crowded, over-priced holiday-camp full of statics

Kåseberga Ställplats-Camping Ales Väg
271 78 Loderups

0411 527277

55.388349 14.061140

13 Sept 2016 100kr Ställplats-Camping at Kåseberga village operated by local football club in parking-field next to football pitch to raise funds for club
Welcome: phone on arrival;
Ronny the football club manager a hospitable and jovial gent who also looks after the ställplats, calls round for payment and welcomes you
Setting: parking-field next to football pitch marked out with flat, grassy and well-spaced camping pitches
Facilities: straightforward but functional WC/showers in football club changing rooms building; no kitchen/wash-up or wi-fi
Price: excellent value at
Would be crowded in summer with Ales Stenar Iron Age stone ship-setting monument on cliff-tops above village, but mid-Sept peaceful

Löderups Strandbads Camping

Östanvägen 276,
276 45 Löderup

0411 526311

55.382290 14.126730

Campsite web site
14~16 Sept 2013

160kr A vast beach-side holiday-camp crammed full of statics but virtually deserted in Sept leaving a wonderfully peaceful setting to be enjoyed; a magnificent shore-side spot to camp looking out directly across the wind-driven Baltic surf and backed by birch woods NB BUT major proviso: do NOT come here in other than May or Sept ; in summer months the statics would all be occupied with a total bedlam of noisy holiday-makers
Welcome: gruff but friendly welcome from the eccentric elderly owner, who over 3 days endeared himself to us; so much so that when we went to pay on final night, he returned our 50kr note saying 'Bonus!' A kindly man
Setting: magnificent beach-side pitch where statics had been cleared away leaving open space looking out over the white sands and turbulent surf; wonderful sunset across sea; remain indifferent to all the scruffy statics deserted in Sept, and this location could not be bettered
Facilities: straightforward but clean and functional WC/showers (5kr coins); basic wash-up sinks (draw hot water from hand basins), but no kitchen; site-wide paying wi-fi
Price: 160ker inc 5kr coins for showers, out of season special price; in summer none of us would want to know!
This is one of those exceptional places that should not be judged by first appearances, but needs to be experienced in an early autumn gale to be fully appreciated; how long it will last before it's taken over and tarted up as a 'resort' by the nearby luxury hotel remains to be seen!

Ljungens Camping, Falsterbo Strandbadsvägen,
239 42 Falsterbo

040 602 4020

55.397667 12.865353
17~18 Sept

240kr A vast, characterless and expensive campsite whose owner definitely could benefit from an extended course at Charm School; only campsite open at Falsterbo this late in year
Welcome: reception closed on arrival, and as instructed ringing the bell repeatedly eventually produced the owner who treated us to a total no-welcome with his offensively surly and sarcastic manner; booking in took for ever, and he was reminded that customers were his source of income and he if treated them all like this, he would be out of business; the endless torrent of summer holiday-makers doubtless made him indifferent to the need for courtesy; when we left his wife was on duty and her pleasant manner was the very opposite; the personality problem was his alone
Setting: vast and characterless camping area with unmarked pitches under the birch trees with number of statics around perimeter
Facilities: central service building with clean and modern WC/showers (very brief 4 mins for 5kr coin); site-wide wi-fi at extra payment
Price: expensive for out-of-season at 240 inc coins for showers; NB do NOT come in July when price is a breathtakingly expensive 500kr/night!!
Falsterbo peninsula excellent for watching migrating birds in late summer/early autumn, especially birds of prey

the most useful web sites we found to help with pre-trip planning were:

  ACSI listing for Sweden - Swedish campsite listing given by ACSI
  Campsites affiliated to the Swedish Camping Association - Swedish Camping Association Campsite Listing
  Rentocamp listing of campsites in Sweden - Rentocamp's campsite listing for Sweden
  Husvagn & Camping listing of Swedish campsites/aires - Husvgn and Camping's listing of Swedish campsites/aires
  Camping-Info listing of campsites in Sweden - Camping-Info's listing of Swedish campsites
  ACSI listing for Finmark, Arctic Norway - Troms, Arctic Norway, campsite listing given by ACSI
  Visit Norway map-listing of campsites  - Visit Norway's listing of Norwegian campsites
  Rentocamp listing of campsites in Troms, Arctic Norway  - Campsites in Finmark, Arctic Norway, listed by Rentocamp

Another useful publication to carry around is the Swedish Camping Association's booklet of affiliated member campsites
listed by region; this is published in English and is available free of charge from any Tourist Information Centre


Camping Key Europe, Scandinavian Camping Card

Camping Key Europe, Scandinavian Camping Card (SCC) (see left) issued by any of the Scandinavian national camping associations is an essential accompaniment to camping trips anywhere in the Scandinavian countries, and required by most campsites in Sweden. The card provides a degree of camping insurance, and you can offer it to campsites in place of your passport during your stay. But on leaving, ensure you remember to retrieve it and check have been given back the right card!

The card can be obtained in advance from: Camping Card Europe and costs around £15; you can also buy it directly from your first campsite


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