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In spring 2011, we undertook an 8 week back-packing venture to the Far East and Australia, just prior to the start of our summer 2011 camper travels to the Baltic States. The purpose of this trip was primarily to visit our daughter who 3 years earlier had emigrated to South Australia. On the way, our plan was to stop off for 2 days in Hong Kong, then make an 8 day visit to Sydney and the Blue Mountains in New South Wales; we should then fly on to Adelaide for 4 weeks, a period which would include a venture out to the Flinders Ranges in the South Australian outback, and a week in a hired camper on Kangaroo Island off the SA coast. Our return flight would give us 2 day stop-overs in both Perth Western Australia and in Singapore. Apart from our stay in Adelaide with our daughter, we should along the way use back-packing hostels.

We are now pleased to present this series of travelogues and pictorial record of our 2011 back-packing travels to Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. To view each edition's pages, click on the links in the chart below: